By Roberta Smith – NY Times

    WHEN I walk through the Museum of Modern Art these days, it sometimes feels as if the place has come back from the dead — even if I’m not always so crazy about the life it happens to be leading. There’s often a confusing, disjunctive quality to it, especially where contemporary art is concerned, as the museum’s programming lurches from crowd-drawing, performance-art spectacles in the atrium to relatively dry and didactic exhibitions in its galleries. But at least there’s a pulse.

    The museum feels much, much more animated than it did back in 2005 and ’06, when it — and we — were first adjusting to its slick new home on West 53rd Street. That structure, designed by Yoshio Taniguchi and built at a cost of $425 million, opened in November 2004, and over the next two years it appeared to many depressed MoMA watchers that we were witnessing nothing less than a major museum’s suicide by architecture. [Read More]


    By Larry Pohter – NY Times

    The Library of Congress has begun taking possession of a huge donation of recordings, some 200,000 metal, glass and lacquer master discs from the period 1926 to 1948 that have been languishing in the subterranean vaults of Universal Music Group, the largest music conglomerate in the United States.

    The bequest, which is to be formally announced on Monday, contains music representing every major genre of American popular song of that era — jazz, blues, country and the smooth pop of the pre-rock-’n’-roll period — as well as some light classical and spoken-word selections. One historic highlight is the master recording of Bing Crosby’s 1947 version of “White Christmas,” which according to Guinness World Records is the best-selling single of all time. [Read More]


    Mixed by PeteSoundsNice aka PSN-ONE

    1. Jay Haze Who Edit(Not sure of the proper title)
    2. Culture Club – Time(Clock of the Heart) DJ Sagi Serious Beats
    3. Mr. V. – Let Me Love You
    4. Dennis Ferrer – Touched
    5. Frisvold & Lanbaek – Spak&Spenning(Prins Thomas Rmx)
    6. ? – Disco In The Morning(Zack Hill Edit)
    7. V/A – Think Twice Before Going To The Salon(JMJ Mash)
    8. Aero Manyelo f/Ernest Masiku – ????
    9. Manoo vs. Sean Grant – Hear (Joe) Calling(Dipardova&JoJo Flores One Edit)
    10. Frank Roger – See The Light

  • SESSION 757: EVENT SESSION 11.25.10

    Mixed by Liondub, Eksman & Navigator @ Centerforce Sessions (London)

    The mighty LIONDUB out of Brooklyn, NYC  embarked on his massive Autumn European tour with the legendary veteran jungle mc NAVIGATOR & hit-making ragga jungle vocalist DAVID BOOMAH for a series of undeniably heavy and memorable, 3 hour performances.


    1. Jim Sullivan – U.F.O. – Light In The Attic

    Long-anticipated reissue of this very rare and obscure rural rock LP. Words fail to describe it accurately – it’s a little bit psychedelic, there’s a folk influence, country vibes, and Sullivan’s yearning voice and mystical songwriting is backed by Earl Palmer and crew, the same band that played sessions for David Axelrod and others at Capitol Records. The result is a sound that’s as professional as it is unorthodox. Sullivan sings of mysterious cities and UFO kidnappings. Fittingly, he drove off to seek his fortunes and disappeared into the ether, leaving his car in the desert and his guitar in a hotel room.

    2. Rahni Harris & The Family Love – A Different Drummer – Emprise

    Independent label gospel-soul LP out of New Jersey. Shimmering, mellow keyboard-, vibes- and marimba-led ballads and midtempo grooves that recall groups like the Stylistics, or the Sylvers. The messages are spiritual but not so explicit as to turn anyone off. Just a beautiful record, and tough to find.

    3. Raw Dope Posse – Listen To My Turbo – Show Jazz

    Doc Delay said, “this is everything you like about rap, in one record”. He’s right – a perfect example of hardcore hip-hop. The beat is manic: Mantronix-inspired rapidfire snare programming, some bells, a spliced telephone busy signal, a scratched horn break, and the vocal science is delivered with utmost swagger and precision. If this came out yesterday, it would still sound ahead of its time. Known and sought-after for years, but still a tough pull.

    4. George Braith – Musart – Prestige

    One of my favorite jazz LPs. Braith started out on the Blue Note label, leading several modal sessions that are all great and worth seeking out. He developed an expertise in playing two horns at the same time, much like Rahsaan Roland Kirk, although he tended to use the technique more melodically than Kirk did. He cut one mediocre record on Prestige, “Laughing Soul”, a somewhat cheesy soul jazz outing, before recording this. But something must have clicked, because this 1966 release takes the beautiful modal horn work of his Blue Note recordings and marries it to a lush, tropical, latin-flavored sound that – though it’s mellow – never crosses into chintzy lounge territory. It sounds like a dream, somewhere between Harlem’s 125th Street and Disney’s The Jungle Book.

    5. William Onyeabor – Tomorrow – Wilfilms

    A perfect piece of wigged out afro funk. Onyeabor was a successful businessman in Nigeria and built himself his own recording studio, seemingly outfitted with every synth, drum machine, and cutting edge recording device available. He pressed his own records, and allegedly made his own movies. On vinyl, he was extremely prolific – and this LP finds him in my favorite style of his, a spaced out disco vibe that doesn’t quit. Quite desirable and never turns up except in Nigeria – a unique Good Records NYC exclusive.

  • SESSION 755 : BLESS UP 12.16.10

    Mixed by Falty DLIncydeJordan Rothlein

    “Bless Up!”

    On the fifth day he created bass, then he took an Amen break. And so it was, that on Thursdays the high priests of low frequency would gather at the record store in Brooklyn to perform the ancient rites of the turntable… It is in this solemn spirit of praise to all that rumbles the jungle that the cult we call halcyon presents our latest, soon to be habitual ritual, Bless Up! – Thursdays from 6-9pm at halcyon the shop and archived on percussionlab.com Funky monks take note, Bless Up! is three hours of anything-but-silent devotion to the woofer ripping trinity of Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Dub Reggae. Our own pied pontiff, Liondub administers the wax sacraments alongside a rotating cast of cardinals representing NYC’s holiest DJ diocese. Visiting saints make miraculous appearances and as always, there’s no tithe at the door and plenty of alms for the poor, so you can save while being saved.


    Photo by Joji Shimamoto

    New in the Radio Archive
    SESSION 754: A1 AFTRHRS – Seth
    SESSION 753: VINYLMANIA – DJ Monchan
    SESSION 752: ZAKKA – Ole Koretsky & Mike Dextro

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  • SESSION 754: A1 AFTRHRS 01.05.11

    Mixed by Seth

    01. Tshetsha Boys – Nwampfundla
    02. BBC – Ngozi
    03. BBC – Ngunyuta Dance
    04. Nkata Mawewe – Khulumani
    05. Zinja Hlungwani – Ntombi Ya Mugaza
    06. Tshetsha Boys – Uya Kwini Ka Rose
    07. Mancingelani – Vana Vasesi
    08. Tiyiselani Vomaseve – Naxaniseka
    09. Tiyiselani Vomaseve – Vanghoma
    10. Tony Wilson – Hangin’ Out In Space
    11. Rick-E-Mix – Gawn yu fe gawn
    12. Ruddy Thomas – People Make The World Go Round

  • SESSION 753: VINYLMANIA 01.04.11

    Played by DJ Monchan

    01. Teena Marie – Portuguese Love
    02. Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness
    03. The New York Community Choir – Express Yourself
    04. Bohannon- Let’s Start The Dance (Edit)
    05. MJ Edit
    06. Escober Edit
    07. Pharaoh Love
    08. Mai Tai – History
    09. If U Love Me
    10. Teena Marie – It Must Be Magic

  • SESSION 752: ZAKKA 01.04.11

    Mixed by Ole Koretsky (Jetlag) & Mike Dextro (Baryshnikov)

    01. M?S?C?RA – krystalMETH_alanWATTS
    02. Night Gallery – Mary Bell
    03. Allez Allez – Valley of the Kings
    04. GR+LL GR+LL – They All
    05. A Certain Ratio – Repercussions
    06. Cabaret Voltaire – Digital Rasta
    07. Soft Cell – Secret Life (George Demure Mix)
    08. These New Puritans – Orion
    09. Screen Vinyl Image – Siberian Eclipse
    10. Dream Affair – Silent Story


    Photo by James Maher – New York Photography

    New in the Radio Archive
    SESSION 751: FUNKY SLICE – DJ Monchan

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    By James Wells – Waxpoetics.com

    Is New York still a good place to buy records? Jonny Sklute (alternatively known under the handle Jonny Paycheck), owner, clerk, and CEO of Good Records NYC, would like to think that it remains a great place to sell them. A risk management broker turned record dealer, Sklute launched his storefront venture in 2005, right alongside the storied and busy market of East Village/Lower East Side record stores: A-1, the Sound Library, Gimme Gimme. I caught up with Sklute to see how the market was doing.[Read More]


    By Jon Pareles – NY Times

    LATELY I’ve been having a recurring sinking sensation. A hit on the radio gets my attention and doesn’t repay it; it adds up to little more than a dull thumping Eurodisco beat and a robo-tuned voice repeating an inane hook, something like the “Ay-oh, gotta let go,” in Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite,” or Justin Bieber piping, “Baby, baby, baby, oh” or the Black Eyed Peas chanting “Imma Be” more than 100 times (though at least that song goes through some rhythm changes).[Read More]

  • SESSION 751: FUNKY SLICE 01.03.11

    Mixed by DJ Monchan (Vinylmania / Downtown)

    01. Chairman of the board – Life & Death
    02. Doobie Brothers – Long Train Running
    03. Yellow sunshine – The Greetch
    04. Topo – Ba Ba Go , Go
    05. Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Yard Music
    06. Augustus Pablo – Black Gunn
    07. Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band – Savannah
    08. Duffstep – Close (Electric Minds)
    09. Von D ft. Phephe – Sunlight
    10. Psychemagik – Everywhere (Summer of Love Edit )


    Photo by C. Bay Milin

    New in the Radio Archive
    SESSION 750: EVENT SESSION – DJ Wicz,DJ Distort and Carter Van Pelt

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  • SESSION 750: EVENT SESSION 12.30.10

    Mixed by DJ Wicz and DJ Distort from Digikiller and Carter Van Pelt


    Photo by Joji Shimamoto

    New in the Radio Archive
    SESSION 749: EVENT SESSION – DJ Wicz,DJ Distort and Carter Van Pelt

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    Tuesday: Zakka @ 4pm~6pm
    Tuesday: Mo music,Mo Life @ 7pm~8pm
    Tuesday: VinylMania @ 8:30pm~10:30pm
    Wednesday: A-1 Record @ 9pm~11pm
    Thursday: Bless Up @6pm~9pm
    Friday: Goodrecord NYC @ 8pm~10pm

  • SESSION 749: EVENT SESSION 12.30.10

    Mixed by DJ Wicz and DJ Distort from Digikiller and Carter Van Pelt


    Mixed by E-JIMA @ Disc Shop Zero

    01. Bobby Mcferrin – I Feel Good
    02. Praise Space Electric – All My Love
    03. This Is The Kit – Moon
    04. James Blake – Limit To Your Love
    05. Massive Attack – Protection (The Eno Mix)
    06. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – The Wind Cries Mary
    07. Jazmine Sullivan – Need U Bad
    08. Prince Fatty vs Moody Boyz – Milk and Honey
    09. Ramadanman – Good Feelin
    10. Vond Feat. Phephe – Show Me