• Abe Duque @ Bar 13


    By Michael Lipkin – Brooklyn Paper

    “A Banker Street nightclub recently condemned by the local community board has now been shut down by the Department of Buildings — but club lawyer Ken Fisher says the club has fixed whatever led to the failed inspection.” [Read More]

    07.30.08: Studio B’s Neighbor Problems
    07.10.08: Studio B’s Cabaret License Review
    05.06.08: Studio B’s Roof Opens
    04.28.08: Studio B Hit with Stop Work Order


    By Don Evans – Brooklyn Eagle

    “Club-style entertainment will stride forward in Brooklyn tomorrow night, Tuesday, August 5, as the Galapagos Art Space, in Williamsburg for 13 years, officially opens its elegant new space at 16 Main St., making its debut with the Earl Dax “Welcome Wagon” revue at 7 p.m.” [Read More]


    By Colin Moynihan – NYTimes

    “Twenty years ago this week the [East Village] was also much like a war zone as protesters clashed with police officers seeking to enforce a curfew in the park. Mr. Sakamaki’s book is timed to that anniversary and documents the street skirmishes, yet it is also a kind of manifesto.

    ‘This book focuses on Tompkins Square Park as the symbol and stronghold of the anti-gentrification movement, the scene of one of the most important political and avant-garde movements in New York history,” Mr. Sakamaki writes in an introduction.'” [Read More]

    Anniversary of the Tompkins Square Park Riots


    By Jon Caramanica – NYTimes

    “Several strains of hip-hop nostalgia coexisted neatly at the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater here on Sunday. There were love letters to the 1980s and ’90s. There was a longing for the ostensibly unfulfilled promise of socially conscious rap. And there was a geographically driven hunger too, a pining for the time when the five boroughs (and sometimes Long Island) were the epicenter of hip-hop.” [Read More]


    By Colin Moynihan – NYTimes

    “…On the night of Aug. 6 [1988], more than 100 people showed up at the park to protest the curfew, drinking beer, lighting firecrackers and carrying banners with slogans like “Gentrification is Class War.” Dozens of officers watched on foot and horseback, and around 12:30 a.m., some in the crowd began throwing bottles at the police.

    From then until sunrise, officers battled with the crowd in and around the park, with the protesters hurling bottles and other debris, and the police using nightsticks and riot gear. Forty-four people were injured, 13 of them police officers…Twenty years later, the melee is both a cherished memory and a scar, with the protesters seen as either the romantic defenders of a losing cause or merely a collection of hooligans.

    Most agree that the battle to keep the East Village affordable is now down to its last gasps. Studio apartments in the neighborhood now rent for about $2,000.” [Read More]


    NYTimes columnist Clyde Haberman was inspired by the governors recent speech on the state’s fiscal crisis to look back at NY in the 1970’s and remind us that the Studio 54 era wasn’t actually all that glamorous. That may be so but at least it had character…

    “Bad enough that the mayor and the governor used crisis language to describe the sorry fiscal state in which New York finds itself. But the really worrisome news this week was word that Studio 54 is back, in a fashion.

    The cable network Showtime said it was planning a new series about the famous nightclub, which for many people epitomized glamour, decadence, self-absorption, tedium — take your pick. The show’s creator, Chad Hodge, told The Hollywood Reporter that the focus would be less on Studio 54 itself than on New York as a whole in the 1970s, when the club came into being.

    Perhaps the reference should be to “New York as a hole.” Let’s just say that if you wanted to recreate an era, you could hardly choose a worse one from the city’s perspective. The ’70s were when we hit bottom and feared we might stay there forever.” [Read More]

    Studio 54, The TV Series

  • SESSION 145: HALCYON 08.01.08

    Mixed by Leonard de la Posso

    01. Ernesto Ferrera – Un Fema
    02. White Label – ???
    03. Mossa – ??? (Squizak Remix)
    04. Convection – Ones
    05. Dubfire – Ribcage
    06. Deep Chord – Step 3 (Mike Huckabee Remix)
    07. Baaz – Clouds 2
    08. Monotron – Audio Salad
    09. Baaz – Just About

  • SESSION 144: A1AFTRHRS 07.30.08 HR1

    Mixed by Mike

    01. Fat Joe – Firewater
    02. Lootpack – Questions
    03. Shadz of Brooklyn – Change
    04. The Boot Camp Clik – Heads R Reddee Pt. II
    05. R.A. The Rugged Man & Sadat – 50,000 Heads
    06. Raekwon – Can It Be All So Simple
    07. Bumpy Knuckles – Bumpy Knuckles, Baybe
    08. Pete Rock and The Lost Boyz – The Yearn
    09. Lootpack – The Anthem

  • MKL @ Mrnside Prk

    Sunday, August 3rd
    Sundae Sermon
    dj’s , Stormin, MKL, Qool Marv & Ms Behavior
    Morningside Park in Harlem at 114th street.


    It’s Been Quite a Pool Party, but the Days Grow Short [NYTimes] via Brownstoner.com
    By Ben Sisario

    “…Perhaps no other concert space so clearly illustrates the swift effects of gentrification. Just as bohemian culture in Greenpoint and Williamsburg is having its most visible, celebratory moment, it is being bulldozed out of the neighborhood. Rows of gleaming luxury condominiums have sprung up alongside the park, and the tattoo-and-skinny-jeans set is getting priced out. That McCarren Pool will be filled with water again has pleased many longtime residents and activists. But at several recent concerts the prevailing opinion was: bummer.” [Read More]


    New Club Twins Rock ’N’ Bowl
    By Ben Sisario – NYTimes

    “Opening a rock club in New York is not as easy as it used to be. There’s the insane cost of real estate, as well as fierce competition as the battered music industry looks to live performances for steady income, and national promoters expand their reach into smaller spaces.

    But hardest of all, said Peter Shapiro, who owned Wetlands in TriBeCa from 1996 until it closed in 2001, is just coming up with a new angle. That’s why he’s excited about Brooklyn Bowl, his spacious new room in Williamsburg. A combination 600-capacity music club and 16-lane bowling alley, it will also have a menu created by Blue Ribbon, a chain of restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn.” [Read More]

  • SESSION 144: A1AFTRHRS 07.30.08 HR2

    Mixed by Seth

    01. Gnonnas Pedro – La Musica en Veritie
    02. Assad Francoeur “Assaly” – Ballito To
    03. DJET-M – Oh Mayeye
    04. Ketama – Loko
    05. Marius Cultier – Ce Roule Man Ka Roule
    06. Ketama – Kalikeño
    07. Aldemaro Y Su Onda Nueva – Pararillo en Onda Nueva
    08. The Man Hang – Feminine Cat


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