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    SESSION 727: GOOD RECORDS – Jonny Paycheck

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  • SESSION 727: GOOD RECORDS 12.10.10

    Mixed by Jonny Paycheck

    – P-Funk Mix –

    All Parliament/Funkadelic
    01. Intro
    02. Good Old Music
    03. I Want To Know If It’s Good To You Baby
    04. How Do Yew View You
    05. I Bet Ya
    06. All Your Goodies Are Gone
    07. Mothership Connection
    08. Joyful Process
    09. Cosmic Slop
    10. One Of Those Funky Things


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    New in the Radio Archive
    SESSION 726: GOOD RECORDS – Matthew Africa
    SESSION 725: GOOD RECORDS – Doc Delay
    SESSION 724: BLESS UP – Winter, Human, Lifeline

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    Tuesday: Zakka @ 4pm~6pm
    Tuesday:Mo music,Mo Life @ 7pm~8pm
    Tuesday:VinylMania @ 8:30pm~10:30pm
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  • SESSION 724: BLESS UP 11.04.10

    Mixed by WinterHuman, Lifeline

    Winter (Taciturn Records / www.djwinternyc.com)
    Her passion for entertaining and love of dance infused with an urban sensibility, Winter defined her style through her residencies at world renowned NYC weeklies like Konkrete Jungle and Camouflage. In turn, she has been featured in several publications, including the NY Post, TimeOutNY, 1-42 Magazineand Teen Voices Magazine. As a co-founder of SisterNYC, Winter helped to develop & gain exposure for the talented all-female crew of DJs, producers and vocalists. She’s also competed in several DJ competitions, namely the Numark/Women Who Rock magazine competition as well as Iron DJ, held at NYC’s The Frying Pan. She was also featured in a music documentary by Julie Covello titled Prohibited Beatz


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    New in the Radio Archive
    SESSION 722: EVENT SESSION – Dave Hahn with emcee JD
    SESSION 723: ZAKKA – Ole Koretsky (Jetlag)

    Upcoming Live Radio Shows
    Monday: Funky Slice @ 8pm~10pm
    Tuesday: Zakka @ 4pm~6pm
    Tuesday:Mo music,Mo Life @ 7pm-8pm
    Tuesday:VinylMania @ 8:30pm-10:30pm
    Wednesday:A-1 Record @ 9pm-11pm

  • SESSION 723: ZAKKA 12.07.10

    Mixed by Ole Koretsky (Jetlag)

  • SESSION 722: EVENT SESSION 12.02.10

    Mixed by Dave Hahn with emcee JD

  • SESSION 721: EVENT SESSION 12.02.2010

    Mixed by Dave Hahn with emceeJD


    By Halcyonline.com

    The new book, Vinyl Lives: The Rise and Fall and Resurgence of the American Independent Record Store, provides an inside look at the contemporary, independent American record store, highlighting the role these shops play as valuable resources, both within their communities and within the larger culture. As one such shop, we here at halcyon were keenly interested in what the author had to say on the subject. Since we barely know how to read ourselves, we decided to get in touch with the author for a one-on-one conversation instead.

    halcyon: Tell us about your earliest memories of record collecting. Can you recall the first shop you ever visited? The first record you ever bought?

    James Goss: The first record album I purchased was Meet the Beatles. I borrowed $3 from my dad and rode my bike over to Worden’s 5 cents and $1 (about a half a mile away in a small shopping center), to buy it. The total experience of buying that particular album was a revelation. [Read More]

  • SESSION 720: BLESS UP 10.28.10

    Mixed by Team Rojas&Praveen Sharma

    Team Rojas (NYC)
    Possibly separated at birth, EDG4R (Edgar Rojas) & STRAVINSKY (Erick Rojas) met in 2008. After realizing they had essentially identical taste in music, they formed TEAM ROJAS. Hailing from New York and Miami,FL, the DJ/production duo take direct influence from the old NY sound. Blending boogie, electro funk, Disco,and classic House to form varied mixes, edits, and forthcoming tracks.

    Praveen Sharma (Casette NYC/Percussion Lab)
    Praveen Sharma has been making music for most of his life, and has contributed releases to AI, NeoOuija, and Expanding Records. He also runs Percussion Lab, a hub for underground electronic musicand exclusive DJ sets, in addition to being an avid ive performer and event organizer in New York City.


    By  Old-Soulz.com

    Come Celebrate the new start of the clothing brand, “High Rollers” and Old-Soulz Official Website!! Also it’s our special artist, PESU’s Birthday Bash!!!
    This is going to be the best party of the year…you don’t wanna miss it!!

    Wednesday, December 15th
    “High Rollers & Old-Soulz.com launching party”
    (199 Bowery New York)
    11:00pm – 4:00am
    [Read More]


    By Carol Cooper – The Village Voice

    Dada and surrealism have a historic rivalry, especially when it comes to their approaches to politicized art. But despite philosophical turf wars, they accomplished more together than apart, especially once Afro-Caribbean “Negritude” emerged as the missing link needed to make sense of Dada nonsense and constructively embody surrealist dreams. Consider New York City’s high-concept Dada dance combos Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band (formed in 1974) and, subsequently, Kid Creole & the Coconuts (born in 1979): Both used music and musical theater to liberate their fans, transforming every stage into the Cabaret Voltaire with a Pan-African backbeat. [Read More]


    Mixed by Asahi Suzuki @ Studio 11 NYC

    01. Flying Lotus – Drips / Auntie’s Harp
    02. DJ Shadow – Triplicate/Something Happened That Day
    03. Five Deez – Karimba
    04. Clark – Ted (Bibio Remix)
    05. The Beastie Boys – The Melee
    06. Let The People Know
    07. Prefuse73 – Night Knuckles
    08. Flying Lotus – Recoiled
    09. Dday One – Originality
    10. Opus – Earthwalker
    11. Dabrye – Angel Beat (Dabrye Remix)
    12. Take – Dreamsuite Inst
    13. DJ Krush Feat. Kan – ?? -Mosa- (Remix)
    14. Five Deez – B.E.A.T.
    15. Take – Navigators (Take & Lukid Collaboration)
    16. Flying Lotus – Do the Astral Plane
    17. Schientific American – Your Utopia
    18. Flying Lotus – Galaxy In Janaki
    19. Clark – Springtime Epiphany
    20. Thievery Corporation – The Time We Lost Our Way
  • SESSION 718: NININJA 12.04.10

    Mixed by DJ Monchan


    By Autobrennt

    Music – whether making it, buying it or working in the industry – involves sacrifices. Taimur Agha knows this reality all too well.  “I can’t afford to lose any more right now. I’m living on peanuts,” sighs Agha. Then, panning the impressive shelves of vinyl at halcyon the shop that surrounds us, he breaks into a grin and adds, “I need some records.

    Less than a month ago Agha’s  Halloween techno hoedown powered by his Blkmarket Membership team was crushed by the citywide crackdown on underground parties that night.  The bust cost his team a fiscal dent and a slew of partygoer backlash that followed.

    “It’s been a hard four months,” he said, admitting that he barely can sleep these days. It’s tough enough to be under taskforce threats but that’s not the only pressure he’s facing. In addition to co-running the famed underground Blkmarket parties, Agha is the musical director of the city’s newest club, District 36. He has been fighting an uphill battle with Manhattan’s tight legal grip on venues and nightclubs, hence the prolonged postponement of the club’s official opening. [Read More]


    By Virginia Heffernan – NY Times

    In 1997, when Garry Kasparov, the great Russian chess champion, resigned the sixth and final game of his match with Deep Blue, theI.B.M. computer, he crumpled. He couldn’t conceal his despair. No opponent had ever beaten him in a match before, and this one didn’t even have a heartbeat. Kasparov announced, “I lost my fighting spirit.” [Read More]


    By John Vorwald – NY Times

    Like many college radio stations across the country, Rice University’s KTRU and Vanderbilt University’s WRVU play a broad swath of music — from undiscovered indie bands and obscure blues acts to ’60s garage rock and ’80s postpunk. It’s a mix largely absent from commercial broadcasts, and students active in radio say their stations add distinct voices to their cities’ broadcast landscape.[Read More]