• SESSION 738: VINYLMANIA 12.21.10

    Played by DJ Monchan

    01. This Must Be The Place (Naive Edit)
    02. Eberything I Touch TuIns To Gold (Dimitri From Tokyo Edit)
    03. Prince – Let’s Work
    04. The Nails – Things You Left Behind
    05. Visual – The Music Got Me
    06. Suzy Can’t Give You More (DJ Bang Chitown Edit)
    07. I Rob To Dance (Dimitri From Tokyo Edit)
    08. Boney M – Nightflight To Venus
    09. Boney M – Rasputin
    10. First Choice – Let No Man Put Asuder (Frankie Knuckles)

  • SESSION 737: FUNKY SLICE 12.20.10

    Mixed By Native Sounds


    Photo by  Streetsy

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    SESSION 736: GOOD RECORDS – Doc Delay
    SESSION 735: GOOD RECORDS – Doc Delay

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    We will broadcast live from Japan for the first time this tuesday , Dec/21st.

    Our special guest DJ will be Aota & E-JIMA

    Chill Monday

    Aota has started his music at the age of fifteen as a professional guitar player in Japan.
    During the early 90’s, he was in the band “Puffy” aka Amiyumi.
    He left the band to make his own band “Cembalo” to achieve his real dream.
    People recognize Cembalo’s sound as unique blend of Funk & Rock with Japanese lyrics.
    After big success in Japan, Cembalo stopped playing.
    Aota released his solo EP “Blue in Green” & remix EP with DJ Monchan from Angels Egg which is Ejima’s label.
    Now, Aota owns a business called “Chill Monday” which is a bar/cafe/vintage shop.
    Here is his mix which is recorded at the Cedar Party Room, Brooklyn, N.Y.
    SESSION 405: FUNKY SLICE 03.12.10

    Disc Shop Zero

    Ejima is the owner of “Disc Shop Zero” & the record label “Angel’s Egg“.
    His shop & label does not specialize in trendy styles of music but he selects good music which lasts forever based on his diverse knowledge of music.
    Also, he has a strong connection with Bristol, U.K.
    Disc Shop Zero carries mostly Club Sound(Street Sound) – Break beats, Reggae, Dub, Hiphop, Drum n’ Bass. House, Jazz, Funnk & Indie Rock.
    His motto is Do It Yourself !

    Dec 21st/6pm ~ 10pm Japanese Time.
    Dec 21st/4am ~ ?am NY Time.

  • SESSION 735: GOOD RECORDS 12.17.10

    Mixed by Doc Delay

    – Christmas Mix –


    Photo by C. Bay Milin

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    SESSION 733: BLESS UP – Anthony Avatar, Max Echo, Enoe

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  • SESSION 734: EVENT SESSION 12.16.10

    Mixed by DJ Lil Tiger

    01. R. Kelly » A Love Letter Christmas
    02. Michael Jackson » You Rock My World
    03. Jazmine Sullivan » Holding You Down
    04. Ryan Leslie feat. Cassie & Fabolous » Addiction (Official Remix)
    05. Keyshia Cole » Give Me More
    06. Ne-Yo » Champagne Life
    07. Montell Jordan » Get It On Tonite
    08. Faith Evans » Love Like This (Radio Mix)
    09. Omarion » Entourage
    10. Maxwell » Now/At the Party

  • SESSION 733: BLESS UP 11.11.10

    Mixed  by Anthony AvatarMax Echo, Enoe

    Enoe (BFM)
    No stranger to NYC’s underground music scene, Enoe is amongst the latest wave of artists experimenting in the 140bpm realm, with mixes and productions exploring all the elements that help drive todays dance scene. In 2008 he was scouted and invited to join the Bass Fueled Mischief DJ crew, and soon became a favorite of the BFM fans. Now with plans of getting his first release, he is ready to make his mark, playing deep and melodic vibes, making it easy for all fans of electronic music to enjoy. Be on the lookout for new releases, dj mixes and other goodies from Enoe.

    Anthony Avatar
    Anthony Avatar is the last of a dying breed, a true native New Yorker of almost three decades. Anthony was born & raised in the heart of downtown’s melting pot, growing up in The Chelsea Housing Projects, a place where little kids learn what their talents are quickly as a means of socio-economic survival. It is also the same neighborhood to foster the creative morale of Whoopi Goldberg, Grand Mixer DXT, The Wayans Brothers and Rakim, to name a few. Rhythm has always been a fundamental part of Anthony Avatar’s development. He can still call on his earliest memories of his neighborhood filled with Hip-hop on boom-boxes, deep house & disco pumping out of car systems, meringue in passionate flight from apartment windows, and the twilight mosaic of New York City after dark when all nightlife seemingly fled to the legendary Roxy.


    Photo by James Maher – New York Photography

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    SESSION 732: VINYLMANIA – Charlie Grappone & DJ Monchan
    SESSION 731: FUNKY SLICE – Sean Bee

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  • SESSION 732: VINYLMANIA 12.14.10

    Played by Charlie Grappone & DJ Monchan (Downtown 161&304)

    Label Presentation show – Prelude Records –

    Prelude Records was started by Marvin Schlachter, who was once A&R vice president atScepter/Wand Recordsin their successful Dionne Warwick/BJ Thomas period.
    Marvin had also been working for other influential record companies like Janus Records, Chessand the US division of PYE Records for ATV.
    He started Prelude in 1976… after PYE decided to close its US operations.
    The label was operated from an office on 57th Street – it was a small company with a staff of maybe 10 persons. The company was one of the leading Disco/ Dance music labels for almost10 years, before Marvin decided to close down the label. [Read More]

    01. Sharon Redd – Love How You Feel (Dub Version)
    02. Rod – Shake It Up (Do The Boogaloo)
    03. Jeanette “Lady” Day – Come Let Me Love You
    04. Conquest – Give It to Me (If You Don’t Mind)
    05. Peter Jacques band – Walking On Music
    06. Saturday Night Band – Saturday Night Band
    07. Lax – Dancing At Disco
    08. Center Stage – Are You Ready?
    09. Claire – High on Love
    10. The Nick Straker Band – A Little Bit of Jazz

  • SESSION 731: FUNKY SLICE 12.13.10

    Mixed by  Sean Bee (Downtown 161&304)

    01. Alice B & Toklas – In The Garden of Pharao
    02. Brian Eno – Subterraneans
    03. Apiento & Co. – Under Open Skies
    04. And If – Beyond Senses (Original Reprise)
    05. Bliss – Light to Your Life
    06. CFCF – It was Never Meant To Be This Way
    07. Delia Gonzalez – Gavin Russom
    08. Mercury Rev – Butterfly’s Wing (Isan Alian Adoption Remix)
    09. Aura – Song for Sophie (Jazzbox Remix)
    10. Clare Maguire – Ain’t Nobody (Coyote Remix)


    Photo by Joji Shimamoto

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    SESSION 729: MO MUSIC MO LIFE – Asahi Suzuki

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    NEW RADIO SHOW “Listener Submitted Sessions”

    Lately we’ve been getting many mixes from our listeners on Daily Session. It is complementing to know that we’ve inspired you to send us your music. So starting in December, we are going to pick one mix a month to add to our Radio Archives page. So please feel free to respond for more info or send us your mix for consideration. Thanks again for supporting Daily Session!

  • SESSION 730: ZAKKA 12.14.10

    Mixed by VELASCO

    01.Back To The Basics – Rio Padice
    02.Tanya (Original Mix) – Nina Kraviz
    03.Vibrations (Original Mix) – Kasper
    04.Glamourama – Photek
    05.Library Session No.4 – The House Nerds
    06.Let Me Show You Love(Quick Dub Version) – Romanthony
    07.Bottom Heavy (Remake) – Argy
    08.Deep Down – Daniel Bell
    09.Most of This Moment (Isolee Dub) – Unknown
    10.Correspondance – Sailor Mood

  • SESSION 729: MO MUSIC MO LIFE 11.30.10

    mixed by Asahi Suzuki @ Studio 11 NYC

    01. Prefuse 73 – Untitled
    02. Prince Paul, Newkirk – Showdown At The Hoedown – Original Mix
    03. Panoptica – El Ya Sabia – Original Mix
    04. Prefuse 73 – Why I Love You
    05. Piano Overlord – No Community (Blu Jemz K. Kings Version)
    06. Misia – SUNNY DAY(Joe Claussell Sunny Vocal Mix)
    07. Arkestra One – I Really Want You
    08. Asahi Suzuki – Hackberry Romance
    09. Prefuse 73 – Smoking Red feat. John Stanier – Original Mix
    10. Missy & Beastie – Wake Up Alive
    11. Kyoto Jazz Massive – The Brightness of These Days (Quantic Remix)
    12. Five Deez – Tonight
    13. Peckham Royalty – Minor Villain
    14. Blaze – Season Of Love
    15. Jihad Muhammad – Movement Blues
    16. Nature Soul – River Benue
    17. Funky Lowlives – Latazz – Original Mix
  • SESSION 728: SLUMDAYS 12.12.10

    Mixed by DJ BC

    01. Ronnie Laws – Tidal Wave
    02. Minnie Riperton – Here We Go
    03. Tamiko Jones – Touch Me Baby
    04. Curtis Mayfield – Tripping Out
    05. Brother Johnson – Strawberry Letter 23
    06. Bobbi Humphrey – Harlem River Drive
    07. Juju – Plastic
    08. Uku kuut – Vision of Estonia
    09. Gene russell – You Are Sunshine of My Life
    10 Gil Scott-Heron- Superman

  • Lil Tiger @ Moe’s


    Photo by Joe’s Nyc

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    SESSION 727: GOOD RECORDS – Jonny Paycheck

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  • SESSION 727: GOOD RECORDS 12.10.10

    Mixed by Jonny Paycheck

    – P-Funk Mix –

    All Parliament/Funkadelic
    01. Intro
    02. Good Old Music
    03. I Want To Know If It’s Good To You Baby
    04. How Do Yew View You
    05. I Bet Ya
    06. All Your Goodies Are Gone
    07. Mothership Connection
    08. Joyful Process
    09. Cosmic Slop
    10. One Of Those Funky Things


    Photo by  Streetsy

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    SESSION 726: GOOD RECORDS – Matthew Africa
    SESSION 725: GOOD RECORDS – Doc Delay
    SESSION 724: BLESS UP – Winter, Human, Lifeline

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