Mixed by Freemagic & Faso


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  • SESSION 1325: FUNKY SLICE 06.01.12

    Mixed by Bradford James & DJ Said

  • SESSION 1324: FUNKY SLICE 06.01.12

    Mixed by Dee Jay True


    Bushwick Open Studios & Arts Festival 2012 Weekend Event Profile: Funky Slice Vinyl Shop, The Daily Session and Cedar Room

    Eager to open its doors for the first time to the public and participate in The Bushwick Open Studios & Arts Festival, on June 1, 2 and 3rd; Cedar Room, home of Funky Slice Vinyl Shop and The Daily Session will be serving up wax for your consumption, providing and broadcasting live mixes and finishing the weekend with the most exclusive Dance Party in Bushwick.

    All while local DJs deliver The Daily Session—Transmissions from New York’s Underground that keep vinyl alive—enjoy and take part in the green environment that is Cedar Room. Throughout the weekend before your eyes, local, talented artists will be having live art sessions, producing calligraphy, graffiti and cover art.

    Sure to be a magnet of positive energy this party is open to all participants of Bushwick Open Studios & Arts Festival. Not to be missed!


    Mixed by DJ Rockin Rob, Chuck City & Breakbeat Lou @ Academy Records 415 E 12th St., NYC


    Mixed by Ruby Red, Jose G, Ali Coleman, Siren & Glenn Thornton


    Mixed by Monchan & Dawn Anesta

  • SESSION 1220: BKNY 05.25.12 FUNK HUT

    Mixed by Kayo & Monchan

  • SESSION 1219: BKNY 05.25.12 FUNK HUT

    Mixed by Kayo & Monchan


    By Jez

    Celebrating the Daily Session’s fourth year anniversary (on 5.19.2012) Cedar Room opened its doors from dusk for its members only Nininja Party that lasted till early dawn Sunday.

    DJ Sky Zee surprised everyone by unexpectedly showing up early with a big bag of records in tow. He set off in a long lone journey (for the love) of Soul Funk laying down tracks that included among many other classics: Donna Summer’s “On The Radio” and “Hot Stuff” to “I Wouldn’t Change a Thing” by Coke Escovedo from his “Comin’ At Ya” LP.

    After enjoying an exciting flashback (that had me reenacting several Grind House Films) The Rob showed up looking like he was wading through some trails of his own. During his collectable dance-classic set, the party crowd really started arriving. Once inside the gates to The Hidden Fortress, through a window, all were welcomed by Bruce Lee’s moves as played out in Game of Death.

    Upon entering Cedar Room, however, guests were greeted by the wax that is Funky Slice Vinyl Shop— where our friend, Yasu, a sound Engineer for Kenny Dope, kept to himself most of the night while listening to and accumulating a huge stack of vinyl that he eventually took home.

    The High-Fidelity Sounds of Klipsch-Horn speakers and a huge newly equipped Klipsch Horn-inspired, hybrid-design speaker, thanks to Renee another sporting friend and a talented speaker builder, kept the sound fresh and sweet and party moving towards a Blazing Ring of Fire.

    At the bar art, drinks, hookah smoke and friendly conversation got everyone high. While at the dance floor a few people moved rhythmically to the music as other assumed unique postures. The Discovery Crew made an appearance and surveyed the environment for anomalies. Sprawled against the wall lay DJ Sky Zee after his set, but proving that still alive, whenever an errant balloon escaped my kicks, he’d snap them back after what seemed like a sudden awakening. And for hours after wrapping up his set, The Rob stood still like a monk by the turntables perhaps entranced from contemplating The Luna earlier on the night?

    Finally DJ Monchan ascended to the turntables and conducted the tunes towards an inevitable epiphany: Warm. Warmer. Disco.

    Monchan’s Set SESSION 1316:NININJA 05.19.12
    The Rob’s Set SESSION 1315:NININJA 05.19.12
    Sky Zee’s Set SESSION 1314:NININJA 05.19.12



    DETROIT, MAY 24, 2012—The Movement Electronic Music Festival application is now available on iTunes and Android markets for free, courtesy of vitaminwater®.  The complete electronic guide to Movement 2012, held May 26-28 in Detroit’s Hart Plaza, has added several new features designed to maximize user experience.

    Paxahau has partnered up with vitaminwater® to make this app completely free for Movement fans.
    iPhone users can download the app at  Here
    Android users can download the app at: Here
    Video Link
    Screenshots Link
    Features of the app include:
    • *New!* Movement Postcard: Capture all of your Movement memories by using our new Photo Postcard feature. Show your friends at home how much fun you are having at the festival by sending them a Postcard via text or email and even to Facebook or Twitter.

    • *New!* CAMP Detroit Project: Stimulate your mind by exploring the one-of-a-kind array of futuristic art installations placed throughout the property. Use this tab to learn more about each team’s unique installation.

    • *New!* Integrated Twitter Feed: Engaging @movementdetroit Twitter feed now appears at the top of the app screen. Also, once you select an artist in the lineup or schedule to learn more about, the feed will then switch to the last three tweets from that particular artist, if available.

    • *New!* GroupMe: Create a GroupMe group to stay in touch with your friends and get the latest festival news, too. Build a group of friends by registering your phone number at GroupMe.com/movement. The messaging feature will help keep a group of two or twenty on the same page throughout the festival, making sure you never miss a beat.
    • Lineup: View every artist on the festival lineup and sort by alphabetical order or by set time. You can also sort artists by which day they perform and on which stage. You can add or remove an artist from your personal lineup by tapping the “plus” or “minus” button next to their name.

    Tap on any artist’s name in any list and view their bio page. You can view the day, time and what stage they are performing on. Artist bio pages also have social media links and links to their music, video and their homepage.

    • Schedule: Keep track of your own customized schedule. Sort performers by day and remove an artist after you have seen their show with just one touch. You can add or remove an artist from your personal lineup by tapping the “plus” or “minus” button next to their name. Enhanced artist information includes links to Resident Advisor profiles, when available. Improved schedule function also allows you to share your schedule selections with your friends.

    • Alarm: Solidify your personal schedule by setting an alarm for five, 10 or 15 minutes before your selected artist is scheduled to perform, and you will receive a push notification.
    • Festival Map: Find your way by utilizing the handy zoomable/scrollable map of the entire festival grounds that also opens to full-screen size.

    • Friend Finder: Show your friends where you are in the crowd by placing the “I am here” arrow on a basic image of different areas of the festival. You may choose from a variety of stages or other areas of the grounds. Your friends don’t even need this app to receive Friend Finder photos; it will work with anyone who can view photos on their device. You have the convenience of sending the photo to your friends via text or email.
    • vitaminwater® Flashlight: Improved flashlight function engages your LED light, if available instead of the old white screen, for brighter results.

    • Afterparties: Plan your night after the festival closes at midnight by reviewing the best afterparty options available. We’ve included every Official Movement Afterparty for you to review by day, and you can see the flyer for each party, along with other pertinent information. Tap the map to get instant directions to any of the parties listed.
    About Movement Electronic Music Festival
    The Movement Electronic Music Festival takes place May 26-28 in Detroit and features: five technologically-rich outdoor stages; more than 100 artists; free Wi-Fi access on the grounds; a posh VIP setting located behind the main stage; dozens of official afterparties; an interactive technology center featuring the hottest gear in the industry; and several art displays to stimulate the senses. Nearly 100,000 people from across the globe attended the 2011 festival.

    Walk-Up Passes for Movement Detroit ?Walk-up Day Passes will be available for $55 (All fees included) starting Saturday May 26. Walk-up Weekend Passes will be available for $95 (All fees included) starting Saturday May 26. Walk-up VIP passes will be available for $220 (All fees included) while supplies last. Passes will also be available online all weekend long at www.Movement.us
    For more details about afterparties and to purchase tickets visit, www.movementafterparties.com.
    About Paxahau Promotions Group
    Producers of the Movement Electronic Music Festival since 2006, Paxahau was established 14 years ago as an online resource to promote both Detroit and electronic music, and has earned the respect of their peers and formed a very strong network of alliances throughout the music industry. Today, Paxahau is recognized across the world by artists and industry executives as a premier production and promotions organization. To learn more visit www.paxahau.com.

  • SESSION 1318: VINYLMANIA 05.20.12

    Mixed by Eric Lopez aka “BigE”

    01. Isaac Hayes – In Pursuit of the Pimp Mobile
    02. The Mohawks – The Champ
    03. Fred Wesley & The J.B’s – Blow Your Head
    04. Whole Darn Family – Seven Minutes Of Funk
    05. Bobby Byrd – I Know You Got Soul
    06. Roy Ayers – We Live In Brooklyn, Baby
    07. Love Unlimitec – Under The Influence Of Love
    08. Barry White – Playing your Game Baby
    09. John Klemmer – Free Soul
    10. Grover Washington Jr. – Hydra