• SESSION 1294: FUNKY SLICE 04.29.12

    Mixe by William J Quinones

    01. John Bonham – No Quarter
    02. The Who – Eminence Front
    03. Beastie Boys (Rub N Tug’s Macho Mix)
    04. Sunshine Anderson – Heard All Before
    05. Adultnapper – Monitor (MKL Vs BGSS Rework)
    06. Phil Asher – Piano EP
    07. Manzel – It’s Over Now
    08. Ray Lugo – Love Me Good (yoga Edit)
    09. Going For It (Edited by Jacques Renault)
    10. Cabin Fever – Dove


    Mixed by DJ True

    01. M.J. aka Bayaka – Viageiro (Inst)
    02. Soul Drummers – Now or Never
    03. The Law – IllegalAfterHours
    04. Phil Parnell – Barcelona
    05. Nebraska – Off Ramp
    06. SNK – Samurai Remix
    07. Reese – Just Want Another Chance
    08. Lil Louis & The World – I Called U
    09. Manoo – Oh Yes
    10. Kyoto Jazz Massive – Deep In your Mind

  • SESSION 1292: FUNKY SLICE 04.29.12

    Mixed by Donald Lassiter

    01. The Edwin Hawkins Singers – I Surrender
    02. Paster T.L. Barrett & The Youth For Christ Choir – Like A Ship
    03. Johnny Hammond – Fantasy
    04. Sun Palace _ Rude Moments
    05. Yambu – Sunny
    06. Kamuran Akkor – Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz
    07. Omar S presents Aaron”fit”Siegel Feat. L’Renee – Tonite
    08. The Burrell Brothers Tech Trax Inc. – State Of The Art
    09. China Clark – Brown Sugar
    10. Boyd Jarvis – Boyd Piano


    By  –  New York DailyNews

    The two will become one station and broadcast with WBLS call letters at 107.5

    After 30 years as spirited and often ferocious rivals, WBLS (107.5 FM) and WRKS (98.7 FM, Kiss-FM) will become one.
    In a turn as sudden and stunning as the Yankees merging with the Mets, the city’s two adult urban radio stations announced in a joint press release Thursday that they will become “One Family, One Station.”
    Kiss and WBLS began simulcasting at 10 a.m. Thursday, starting with a tribute to the 30-year legacy of Kiss.
    As of 12 a.m. Monday they will become a single station at 107.5 FM, under the WBLS call letters.

    It is likely this news will not please all listeners, many of whom feel there are already too few black media voices in the city.
    The merger is part of a major reshuffling triggered when Disney agreed to acquire 98.7 FM from Emmis.
    The complicated $96 million deal essentially lets Disney lease 98.7 FM as of Monday morning, when it will start simulcasting ESPN radio there. ESPN radio is now heard on the weaker 1050 AM signal.
    Disney had been thirsting for an FM signal so it can better challenge CBS Radio’s all-sports WFAN (660 AM).
    A key factor in this new deal is that WRKS and WBLS have both had financial problems, at the stations themselves and with their parent companies.

    Emmis last year also sold its 101.9 FM frequency in New York.

    [Read More]


  • SESSION 1291: SHAREGROOVE 04.28.12

    Mixed by Sharegroove

  • SESSION 1290: A1 AFTRHRS 04.25.12

    Mixed by Ron Morelli

    01. Journey Towards Harmony / Luc MARIANNI
    02. The Electronic Record for Children
    03. Porter Ricks/
    04. (L.I.E.S.)
    05. ANDY STOTT/*
    07. OMAR S / The White Castle Song
    09. Jim and Tammy and Their Friends / THE HOUSE ON ROCK


    Bushwick Open Studios & Arts Festival 2012 Weekend Event Profile: Funky Slice Vinyl Shop, The Daily Session and Cedar Room

    Eager to open its doors for the first time to the public and participate in The Bushwick Open Studios & Arts Festival, on June 1, 2 and 3rd; Cedar Room, home of Funky Slice Vinyl Shop and The Daily Session will be serving up wax for your consumption, providing and broadcasting live mixes and finishing the weekend with the most exclusive Dance Party in Bushwick.

    A community center for vinyl enthusiasts, connoisseurs and junkies, Funky Slice Vinyl Shop invites you to dig our extensive selection, take advantage of our listening booth and have a listen to our hard-to-find and rare grooves and take home with you a slice of New York’s underground. Making available stock from Vinylmania, offering House, Disco and Soul Funk and other unclassifiable and undiscovered gems, from Friday until Sunday, here is your chance to gain entrance to this membership record listening joint.

    All while local DJs deliver The Daily Session—Transmissions from New York’s Underground that keep vinyl alive—enjoy and take part in the green environment that is Cedar Room. Throughout the weekend before your eyes, local, talented artists will be having live art sessions, producing calligraphy, graffiti and cover art.

    On Saturday night Cedar Room will be hosting some of the best known and yet-to-be discovered DJs who will grace us with their favorite tunes in an unparalleled sound system. Sure to be a magnet of positive energy this party is open to all participants of Bushwick Open Studios & Arts Festival. Not to be missed!

    By Jez

    details coming soon!


    Mixed by Elbin Reyes

    01. Ahmad Jamal – You’re Welcome, Stop On By
    02. Inez Andrews – This Is Not First time I ‘ve Been Last
    03. Ohio Player – Skin Tight
    04. Devadip Carlos Santana – Life Is Just a Passing Parade
    05. Yellow Sunshine – Yellow Sunshine
    06. Howard Kenney – Save Some For The Chidren
    07. Joe Bataan & His Mestizo Band – The Bottle
    08. Montego Joe’s Har-You Group – Welcome To The Party
    09. Laurentius – Over The Sea
    10. Urban Soul – Love Is (Tomo King Street Mix)

  • SESSION 1288: FUNKY SLICE 04.22.12

    Mixed by Spencer Levon Snipes

    01. Juice – Catch A Groove
    02. Soul Vibration – Dorothy Ashby
    03. Idris Muhammad – Sy What
    04. Marlena Shaw – Woman of The Ghetto
    05. Penny Goodwin – Too Soon You’re Old
    06. Louise Mccord – You’d Better Get A MOve On
    07. The Deidre Wilson Tabac – I can’t Keep From Cryin’ Sometimes
    08. Baranta with Miatta Fahinbulleh – Witch Doctor
    09. Mandrill – Movement IV (Time)
    10. Santana – Aua Marine


    Mixed by Ali Coleman, Monchan & Siren

  • SESSION 1286: FUNKY SLICE 04.20.12

    Mixed by Robert “The Rob” Luna (Preparty Radio)

    01.Grace Jones – Operattack
    02. Hajime Yoshizawa – Secret Flight (2000 Black Dub)
    03. Musical Youth – Pass the Dutchie
    04. Rita Marley – One Draw
    05. Ponteic – Bonus Beats
    06. Shawn O’Sullivan – At The Reservoir
    07. The Martines Brothers – My Rendition (TMB Main Mix)
    08. Mental Remedy – Obatala
    09. Afro Elements – Lagos Jump (Alto Dub)
    10. St Germain – Rose Rouge

  • SESSION 1285: FUNKY SLICE 04.20.12

    Mixed by Matthew Brownell

    01. Western Spaces – In the Heart of Venus
    02. Spacetime Continuum Freelon – Chrystalline Entity
    03. Shantel – Considerando (Echoplex 2000)
    04. Phil Manzanera – Criollo (French Mix)
    05. Bem-Vinda Amizade – Curumin Chama Cunhata ue Eu Vou Contar
    06. Daddy Guts Lanciano Feat. The Xsupervisor – For My Mother
    07. Hollie Cook – It’s So Different Here
    08. Christian Boule – 5e Ocean
    09. Steve Moore – Volatile Memory
    10. Helen – Zanzibar


    Funky Slice Vinyl Shop is the ultimate underground boutique for professional DJs, Record collectors and music lovers.

    Funky Slice is a membership record listening joint. From a Hidden Fortress on a Daily Basis local DJs in the know deliver The Daily Session, a live streaming Radio Show providing eclectic mixes directly from the heart of New York’s underground. We keep our store’s location undisclosed to allow us to listen and share music, and In Order to Dance, in a completely free and shared environment, and of course through a proper sound system equipped with a sweet spot so you don’t lose the warmth and juiciest parts that only vinyl music can offer.

    In a digitally and Mp3 dominated music world respect and appreciation of music is difficult to accomplish. At Funky Slice what we are offering is not just vinyl, but a whole experience of record digging, crates included. Featuring an infinite array of diverse and unrivaled hand-picked selections from unique and singular categories, this vinyl shop serves up the wax you must have. Dropping needles in our listening booth while admiring sleeve art and choosing and discovering all those hard to find gems, in a conducive green environment, you can relax and enjoy the entire record listening experience.

    Funky Slice Vinyl Shop is not only a shopping place but a community center for vinyl enthusiasts, connoisseurs and junkies. Not only do we exchange information about records and parties but art, ventures and ideas. It is a cultural exchange between different ages, sexes, races under music.

    Home of Funky Slice Vinyl Shop and one of the many locations from where The Daily Session is broadcasted, The Cedar Room completes the circle of this exclusive collective. Several times a month through invitation only, The Cedar Room opens its doors to its members for the ultra exclusive Nininja Party. It’s an enlightening gathering.

    By Jez