From Gothamist:

    “The owners of Union Hall and Floyd, Jim Carden and Andy Templar, along with Union Hall booker Jack McFadden, have been hard at work on their new venue. Earlier this year we got a glimpse of The Bell House while the space was still pretty raw, this week Sam Horine took a look inside to see how things are coming along. Located on 7th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues in Brooklyn, the venue will be opening in mid-September or early October.” [Read More]


    For our first weekly trivia question we came up with a rather wordy puzzle for you to solve. Good luck!

    “This historic NYC club was located two blocks from the current location of the club that completes this chronological concatenation: Arc, Vinyl, ___________.”
    You might find this link to be helpful in answering the puzzle: maps.google.com.

    Send your answers to admin@dailysession.com with ‘Trivia’ in the subject line. The 10th person with the correct answer will win a copy of Brooklyn Street Art. Once the contest is over, we’ll post the correct answer in the comments.

    *Update: We haven’t received 10 correct answers yet so the contest is still open! Also, the prize just got even better as the nice people who publish Brooklyn Street Art offered to sign it! Good luck!

    DLYSHN Trivia Announcement.

  • SESSION 123: A1 RECORDS 06.25.08 HR.1

    Mixed by Mike

    01. All City – Metrotheme
    02. OGC – No Fear
    03. Camp Lo – Coolie High Remix
    04. Mobb Deep – Temperatures Rising
    05. Laster – Off Balance
    06. Pete Rock – Give it to Ya’ll
    07. Big Daddy Kane – Three’s Company
    08. Greg Nice – Set it Off
    09. Diamond D – I Went For Mine
    10. El the Sensei – Frontline

  • SESSION 123: A1 RECORDS 06.25.08 HR.2

    Mixed by Lassiter

    01. Debbie Harry – Heart of Glass Remix
    02. Itamar Sagi – Black Gold
    03. Japanese Synchro System – A Day in the Life
    04. Claude Von Stroke – Deep Throat
    05. Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix)
    06. Ame – Rej
    07. Delia Gonzalez – Relevee (Carl Craig Remix)
    08. Nikki O – Sunday Glory
    09. Mary St. Mary (Sacred Rhythm Mix)
    10. Ten City – Dub Life
    11. Master C and J – Face It
    12. Milton Cardona – Ebioso
    13. Eddie P – Don’t Byte Our Styli
    14. Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes – Wake Up Everybody


    Word on the street is that Shelter is closing on July 6th until September for “renovations.” Thats all the news for now folks…

  • Bunker @ Galapagos

  • resolute 11

    RSVP for event details here: resolutenyc@gmail.com

    Time: 12:00am – 12:00pm
    Entry Type: Party
    Location: A Boat Without a Captain….
    Notes: Line-up / Derek Plaslaiko (Bday Boy) Adultnapper Elon Connie + many more tba
    Sharing: Share w/ Everyone
  • Justine D @ 88

  • LES @ Le Royale


    We got word of LPR last March when Earplug ran a short story on a new venue that will be hosting experimental music in NYC. As announced in the article, they’ve recently played host to a few “soft opening” events with underground acts Carl Craig, DJ Logic and Mocean Worker (among others) and are on track to officially open in September. We thought you might be interested in this promising space so we compiled some more info for ya!

    Mission Statement:
    Le Poisson Rouge is a multimedia art cabaret founded on the former site of the historic Village Gate. Dedicated to the fusion of popular art and cultures in music, film, theater, dance and fine art. The venue’s missions is to revive the symbiotic relationship between art and revelry: to establish a creative asylum for both artists and audiences.” [Read More]

    Check out the floorplan here.
    Check out some more pics from the venue here.

  • QHarris, Td Ptrson… @ WTB

    Sunday June 29th
    Robpromotions & Benny Soto
    In Association with Beatport.com present…
    Beatport Beach @ Water Taxi Beach!
    More Info Here:

  • SESSION 122: NISE MUSIC 06.24.08 HR.1

    Mixed by Nise

    01. Hydroponic Sound System – The Deafening Screams of Silence
    02. Soul Dharma – Flower (Scuba Underwater Garden Mix)
    03. Sade – Love Is Stronger Than Pride
    04. Slam Mode – Capoeira
    05. 3 Generations Walking – Ode To Woman
    06. U Roy and Francois K – Roots Dub
    07. 3 Generations Walking – Nyabinghi Days
    08. Djinji Brown – La Siete Potencias
    09. The Boddhi Satva – Satva Varti
    10. Joe Claussell – Drum De Fuego
    11. Nagano Kitchen – Destination Nagano
    12. Cuba Computers – Haunting Me (Laid Remix)

  • SESSION 122: NISE MUSIC 06.24.08 HR.2

    Mixed by Winter Santos

    Tracklisting Coming Soon…


    By Glenn Collins [NYTimes]

    “Its broadcast of [George Carlin’s] “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television” became a landmark moment in the history of free speech. In a 1978 milestone in the station’s contentious and unruly history, WBAI lost a 5-to-4 Supreme Court decision that to this day has defined the power of the government over broadcast material it calls indecent.” [Read More]


    From the Village Voice:

    “Of 2008’s five finalists, WORK Architecture Company was the firm chosen to realize its designs for “a new urban landscape.” With a project budget of $70,000—and criteria that included elements of shade, water, seating, and bar areas—husband-and-wife founders Amale Andraos and Dan Wood eschewed the former winners’ literal party predilections for a family-friendly urban farm, plunked down right in the middle of P.S.1’s concrete courtyard in Long Island City. The gravel . . . the water . . . the greenery . . . the gravel . . . it all feels very familiar. And very much like a social scene I didn’t think I’d have to revisit in my adulthood.” [Read More]

    Full PS1 Lineup
    PS1 Courtyard Designer Chosen

  • The Danger Prty

    This Saturday, June 28th

    Dubai Looks Like:
    14,000 sqft. of intimate spaces, interactive art installations, spontaneous performance, a massive dance-floor and perfected sound-systems raising the volume on these hot summer nights.

    Dubai Sounds Like:
    The heartbeat of the dance floor and the whispers of strangers. This series will showcase the best up-and-coming dj talent, live bands and unexpected performance. This Saturday the music will rise from classic 45s, to funk, house and electro beats to a special Space Hause set bringing in the sunrise and beyond (expect to dance through dawn).

    Within The Grand Mirage: the acclaimed DJ Duane, $mall Change, Mr. Finewine of WFMU and the Brooklyn favorite: Zemi17.

    In the downstairs Dome of Dubai:
    The Amoeba Collective brings a full-scale gamelan installation with dozens of instruments shipped from Indonesia and the eery beauty of Dok on Therimin. This set is something that needs to be experienced to be believed. After, the Burning Man collective Image Node takes over with Morgan Packard of Microcosm playing abstract and sexy live PA ambient electronics, Skillcrane with live PA laptop and guitar duo loved by hoboes worldwide and dj Borne welcomes the morning with a dub, experimental, downtempo DJ set.

    Dubai Feels Like:
    That sticky insane summer party offering the best of this city when all boundaries are abandoned. Expect a little sweat, lust and passion plus a touch of heady Danger with: roving gypsy cacophony by the beautifully fierce Lady Circus; out-sized sculpture by Ryan OConner; the Golden Bough by Project D. in the Arboreal Room; live silk screen installation by Peripheral Media Projects; and a double-dose of fire from Squiddle & Mr. Kennedy.

    Arrive after 11pm and stay past sunrise.
    $15 with RSVP :     $20 without.
    Directions are here.