Mixed by Antonio Ocasio & Lou Gorbea

  • SESSION 825: FUNKY SLICE 02.28.11

    Mixed by Takaya Nagase

    01. Slow to speak / Mis Information Organized Contradictions
    02. February & Mars – Dragonflies
    03. Deee Lite – How do You Say …Love (A Delicious Pal Joey Dub)
    04. Komplex de Deep – Stabs Call (Christian Prommer remix)
    05. Emmanuel Jal – Kuar Version (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
    06. The Jackson Five – Dancing Machine (Henrik Schwarz B side Remix)
    07. Arrow – Groove Master (Dedication Edit Mix)
    08. Laid Back – Cocaine Cool
    09. Kink & Neville Watson – Metropole
    10. Mungolian Jetset – Moon Jocks N Prog Rocks

  • DAILYSUMMARY: WED, MAR 01 , 2011

    Photo by James Maher – New York Photography

    New in the Radio Archive
    SESSION 824: THE BANDWAGON – Sean Cusick, Taimur

    Recent News

    Upcoming Live Radio Shows
    Wednesday: A-1 Record @ 9pm~11pm
    Thursday: Bless Up @6pm~9pm
    Friday: Goodrecord NYC @ 8pm~10pm
    Friday: VinylMania Pop-up shop Opening @ 6pm~8pm
    Saturday: VinylMania Pop-up shop Opening @ 6pm~8pm


    Who said Vinylmania is dead?


    Owner Charlie Grappone opened the Vinylmania’s doors in 1978. He opened the store with a sparse selection of Rock records, but after crowds from the Paradise Garage started showing up, he realized his market was with the house heads. Vinylmania quickly became the goto spot for house in NYC, eventually spawning a record label under the same name, and it’s legacy began. Sadly Vinylmania closed its doors in 2007 after almost 3 decades of business. Charlie has since moved his inventory into Downtown 161, a record distributor in Lower Manhattan, where he opens one day a week for a select group of shoppers.

    DailySession and Charlie Grappone are going to revive the life and legacy of New York’s premiere House record store – Vinylmania. The doors may have closed in 2007, but Charlie’s love for records still lives on. DailySession will open the Vinylmania pop-up shop in Zakka. So all you people who thought the record store ended when the lights went out, come into Zakka to feel the beat again.

  • SESSION 824: THE BANDWAGON 01.19.10

    Mixed By Sean Cusick, Taimur

    Sean Cusick
    Sean Cusick has been pushing his definitive blend of sexy House and Techno since the mid-’90s. He has shared deck time with the likes of Sasha, John Digweed,Josh Wink, Terry Francis, Nick Warren and Global Communications to name but a few. Breaking out of Florida, Sean first rose to international prominence on the back of his residencies in the illustrious Twilo, NYC; performing each month with Sasha and John Digweed as well as his bi-monthly residency there with Anthony Pappa. His production work, released under the Second Hand Satellites moniker. has yielded some veritable classic Tech-House plates.  Along with Jimmy Van M,he formed Freelance Icebreakers, releasing on Flying Rhino and Bedrock. Their remix of Bedrock’s Voices was featured on Sasha and Digweed’s massive selling mix compilation, Communicate. He has also produced tracks with house veterans Sam Mollison (Dreams), Mick Parks (Eight Mile Sound), and Gaetan Schurer (Unbound). His pairing with Three from Hallucination records resulted in Multiple Mirrors, which has received critical acclaim and constant play from such DJs as Laurent Garnier, John Digweed, Lee Burridge and Doc Martin, landing eventually on the Tyrant compilation as well as Doc Martin’s mix CD. Sean also began a solo project called the Sean Q6 Thing,focusing on House/Techno and downtempo Funk.

  • SESSION 823: EVENT SESSION 02.27.11

    Mixed by Tomoyuki Yasuda, Ali Coleman & Sakaki Nakamura

  • SESSION 822: THE BANDWAGON 12.22.10

    Mixed by Taimur & Fahad

    Taimur & Fahad
    In humble deference to the top flight touring talent they regularly bring to NYC, the dynamic duo behind BLK|Market Membership are too often relegated to opening duties at their own parties, but make no mistake, these guys are a downright wicked pair of DJs in their own right. With the holidays approaching and everyone returning home to appreciate their families, we thought it was overdue to have a family night of our own at The Bandwagon so f@#k everyone else. We’re taking a ride with our own for this one, son.

  • SESSION 821: GOOD RECORDS 02.25.11

    Mixed by Jonny Paycheck

    01. Johnny & The Attractions – Coming On The Scene
    02. Stranger Cole – The Time Is Now
    03. Love Joys – Gimme Back
    04. Junior Murvin – Guitar
    05. The Viceroys – My Mission Is Impossible
    06. Gregory Isaacs – Confirm Reservation
    07. Horace Andy – Money, Money
    08. Augustus Pablo – Knocking Version
    09. The Congos – Days Chasing Days
    10. Junior Byles – Fade Away (Adopted)

  • SESSION 820 : BLESS UP 02.10.11

    Mixed By Rockman,Krinjah,Anthony Avatar,Liondub,0101

    “Bless Up!”
    On the fifth day he created bass, then he took an Amen break. And so it was, that on Thursdays the high priests of low frequency would gather at the record store in Brooklyn to perform the ancient rites of the turntable… It is in this solemn spirit of praise to all that rumbles the jungle that the cult we call halcyon presents our latest, soon to be habitual ritual, Bless Up! – Thursdays from 6-9pm at halcyon the shop and broadcast live on dailysession.com. Funky monks take note, Bless Up! is three hours of anything-but-silent devotion to the woofer ripping trinity of Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Dub Reggae. Our own pied pontiff, Liondub administers the wax sacraments alongside a rotating cast of cardinals representing NYC’s holiest DJ diocese. Visiting saints make miraculous appearances and as always, there’s no tithe at the door and plenty of alms for the poor, so you can save while being saved.
    Bless Up with us on Facebook!

  • SESSION 819: EVENT SESSION 02.23.11

    Mixed by Nutritious & Monchan

  • SESSION 818: VINYLMANIA 02.22.11

    Played by Martin PayneEric Lopez

    01. Goapele – Closer (DJ Spinna Mix)
    02. Don’t Look Back (Am Devoted Main Mix)
    03. I’m Gonna Make It Do What It Do, Baby
    04. Todd Terry feat. Shawnee Taylor – Fortunate
    05. Warriors of Africa (Shelter Anthem)
    06. Seawind Project Feat.Emily Mcewan – Free (Kneedeep Peaktime Dub)
    07. All Love and Peace
    08. Moments of Soul – Live My Life
    09. Sade – By Your Side (Ben Watt Lazy Dog Remix)
    10. Melba Moore – My Heart Belongs To You

  • DAILYSUMMARY: THR, FEB 24 , 2011

    Photo by Jarvis Jun Earnshaw

    New in the Radio Archive
    SESSION 817: THE BANDWAGON – Taimur Agha & Juan Gaviria
    SESSION 816: ZAKKA – Ali Coleman

    Upcoming Live Radio Shows
    Thursday: Bless Up @ 6pm~9pm
    Friday: Goodrecord NYC @ 8pm~10pm
    Friday: iWEPA! @ 10pm~4am

  • SESSION 817: THE BANDWAGON 12.08.10

    Mixed by Taimur Agha & Juan Gaviria

    Juan Gaviria

    Straight out of new york city, Juan is a scene veteran. Having logged years behind the counter at Satellite and  Sonic Groove, Juan transmits a sound identifiable with the metropolis he has always called home. Nowadays he holds down the hot underground monthly soiree Den of Thieves with Eric Cloutier.

    The Bandwagon

    The Bandwagon is halcyon’s All New Old-Timey Record Review and Talent Show! Each and every Two hour ride on The Bandwagon begins with halcyon the shoppe’s own high-flying Techno honcho in a poncho… the mysterious and often delirious Taimur Agha of BLK|Market Membership! Thrill to Taimur’s death-defying DJ feats as he balances beats live without a net on the www in his round up of the latest and greatest ear-catching, ground-shaking musical marvels from the far corners of the globe. Then, turn your attention to the center ring for The Bandwagon’s main attraction!… Direct from the far off nether regions of Brooklyn we bring you an astonishing cavalcade of talent never before assembled on one program – musical magicians, masterful minstrels and mystifying midi-freaks alike will be unveiled to your shock and awe with in-depth interviews and exclusive featured performances.

    The Bandwagon departs from halcyon the shoppe at 7pm on alternating Wednesdays. Hop on board at 57 Pearl St. in Dumbo, Brooklyn or crank that newfangled internet radiola up to dailysession.com to tune in from afar. Don’t be left out – join The Bandwagon today on facebook. If you should fall off The Bandwagon… fear not, downloadable / stream-on-demand archives and podcast versions of The Bandwagon are now live on dailysession.com and halcyonline.com!

  • SESSION 816: ZAKKA 02.22.11

    Mixed by Ali Coleman (Voice of Voice)

    01. Diana Ross – Love Child (acapella)
    02. Strafe ~Set It Off (Luv City remix)
    03. Stephan Luke – Invisible Man
    04. Justin Martino – Night Owl
    05. Taclan Gorgun – Save My Soul
    06. Mandoo & Francois A – Traffic
    07. Todo Tiene Su Final (Remixed by Patafunk)
    08. Quincy Jones – Stuff Like That
    09. Earth Wind & Fire – Can’t Hide Love (Scott Wozniak Remix)
    10.Randy Crawford Street Life (Scott Wozniak Remix)

  • DAILYSUMMARY: WED, FEB 23 , 2011

    Photo by James Maher – New York Photography

    New in the Radio Archive
    SESSION 815: FUNKY SLICE – Sean Bee (Downtown 161&304)

    Upcoming Live Radio Shows
    Wednesday: A-1 Record @ 9pm~11pm
    Wednesday:Shake Down@ 12am~4am
    Thursday: Bless Up @ 6pm~9pm
    Friday: Goodrecord NYC @ 8pm~10pm
    Friday: iWEPA! @ 10pm~4am

  • PICS: ZAKKA : TUE , FEB 22, 2011

    Photos of Ali Coleman from Zakka Session in Feb 22nd

    His mix is here.

    Photos by Daichi

  • PICS: ZAKKA : TUE , FEB 15, 2011

    Photos from Zakka session February 15th of  Kids from Discotheque

    Please click here for the mix!

    Photos by Daichi

  • SESSION 815: FUNKY SLICE 02.21.11

    Mixed by  Sean Bee (Downtown 161&304)

    01. Four Hands – Hizou
    02. R-A-G – Beyond
    03. Thvo Howard – The Age of Compassion (Original Mix)
    04. Linkwood Family – Miles Away ( Intrusion Sunrise Dub)
    05. Axel Boman – Cinquenta
    06. Rocha – NIght Music
    07. Blak + White
    08. Hunch – Travel The Earth
    09. Lonely Acid (Brennan Green’s Dub Mix)
    10. Nina Kraviz – I’m Week