Mixed by Grace of Spades & Jah Point

  • SESSION 1005: EVENT SESSION 07.29.11 iWEPA!

    Mixed by Elbin Reyes & ChinoThree JuSoong (Pre Party Radio)

  • SESSION 1004: EVENT SESSION 07.29.11 WEPA!

    Mixed by Elbin Reyes & ChinoThree JuSoong (Pre Party Radio)


    Photo by Streetsy

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    SESSION 1003: EVENT SESSION –  Grace of Spades
    SESSION 1002: VINYLMANIA – Eric Lopez

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    VINYLMANIA with Elbin&Chino3 (PrepartyRadio)

    Today’s broadcast & recording
    Live broadcast:  iWepa! @Bar13 6pm~4am
    DJ Mix Recording: Love So Nice @BeautyBar Brooklyn 10pm~4am
    Global Groove @Boom Soho 11pm~1am

  • SESSION 1003: EVENT SESSION 07.26.11

    Mixed by Grace of Spades

  • SESSION 1002: VINYLMANIA 07.26.11

    Mixed by Eric Lopez

    01. Phil Weeks – The Grind
    02. Honesty – Bleep Me ( Jimpster Perspective )
    03. Loco Dice – Untitled ( vinyl number DesolatX004 )
    04. Mark Mendes Last Laugh ( Original rmx )
    05. UGLH & FedericoLocchi – Big Lie ( Original rmx )
    06. Larakki – DIG ( Alain Ho’s Mental Beauty MIX )
    07. Men In Trees – How Deep Is Your Love
    08. Lewis Boardman – MIST ( Chris Lattner MIX )
    09. Alex flantner & Oliver Klein – Out Landos ( Santos Provocation RMX )
    10. Around Le Texier – Ivory Machine

  • SESSION 1001: EVENT SESSION 07.23.11

    Mixed by Sharegroove & Jamie 3:26


    Discovery August 20th
    With Super Special Guests:

    *EDDIE C*

    Eddie C could well be described as one of the Slo Mo/ Edits/ Disco scene’s heaviest hitters. Eddie came out of nowhere, well to be fair he’s from the very beautiful town of Banff in Alberta, Canada, and in just over two years he’s featured on or been the main attraction with 11 singles and EP’s. Having graced labels like Jisco Music, Flashback, Sleazybeats, Wolf Music, 7 Inches of Love & Home Taping, amongst others, with his deep, lush and beautiful grooves, C is constantly name checked by every major playa this end of the underground.


    Gracing us with his presence and sweet beats for the second time around, we’re bringing back Kid Color from his hometown of Chicgao. For those that saw him when he played at Public Assembly for Discovery last year know you’re in for a real treat. One of our favorite guests on the wheels of steel, Kid Color is back.

    *Residents VDRK and Free Magic*

    Ensuring your clothing is partially off before the guests go on.

    RSVP for Free entry before Midnight:

    Roaming Photo’s: The Culture Of Me
    Photobooth By: Wet Paint
    Falling on unsuspecting partygoers: Damon Jablons
    With Support by our friends at Halcyon.
    Shop @ http://halcyonline.com/



    Made in the U.S.A. – Built by Greg Roberts

    The Vittora is a fully horn-loaded, three-way, high-efficiency speaker system that delivers wide dynamic range, high output, and extremely low distortion.

    The Vittora utilizes a 15″ woofer in a folded horn to produce solid, accurate, bass.  Even at high output levels, the distortion from this horn is undetectable, and the result is a quickness and definition that you can only get with a horn design.

    Cabinet construction is all Baltic Birch plywood, 1″ and 3/4″ thick, with no MDF used anywhere, and the bass cabinets are fully braced.  The Vittora is built to be a solid performer for a lifetime of use.

    The cabinets are built in two separate pieces with the top horn section separated from the bass bin, and sitting up on three gold-plated spikes.  The bass bin is supported by three large wooden feet.

    The Vittora uses a large wooden midrange horn with a tractrix flare.   The horn has a 2″ throat and uses a BMS 4592ND-MID, large-format midrange compression driver with a 3-1/2″ voice coil.  This combination of large, solidly built wooden horn with a large throat and huge midrange compression driver results in a midrange sound that is effortless and easy to listen to.  There is no constriction of the sound through a tiny throat, there is no edginess, graininess, or honky sound that so many other horn designs suffer from.  The Vittora midrange is smooth and articulate, dynamic and uncolored.  The midrange is truly the heart of this loudspeaker, and the listener is rewarded with a musicality from this speaker that is very rare in this industry, at any price.[Read More]



    By Michael Powell – NY Times

    “When the economy grows, it’s not because of a new government program or spending initiative. … It’s time to leave that era behind.”

    — John A. Boehner, House speaker, May 2011

    It might be hard selling that narrative line to the once broken beauty that is the Bronx.

    As a teenager in the 1970s, I offered visiting friends tours of the apocalypse. We piled into an old Buick and drove north from Manhattan, which wasn’t in such great shape either, into the South Bronx. We rolled down ghost canyons of burnt-out buildings, saw mattresses and old sinks and tubs piled atop hills of rubble, and encountered smack dealers who cordoned off blocks for open-air markets. (We could not have been safer; they assumed we were white boys in search of a fix.)

    It was macabre and infuriating, a core of urban America discarded and forgotten. Nothing, I assumed, could breathe life into this corpse.

    I was spectacularly mistaken, a point driven home again on a recent tour in the company of city housing officials. Again I rolled across the Willis Avenue Bridge into the South Bronx, and what is there should (but almost certainly will not) give pause to those who argue that government lies at the source of our ills.

    [Read More]


    By Albert FreemanHalcyon

    While the global view on Detroit within the dance music community retains its emphasis on Techno, Detroit has been one of the most important historical cradles for development of all genres of black urban American music that have enjoyed deep interest and popularity in the city. The city’s influence on Blues, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Disco, House, Hip-Hop, Electro, and Techno stands unchallenged but the global focus on the most avant garde of the city’s electronic artists has always come at some cost to those working in areas that place more emphasis on the continuity of the city’s music culture. House has also been central to the city’s music and been present here almost since its original rise in Chicago, and the transition that led from Disco to House was played out here in nearly equal measure to the nearby Illinois metropolis. Thus figures like Norm Talley and his Beatdown Brotherscrew should be looked upon not as outliers, but as a truly central and essential part of a diverse musical culture. Since the mid 1980s, he and friends Mike “Agent X” Clark and Delano Smith have been pushing a brand of DJing and production that fluidly integrates the Disco, House, and Techno cultures of Motown and has been far too often ignored by the music press at large. In spite of respect earned from people like Eddie Fowlkes, for a long time their profile remained relatively low as the word on Detroit’s unique and diverse House sound was slow to leak out.[Read More]

    Click HERE for the Mix by Norm Talley

  • SESSION 999: NININJA 07.22.11

    Mixed by DJ Monchan

  • SESSION 998: NININJA 07.22.11

    Mixed by DJ Moustachio (Academy Records)


    Pictures from Vinyl mania session.
    Mixed by Elbin Reyes&ChinoThree JuSoong (Pre Party Radio)

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    Photos by Daichi

  • SESSION 997: NININJA 07.22.11

    Mixed by DJ Monchan