Photo by James Maher – New York Photography

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    SESSION 801: EVENT SESSION – Liondub,Navigator&David Boomah
    SESSION 800: A1 AFTRHRS – Ron Morelli
    SESSION 799: VINYLMANIA – Eric Lopez

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    Tuesday: Zakka @ 4pm~6pm
    Tuesday: VinylMania @ 8:30pm~10:30pm
    Wednesday: THe Bandwagon @ 7pm~9pm
    Wednesday: A-1 Record @ 9pm~11pm
    Thursday: Bless Up @6pm~9pm
    Friday: Goodrecord NYC @ 8pm~10pm

  • SESSION 801: EVENT SESSION 11.26.10

    Mixed by Liondub,Navigator&David Boomah @ Centerforce Sessions (London)

  • SESSION 800: A1 AFTRHRS 02.09.11

    Mixed by Ron Morelli

    01. Conrad Schniltzer
    02. Good Kiss – Sound Signature
    03. Can You Feel It (Vocal) – The Lost Tracks EP
    04. Unknown (Side B Track 2) – Cobblestone Jazz
    05. Metropole – KiNK & Neville Watson
    07. I like It (Blow Out Dub) – Landlord Featuring Dex Danclair
    08. Looking for Excitement – D.J. Rush Presents Knee Deep
    09. Part 3 – Sketches
    10. X2:Time Elevation Rhythm – X2 Saturn V Primitive Cypher

  • SESSION 799: VINYLMANIA 02.08.11

    Played by Eric Lopez

    01. Palm Skin Productions – Magnetic North (Solomun Remix)
    02. Monoman – Retrospect
    03. Milton Jackson – Soundtron
    04. The Funk Ensemble – Spanish Harlem & Moon Dancing
    05. Sessomatto – Movin’ On
    06. Akabu Feat. Linda Clifford – Ride The Strorm Part One
    07. Cuffy and Leond – 19c Trumpet
    08. Afro Art presents Spiritual South – Spiritual South
    09. Trouble Men – Breathe Again
    10. Fudge – Maracuja

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    Photo by Miwa Hirakuri

    New in the Radio Archive
    SESSION 798: FUNKY SLICE – Earl Broclo Esq

    Upcoming Live Radio Shows
    Wednesday: A-1 Record @ 9pm~11pm
    Thursday: Bless Up @6pm~9pm
    Friday: Goodrecord NYC @ 8pm~10pm

  • SESSION 798: FUNKY SLICE 02.07.11

    Mixed by Earl Broclo Esq

    01. Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway – Where Is the Love
    02. Isley Brothers – Summer Breeze
    03. Donald Byrd – Makin’ it
    04. Funk Ink – Cool Is Back
    05. Teddy Pendergrass – Now Is The Time To Do It
    06. Doors – Crawling King Snake
    07. Santana – No One To Depend On
    08. Deodato – Whirlwinds
    09. The New Dave Pike Set – Baiafrock / Volker
    10. Richard “Groove” Holmes – Salsa De Alma


    Mixed By Koichi Nakamura (Cosmic Disco/Club Shelter NY)

    Cosmic Disco is an space adventure into future house, deep music,spacey vibes, and sexy grooves featuring resident DJ Koichi Nakamura.


    Photo by James Maher – New York Photography

    New in the Radio Archive

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    Upcoming Live Radio Shows
    Tuesday: Zakka @ 4pm~6pm
    Tuesday: VinylMania @ 8:30pm~10:30pm
    Wednesday: A-1 Record @ 9pm~11pm
    Thursday: Bless Up @6pm~9pm
    Friday: Goodrecord NYC @ 8pm~10pm



    Discovery is an experimental pop group with disco, Latin, and prog rock influences that performs often in NYC. Always Discovery’s approach has been to keep it funky. Discovery has been said to straddle Tropicalia and post punk genres equally with comparisons ranging from Maximum Joy and Teena Marie to Hot Chip and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The group is not a rock band, per se–there is no guitar player in the group at present time. Focus on the bass grooves and drum rhythms for infectious , danceable fun. Vocalist Kathleen Cholewka sings with rock bravado and yet can emote in an intimate cabaret-like style. Lex Marsh’s synth tones and Bridget Fitzgerald’s string lines heighten the mood. Lyrics range from the abstract and dark, dreamy and suggestive to the provocative and direct. Along with originals, Discovery also lovingly chooses covers to perform including Laura Nyro’s Stoney End, Debbie Deb’s When I Hear Music, The Rolling Stones Under my Thumb, and Smokey Robinson’s Baby That’s Backatcha. Visit myspace.com/thisisdiscovery to hear live tracks.

    Discovery’s first album of ten tracks called Pushy was released mid-year in 2010. It is available on cdbaby and iTunes. The group is now enlisting some of NYC’s music specialists to remix some of their tracks. The most recent is DJ Alfreako’s Moonlight Mix of Starmagic now available on 7″ vinyl and via Dancecampmusic.com.

    Discovery started in vocalist Kathleen Cholewka’s dark Brooklyn basement in 2004 and had its first performance later that year. Over the years the group’s line up has included notable NYC players. Original and past members include guitarist Don Stahl, and keyboardist Lindsay Kaye. At one point Patrick Wood of Phenomenal Handclap Band was Drumming in Discovery. Marsh who joined early on to add additional bass, sax and keyboard sounds, is now writing much of Discovery’s music with Cholewka. David Smith, a much sought-after trombonist, joined and played on Discovery’s album pushy. David Scott of Guru’s Jazzmatazz continues to add his virtuosity to the mix via percussion and flute. And currently Julliard grad Fitzgerald’s viola playing brings unique and intense textures.  http://www.dancecampmusic.com/


    Mixed by Free Magic & VDRK

    Slow Disco Saturdays
    Arriving (just barely) in time for the onset of Fall, Slow Disco Saturdays is a new monthly in store DJ session at halcyon the shop, hosted by our own queen of the retarded beat scene, Bianca Von Baum. Each month’s session will feature a special guest DJ laying down 3 hours of tempo challenged choons, from dawdling cosmic Disco to lazy low-slung Funk and lead-footed Balaeric burners. So if you are feeling sluggish after a Friday night of quick paced rubbish, come pitch it down with Ms. Baum on a Slow Disco Saturday afternoon.

  • SESSION 795: GOOD RECORDS 02.04.11

    Mixed by Doc Delay

    01. Jerry Blackshear – Defected (from your love)
    02. Trama – Straight Groove
    03. Alpha – Dreamer
    04. One Way – Give Me One More Chance
    05. Jermaine Jackson – Let’s Get Serious
    06. Charanga – good times
    07. Pieces of a dream – Mt. Airy Groove
    08. Oran “Juice” Jones – The Rain
    09. Maurice Massiah
    10. Chapparals – Hittin’ It

  • SESSION 794: GOOD RECORDS 02.04.11

    Mixed by Jonny Paycheck

    01. Voices Of East Harlem – Cashing In
    02. Roundtree – Hit On You (remix)
    03. Ingram – Music Has The Power
    04. Afrodisia – A Fool No Longer
    05. Black Ivory – Mainline
    06. Peech Boys – Don’t Make Me Wait
    07. Twennynine With Lenny White – Fancy Dancer
    08. Rinlew Allstars – Holding Back
    09. Herbie Hancock – Stars In Your Eyes
    10. Ronnie Foster – The Groove

  • SESSION 793: A1 AFTRHRS 02.02.11

    Mixed by Seth

    01. Dislocation – Show me
    02. Indians In Moscow – I wish I had
    03. Phil Manzanera – Big Dome
    04. Grauzone – Film2
    05. Soul On Ice – Splintered Lens
    06. Eric Random & The Bedlamites – Hardcore
    07. Actuel – Say You Will
    08. Ethereal Beat Underboared (Remix Version)
    09. Do Piano – Again
    10. Basia – Freeze Thaw

  • SESSION 792: SLUMDAYS 01.29.10

    Mixed by Mr. Slumdays & Party McFly

    1. Leana Horne – Think about your troubles
    2. Quinn Harris – Stop! Telling me lies
    3. Alvin Cash – Doing the creep
    4. Bo Diddley – Stop the pusher
    5. Bobby Rush – Mary Jane
    6. The Mighty Hannibal – We’re gonna make it
    7. Lightnin’ Hopkins – Back door friend
    8. Boobie Mcknight – King of the cool guys
    9. The Earls – Let’s Waddle
    10. Bily Ball and The Upsetters – Tighten up tighter

  • SESSION 791: ZAKKA 01.25.11

    Mixed by Jesse Murphy(Brazilian Girls, Love Trio) & Ole Koretsky (Jetlag)

    01. David Bowie – Fantastic Voyage
    02. Two Lone Swordsmen – Brother Foster Through the Phones
    03. David Byrne/Brian Eno – Very, Very Hungry
    04. PIL – Socialist
    05. David Bowie – Looking for Satellites
    06. A Certain Ratio – Guess Who (Remix)
    07. Cabaret Voltaire – Dead Man’s Shoes
    08. Bauhaus – Kick in the Eye
    09. isolée – Jellyfish
    10. 808 State – Lift


    By Jesse Serwer – NY Times

    In the annals of college radio, few programs had a more substantial impact than The Stretch Armstrong Show, or, as it’s more commonly known, “The Stretch & Bobbito Show.” DJ Adrian “Stretch Armstrong” Bartos and Robert “Bobbito” Garcia’s hip-hop broadcast, which aired 1 to 5 a.m. Friday mornings (“Thursday nights”) on Columbia University‘s WKCR-FM from 1990 to 1998, gave Nas, the Notorious B.I.G.Jay-ZBig PunDMX, and the late Big L some of their earliest exposure via in-studio freestyles recorded while all of them were still unsigned and somewhat anonymous. “That show was like a trampoline in some ways—it elevated a lot of artists that were never heard before,” explains Bronx rapper Lord Finesse, a frequent guest. “If you didn’t have a deal and you was on there and you was dope, word traveled. And if the word didn’t travel, the tape damn sure traveled.” [Read More]

  • SESSION 790: FUNKY SLICE 01.31.11

    Mixed by DJ Moustachio (Academy Records)

    01. Galaxxy – We’re Here To Rock You
    02. Positive Force – We Got The Funk
    03. Plunky and Oneness of Juju – Every Way But Loose”
    04. Fresh Band – Come Back Lover
    05. Glenn Jones – Everybody Loves A Winner
    06. Jimmy Bo Horne – Get Happy
    07. Wood, Brass, and Steel – Theme Song
    08. T-Connection – Groove to Get Down
    09. Strutt – Front Row Romeo
    10. Funky Constellation – Street Talk

  • SESSION 789: EVENT SESSION 01.29.11

    Mixed by DJ Q-Mastah & DJ Lil Tiger