• SESSION 714: VINYLMANIA 11.30.10

    Played by Martin PayneEric Lopez

    01. Ecstasy, Passion & Pain – Touch & Go (Remix)
    02. Linda Taylor – You And Me Just Started
    03. Jamica Girls – Rock The Beat
    04. Geraldine Hunt – Can’t Take The Feeling
    05. Sharon Brown – I Specialize Love
    06. Imagination – Instinctual
    07. Syreeta – Can’t Shake Your Love
    08. Man Friday – Jump
    09. Discotheque – Disco Special
    10. Eddie Kendricks – Girl, You Need Change Your MInd

  • SESSION 713: ZAKKA 11.30.10

    Mixed by Ali Coleman (Voice of Voice)

    01. Your Love keeps Lifting Me Higher – Jackie Wilson
    02. Zeularae -Royayers
    03. Reality – DJ Sakaki
    04. Pride – SuSu Bobien,Davidson Ospina Antaem Remix
    05. Into you – Danny Clark, Jay Benham, Feat. Carla Prather
    06. The Violin 2010 – Teddy Douglas
    07. Stretch My Arm – Mayu
    08. Super Nova – Martino
    09. Untitled Love – Still Going
    10. Get up – Boogie

  • SESSION 712: FUNKY SLICE 11.29.10

    Mixed by Mr. Deba

    01. Gregory isaacs – love without intermission
    02. Gregory isaacs – slave master
    03. Gregory isaacs – john public
    04. Dennis Brown – get myself together
    05. Half Pint – subsitute lover
    06. Johnny osbourne – no ice cream
    07. Ninja – Number one
    08. Tenor Saw – High Power
    09. Nicodemus – mother in law
    10. Nicodemus – ease Freeze

  • SESSION 711: EVENT SESSION 11.20.10

    Mixed by Steve Shakewell & DJ Duckcomb

  • SESSION 710: EVENT SESSION 11.20.10

    Mixed by Jerome Derradji

  • SESSION 709: EVENT SESSION 11.20.10

    Mixed by Rahaan

  • SESSION 708: EVENT SESSION 11.20.10

    Mixed by Bim Marx & Jerome Derradji


    François Kevorkian Audio Interview 20.08.09 by djmixes

    Paul Morley speaks to Francois Kevorkian, legendary DJ at New York’s Paradise Garage and Studio 54, about the emergence of disco, it’s continuing influence, and how he remixed the Smiths…

    François Kevorkian, alias François K, (born January 10, 1954) is a French DJ, remixer, producer and record label owner of Armenian descent living in the US. Having started his career in renowned clubs such as the Paradise Garage and Studio 54, the NYC-resident is widely considered as one of the forefathers of house music.

    Born and raised in France, Kevorkian’s passion for music led to playing the drums during his teen years. He moved to the United States in 1975, where he hoped to find more challenging situations than those back home. Due to the heavy competition for any gig as a drummer in those days, he instead tried his hand at becoming a DJ in underground New York City clubs, around 1976. His career then skyrocketed, and he quickly made this his full-time occupation, although some work was at more commercial venues such as the club New York, New York in 1977. He taught himself tape editing and started making disco medleys, some of which are still popular to this day, such as Rare Earth’s “Happy Song”. He was offered a position doing A&R for a nascent dance indie record label, Prelude Records, which allowed to him to go into the studio and do remixes. His first remix, of a Patrick Adams production, “In The Bush” by Musique became a wild success both in clubs and on the radio. It was the first of many remixes that helped Prelude define the sound of New York’s dance music, including many memorable songs, including “You’re The One For Me’ and “Keep On” by D-Train, and “Beat The Street” by Sharon Redd. His stint at Prelude ended in 1982, the same year where he had the most number one singles in Billboard’s Dance Music Chart, which included his remixes of now-classic songs such as “Situation” by Yazoo, and “Go Bang” by Dinosaur L. [Read More]

  • SESSION 707: EVENT SESSION 11.20.10

    Mixed by Steve Shakewell & DJ Duckcomb


    By Albert Freeman – halcyonline.com

    Timo Maas is a consummate professional DJ. After getting his start in the ’80s DJing records in top 40 clubs, Maas made the transition to Techno sometime in early ’90s and hasn’t looked back since. After quickly becoming a fixture on the European club scene, it was just a short time before his fame obliged him to enter the studio to put his own name on things. Never one to work alone, Maas enlisted the help of a series of collaborators to steer him on his path towards DJ super-stardom, peaking in the mid-2000s with Martin Buttrich who soon after launched on his own path to stardom. Changes were in the works however. Following the music industry’s near-total breakdown at the beginning of the decade and also changing fortunes in Maas’ own releases, not to mention Maas’ own desires to start a family and change his lifestyle, he took some time off between 2006 and 2007 to reconstruct his life, both professionally and personally, breaking his longtime relationship with Buttrich and moving to a country house to raise his new daughter while releasing only a few remixes to keep his name current. [Read More]

    Timo Maas on dailysession.com SESSION 673: GUEST SESSION 11.12.10

  • SESSION 706: GUEST SESSION 11.28.10

    Mixed by The Munch Machine

  • SESSION 705: EVENT SESSION 08.14.10

    Mixed by Tommys & Hahn Solo

  • SESSION 704: EVENT SESSION 08.14.10

    Mixed by Solid & CVP


    By The Villager

    The Underbelly Project, an illegal show of street art, curated by street artists PAC and Workhorse, fills the inside of an abandoned Brooklyn subway station. The project began in 2009. Artists, 103 in all, were escorted into the space individually to create their works. According to the project’s Web site, “Unobstructed by the pressures of commercial sales, e-mail or daily routines, each artist painted one full night.” (There’s definitely no e-mail, since four stories belowground in the century-old station, there’s no WiFi.) [Read More]

  • SESSION 703: EVENT SESSION 08.14.10

    Mixed by Vaughn All Star & Joseph


    Mixed by Asahi Suzuki @ Studio 11 NYC

    01. Damu The Fudgemunk – Coffee Table
    02. Black Moon – I Got U Opin – Remix Instrumental
    03. Dabrye – Piano
    04. Das Efx – If Only
    05. Das Efx – Real Hip Hop (Pete Rock Remix)
    06. De La Soul – Dog Eat Dog
    07. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien – You’re In Shambles
    08. Dilated Peoples – Worst Comes To Worst
    09. Gang Starr – Jazz Music
    10. J Dilla – Anti-American Graffiti
  • SESSION 701: EVENT SESSION 08.14.10

    Mixed by Carter Van pelt and Sir Tommy

  • Nininja(EricLopezBirthdayParty)

    The location will be emailed after RSVP.