• dailysession’s official launch announcement!

    Welcome to dailysession.com! Thanks for dropping by. We’ve been stocking up on content for a couple of months and now we’re ready to share it with all of you. Take a moment to explore the different sections, check out some of the archived radio shows, subscribe to the podcast and don’t forget to sign up for our e-mail newsletter (top of the right column). After that, stop by and say hello during our live dailysessions that are broadcast from different venues throughout New York City. While you’re out, check out some of the nightlife options listed in the left column. When you get tired, come back for more local radio content and stay connected to everything that New York’s underground music scene has to offer. Welcome to dailysession.com: Transmissions from New York’s underground!

  • New York’s Soul Survives: DS Press Release

    New York’s Soul Survives: dailysession.com, a new online media source for New York’s underground music culture, helps reestablish the city’s collective soul.

    In recent years, New York City has undergone a physical change, losing many of the cultural institutions that helped provide its creative edge to high priced condos, velvet ropes and block after block of national corporate chains. Most of the enduring independents have fled Manhattan, leaving behind a heavily fragmented community. Not surprisingly, the artistic ethos that these places helped sustain has suffered a similar fate; drowned out by banks and bottle service, it has been forced into a disjointed existence. As a result, for the first time in its colorful history, New York City is without a cohesive underground culture. As the city concedes its remaining character to corporate America one question can be heard echoing throughout its streets, “Has New York Lost its Soul?”

    Listen carefully and you’ll hear a filtered 4/4 kick drum emanating from a storefront in the East Village. Look in the right place and you’ll find four manned 1200s spinning Nü Pschidt down under the Manhattan Bridge. Guys in baggy jeans are still writing lyrics in a stairwell on 6th Avenue, just like they did a decade ago at the apex of New York City’s hip hop culture. And fresh paint is still drying at the 18th street ghost station on the 4/5 line. On the surface, Starbucks may be in control but, deep down – where it really matters – New York’s soul survives!

    Dailysession.com is bridging this gap in New York City, making it easy to stay connected despite the city’s changed landscape. Weekly radio, video and event transmissions from dailysession and partners Breakbeat Science, Halcyon, Fat Beats, Nise Music and Zakka collectively create an online representation of New York’s underground music culture and reestablish the cohesive voice quieted by Manhattan’s recent boom. Be a part of this voice at the live daily sessions, online at dailysession.com and at local events listed in the calendar. The Big Apple may have changed but, at its core, New York’s soul remains the same. Stay involved with dailysession.com: transmissions from New York’s underground.

  • ds 29: Zakka 01.07.08 Hr.1: DJ Monchan

    Mixed By DJ Monchan

    01. Herb Alpert and Hugh Masekela – Foreign Natives
    02. Salif Kieta – Tolon Willie (The Sacred Rhythm Live Version)
    03. Natalie Cole – Tell Me All About It
    04. Mo Horizons – An Y N’Ama (DJ Day Remix)
    05. The Soul of 81 Winkles – Look My Way (Extended and Stripped Dub Edit)
    06. Gerardo Frisina Meets Frank Hernandez – Barloventeno Blues
    07. Mazacote – A.C. Especial
    08. Bossa Tres Jazz Presents Limbo Experience – Rollercone Main Remix
    09. Nekta – What Nature Brings (Native Rmx)

  • ds 29: Zakka 01.07.08 Hr.2: Monsieur Leroc

    Mixed By Monsieur Leroc

    01. King Coleman – The Boo Boo Song
    02. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings – How Long Do I Have to Wait For You?
    03. Marva Whitney – Its My Thing
    04. Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings – Give Me a Chance
    05. Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings – You’re Gonna Get It
    06. The Pointer Sisters – How Long
    07. The Quickets Way Out – Tick Tock Baby
    08. Piney Brown – Bring It On Home
    09. King Coleman – Hang It Up
    10. Andre Williams – Humpin, Bumpin and Thumpin
    11. Brekestra – Cramp Your Style
    12. Eddie Kendricks – Let Me Run Into Your Lonely Heart
    13. The Meters – Look-Ka Py Py
    14. The Poets of Rhythm – Strokin The Grits
    15. The Explosions – Hip Drop
    16. Monsieur Leroc – Maccaroni Cheese Sandwich
    17. Wild Magnolias – Handa Wanda

  • Zakka’s Radio Show

    Broadcasting live every Monday from Zakka in Dumbo, 6-8 PM.

    DJ Monchan

    This Weeks Guest:
    Jesse Mann of No Selector

  • D. Ramirez @ Cielo

  • Taimur @ Bar 13

  • When Grooves of a Lifetime…[NYTimes]

    By Jake Mooney – NYTimes

    “…Almost two decades later, Mr. Dier lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with his girlfriend, and some of his records live there too. Others are in New Jersey, taking up about half of the apartment where he lived until a few months ago. The rest are in two good-size storage rooms. In all, he has more than 50,000 records, if you include the 10-inch and 45-r.p.m. singles (and why not?). Luckily for Mr. Dier, he is a full-time disc jockey, with a weekly gig on WFMU, working under the name $mall ¢hange, and the records are the tools of his trade. Even so, over the years they have come to feel a bit oppressive…” [Read More – NYTimes]

  • ds 28: Halcyon 01.04.08

    Mixed By Alex Dirtt

    01. Walter Jones – All God’s Childres (Maurice Fulton Rmx)
    02. Josh Wink – Don’t Lauch (Eternity Rmx)
    03. House 2 House – I Need Your Love (Love Mix) on Strictly Rhythm
    04. Blood – Peace in the Nation on Big Beat
    05. Patrice Scott – Vidions of Mantada on Aesthetic Auido
    06. Dubfire – Ribcage on Desolat
    07. Kevin Saunderson – Pump The Move (Samuel L Sessions Rmx) on Planet E
    08. Dedication – No Sleep (Part Three) on Rekids
    09. Jacek Sienkiewicz – No Image No Sound on Smallville
    10. Patrice Scott – Motions on Sistrum
    11. Tommy Bones – South Africa Deep on Lion 1 Music
    12. Booka Shade – Numbers on K7
    13. The Flirts – Passion
    14. Throbbing Gristle – Hot on the Heels of Love
    15. Chow Daddy – Bad Little Kitten on Moxie
    16. MAW – A Tribute to Fela
    17. Ralph Rasario – You Used to Hold Me
    18. Pawel – Gabriel on Orphanear
    19. Lawrence – Rabbit Tube (DJ Koze Rmx) on Mule
    20. Jaymz Nylon – Lonley
    21. Francis Harris and Erich Lee – “Vintagenapper”
    22. Voodeux – The Curse on Mothership
    23. Black Sheep – Flavor of the Month

  • I’ve Been In That Club…[NYTimes]

    By Dave Itzkoff, NYTimes

    …”I walked a few blocks to my apartment on Avenue A, turned on my computer, directed a small, pixelated representation of myself to enter a small, pixelated representation of Cake Shop, and rejoined the show. There were no imperious bouncers or foul odors to contend with, and no fluids of any kind expectorated on my shoes. Except for a slightly choppy video feed, it was by my standards a pretty successful evening on the town.

    Despite knowing that its real-life inspiration exists right outside my door, I have spent the last few months making such visits to the Virtual Lower East Side (vles.com), a three-dimensional, Internet-based social network fastidiously modeled on a small but influential swath of Manhattan real estate…”[NYTimes – Read More]