• SESSION 866: A1 AFTRHRS 03.30.11

    Mixed By Ron Morelli & Donald Lassiter

    01. Ross 154 – C. Abrighterday
    02. Maxmillion Dunbar – Polo
    03. At Jazz – For Real (version remix)
    04. Another World – Marcos Cabral Bay City mix
    05. Unknown
    06. NIght Move – Trancedance
    07.Virgo Four – Take Me Higher
    08.Virgo – Go Wild Rythm Trax
    09. Fingers – Path (unreleased)
    11. D’marc Cantu – Set Free
    12. D’marc Cantu – Black tears
    13. Virgo Four – Unknown
    14. House Of Jezebel – Unknown


    Photo by Blue Jake

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    SESSION 866: A1 AFTRHRS – Ron Morelli & Donald Lassiter
    SESSION 865: VINYLMANIA – Eric Lopez

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    Friday: Goodrecord NYC @ 8pm~10pm


    By Tom Kalin, filmmaker (Swoon, Third Known Nest, Savage Grace) – Inside/Out MoMA

    I never visited the Warehouse, the Chicago club where legendary Frankie Knuckles was DJ (and where the moniker “House Music” was born), but I was lucky enough to dance all night at the Power Plant, the club he opened there in the early 1980s. Later, during a visit to NYC in the summer of 1983 (before I moved here in 1987), my friends took me out for a delirious pilgrimage to hear the mighty sounds of Larry Levan at Paradise Garage. This former garage at 84 King Street was a place of few words. Dance was the message. Waitresses, postal clerks, trannies, and bankers all moved with an eloquence absent from ordinary life and transformed that dance floor into a music-fueled perpetual state of grace. [Read More]


    By MoMA P.S 1

    Looking at Music 3.0, the third in a series of exhibitions exploring the influence of music on contemporary art practices, focuses on New York in the 1980s and 1990s. In this dynamic period, imaginative forms of street art spread across the five boroughs, articulating the counter-culture tenor of the times. As the city transitioned from bankruptcy to solvency, graffiti, media, and performance artists took advantage of low rents and collaborated on ad hoc works shown in alternative spaces and underground clubs. Appropriation, also known as remixing, thrived. Approximately 70 works from a wide range of artists and musicians will be on view, including works by the Beastie Boys, Kathleen Hanna and Le Tigre, Keith Haring, Christian Marclay, Steven Parrino, Run DMC, and Joanie 4 Jackie, a video chain letter founded by Miranda July. [Read More]

  • SESSION 865: VINYLMANIA 03.29.11

    Mixed by Eric Lopez

    01. Panoptikum Feat. “Blue Eyez” – Black Land Of The Nile
    02. Ben Watt Feat. Sananda Maitreya – A Stronger Man
    03. Hott 22 – Don’t Look Back
    04. Rune and Sydenham – Elephant
    05. Rune and Sydenham – Peter Pan
    06. DJ Chus & David Penn Feat. Caterina – Baila
    07. Justin Martin & Sammy D Feat. Fernando Rivera – Papachongo
    08. Catalan Fc & Sven Love – Another Man
    09. Joel Harrison – High Voltage
    10. John “Julius” Knight – The Groove

  • SESSION 864: DOWNTOWN304 04.01.11

    Mixed by Pat King

    01. Deenos – Exigatis
    02. Subb – An – The Lovers Night (Dub)
    03. Ruede Hagelstein – Friday
    04. Accatone – Tell Me (Jay Tripwire Mix)
    05. Tom Ellis – Printhaus Stew
    06. Rainer – Fuhreliner
    07. Bearweasel – Down Down
    08. Freaky Disco – Mustard Plant
    09. Ahmet Sisman – Hi-Tech Booty (Maetrik Mix)
    10. Uner – Bass Boost

  • SESSION 863: ZAKKA 03.29.11

    Mixed by Ali Coleman (Voice of Voice)

    01. M-flow feat Krystal K – Somewhere over the rainbow
    02. Velvet & Dust – Summertime
    03. Kent AL (Paj disco mix) – Flip
    04. Animal house – Dirty mind (Unreleased)
    05. Ananda project feat Heather Johnson – Kiss kiss kiss
    06. Sandy Rivera – & And Daniell
    07. Toni Braxton – Make my heat
    08. Monique Bingham – You & me against the world
    09. Cesar Dominici feat Toby El Mesias – Aqua
    10. Phil Asher & The mighty zaf feat zanisika

  • SESSION 862: THE BANDWAGON 02.16.11

    Mixed by Shadi Megall & Taimur Agha

    Shadi Megallaa
    The newest Techno guru on team halcyon, Shadi was raised in Abu Dhabi where there wasn’t much electronic music culture to be had. He caught the DJ bug while studying Architecture in Lawrence, Kansas circa ’97 and was producing his own music by 2000. His first release came out on respected Danish imprint Tic Tac Toe and was followed by tunes forKalimari, Produkt Schallplatten, and Dilek amongst others. Along the way Shadi made a major contribution to the fledgling underground scene in his home town with the Boogie Box party, founded in co-horts with buddy Hassan Alwan of the Buy You Sell Me label. A full length for Igloo Pop recorded while living in Zurich stands as Shadi’s proudest musical achievement thus far, but a slew of new productions completed since he relocated to Brooklyn earlier this year are set for 2011 release, making Shadi a hot producer to watch.

    The Bandwagon

    The Bandwagon is halcyon’s All New Old-Timey Record Review and Talent Show! Each and every Two hour ride on The Bandwagon begins with halcyon the shoppe’s own high-flying Techno honcho in a poncho… the mysterious and often delirious Taimur Agha of BLK|Market Membership! Thrill to Taimur’s death-defying DJ feats as he balances beats live without a net on the www in his round up of the latest and greatest ear-catching, ground-shaking musical marvels from the far corners of the globe. Then, turn your attention to the center ring for The Bandwagon’s main attraction!… Direct from the far off nether regions of Brooklyn we bring you an astonishing cavalcade of talent never before assembled on one program – musical magicians, masterful minstrels and mystifying midi-freaks alike will be unveiled to your shock and awe with in-depth interviews and exclusive featured performances.

  • SESSION 861: FUNKY SLICE 03.28.11

    Mixed by DJ Monchan

    01. Exodus – Together Forever
    02. Greyship Davis – This Groove Is on The Loose ( Nick Chacona RMX )
    03. Halo Varga – Future RMX ( HIPP-E RMX )
    04. Nick Agha – Climates
    05. Black Coffee & Thiwe – Crazy ( Culoe De Song Winter RMX )
    06.Womack & Womack – My Dear ( The Letter )
    07. El Coco – Cocomotion ( RMX )
    08. Little Big Bee – City, Counry, City ( Frank Roger RMX )
    09. Los Charly’s Orchestra – Black Boy Lane
    10. – Still Love 4 Music –
    11. Easter Bay ( vol. 3 ) – Lucky Ones
    12. – Still Love 4 Music –
    13. Black Science Orchestra – Sunshine

  • SESSION 860: NININJA 03.26.11

    Mixed by Earl Broclo Esq (Funkyslice, Slumdays),DJ Alfreako (Dance Camp),DJ Moustachio (Academy Records),Sean Bee (Downtown 161&304) & Takaya Nagase

  • DAILYSUMMARY: WED, MAR 30 , 2011

    Photo by James Maher – New York Photography

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    SESSION 859: EVENT SESSION 03.25.11 iWEPA!

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    New photos from Zakka session March 29th : Ali Coleman

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    Thursday: Bless Up @ 6pm~9pm
    Friday: Goodrecord NYC @ 8pm~10pm


    By Glenwood

    Legendary music photographers Janette Beckman and David Corio (left and right, below) have an excellent exhibition going on now at the Morrison Hotel Gallery on Bowery, right next to the old CBGB (which is now a John Varvatos outlet), and if you were alive and in love with music in the late 1970s and 1980s, it’s kind of a must-see show. Titled Catch the Beat: The Roots of Punk and Hip Hop Photography, Beckman and Corio’s exhibition features scads of insanely great images–some familiar, many of which we had never before seen–of the icons of the era.

    Here, for example, are Public Enemy, from the mid ’80s, posing in an unlikely rural setting. Corio, who was on hand at the Morrison Hotel Gallery and, even better, was nice enough to chat with us a bit, told us that the shot was actually taken in Hyde Park, and that he had to hold back the suits just trying to walk through the park on the way to the office, and who had no clue who Chuck D, Flava Flav, Terminator X and the S1Ws were, other than a crew of oddly dressed young men making them late for work. Corio’s portrait of Biz Markie (below) flashing his chains is a great photograph, too (we had the pleasure of shaking Markie’s hand back in the mid-’80s, and he couldn’t have been more pleasant… nor more HUGE), as is his silhouetted shot of Afrika Bambaataa, scratching in London. [Read More]

  • SESSION 859: EVENT SESSION 03.25.11 iWEPA!

    Mixed by Antonio Ocasio & Lou Gorbea

  • EVENTS: AQUA-BOOTY! 04.15.11

    Good People’s Entertainment brings you…
    Another installment of DJ Spun & Greg Cuoco with Tony Humphries on the main floor with special guests in the Rong basement lounge:
    Tommy Moye
    Shane O’Grady & Charles D.
    Move to the rhythm of the beats on 2 floors with all the house, disco and great music you can stand in Williamsburg at Cameo, on North 6th St. (between Berry & Wythe)
    Please RSVP for $5 list and get there early as space will be limited for this special event.

    Powered by Good People’s Entertainment, Rong Music and Aqua-Booty!


    We cordially invite you to attend our beloved Brooklyn Shakedown, Wednesdays @ Bembe, a DJ/Live instrumental dance party hosted by yours truly, Nutritious & Wilder. This Wednesday, we present a very special BK Shakedown with the TRIO – NUTRITIOUS, MONCHAN, & COLEMAN.

    Nutritious (SpinSpinNYC / MyHouseYourHouse)
    Monchan (Dailysession / Funkyslice)
    Ali Coleman (Voice of Voice / Dailysession)

    Be there!

    Location : Bembe
    Address: 81 South 6th Street (Corner of Berry Street) Williamsburg Brooklyn

    · Subway: J, M, Z at Marcy Ave.
    · Date/Time: 03/30/2011 Wednesday March 30th 2011 – 10pm – 4am
    · Price: Free
    · Phone: Bembe: 718-387-5389
    · Web: http://www.bembe.us/ http://www.spinspinnyc.com/


    Flyer photo courtesy of Masashi Fujimura
    (taken at the Vinylmania Popup Record Store at Zakka NYC)


    Joann Jimenez presents…

    ¡WEPA! Banana Boat Ride!
    + FREE After Party

    Boarding at 7:30pm SHARP!
    Pier 83 (Circle Line), 42nd St (West Side Highway)
    $25 (Advance Tickets) :: $35 at the Boat

    Antonio Ocasio + Lou Gorbea
    Randy Montalvo on Congas

    Afro-House & Latin Soul

    *FREE After Party for Banana Boat Riders


    $10 w/Flyer or RSVP muzikbutrfly@gmail.com
    $15 at the Door

    After Party:
    Coquito, Cigars, Dominoes, Visuals, Roof Deck

    Bar 13, 121 University Place-3rd flr
    Between 13th & 14th Street


    Joann Jimenez presents…


    Welcome to “El Barrio”
    The Global Soul Experience!

    Saturday, April 16th (10p-4a)

    Lou Gorbea (Omi Tutu Productions)
    Antonio Ocasio (Tribal Winds)
    Randy Montalvo on Congas

    Ian Friday (Tea Party Music)
    Manchildblack (Hype Life Music)
    Afro Mosaic Soul

    $10 Before 11pm, $20 at the door
    $15 w/RSVP to muzikbutrfly@gmail.com

    Santos Party House (Basement)
    96 Lafayette Street (White & Walker)
    N Q R W, J M Z, 4 or 6 to Canal Street Station