Mixed by DJ Paul Sparks

    01. Slam – We Doin This Again
    02. Cuartero – Mama (Original Mix)
    03. Steve Lawler – Distrait (Kaiserdisco Remix)
    04. Cuartero – People Rocker
    05. Sascha Sonido – You Are Loco
    06. Chab – Closer To Me (Alex Neri Main Mix)
    07. Paradise Soul – Spirit of the spinning turntables
    08. Yousef – 1000 pictures
    09. Jemmy & The Aztec – Annexe (Padapella)
    10. Eric Prydz – Remember
    11. Christian Smith – Legitimate Priest
    12. John Dimas – Slit (Chez Damier Raw Mix)

  • SESSION 1455: FUNKY SLICE 02.15.13

    Mixed by Lou Velasco & George Chavez (Nil Recordings)

    01. Phil Weeks & Joss Moog – Things I Love
    02. Markus Nikolai – Shake It
    03. DJ Sneak – Turbulance
    04. DJ KC – Suitesummer
    05. DJ Boom – Kinda Kickin’
    06. Black Dynamite – Uncle LT
    07. Moodymann – Untitled
    08. Petre Inspirescu – Kisses In Plic
    09. DJ Qu – Undescribed 3 (Execute)
    10. Johnny Fiasco – Nebulous
    11. Area – Bourbon Skies
    12. Jus-Ed – I’m From Connecticut…Bridgeport
    13. Ricardo Villalobos – 808 Bassqueen
    14. Slam – Groovelock
    15. Fred P – On This Vibe (Patrice Scott Remix)
    16. Parkwalker – Shades of Soul
    17. Con-Fusion Kiddz – Stresskill (Release The Stress Mix)
    18. Steve Poindexter – Born To Freak
    19. QX-1 – Love Injection (Inject Me Love Mixx)
    20. DJ Jes – The Picture
    21. Halo Varga – Disko Tone
    22. Dattrix – D6
    23. Soul Capsule – Waiting 4 A Way (Diamond Head Dub)
    24. Clever and Smart – Filtadelic
    25. Boo Williams – Out Of Sink Jazz
    26. Nathan Hawks – Derricks Chase
    27. Terry Brookes – Stars

  • SESSION 1454: A1 IN STORE 02.13.13

    Mixed by Don & Seth



    By Eilon Paz – Dust & Grooves

    Rutherford has a unique vinyl collection. He only collects the Beatles first pressing of The White Album.
    I met him in Recess gallery where he exhibits his collection.
    In this show Chang is creating a record store that stocks only White Albums. But rather than selling the albums, he buys more from anyone willing to part with an original pressing in any condition.

    Q: Tell me a bit about yourself. who are you? where did you grow up?

    A: I’m an artist living in New York. I grew up in California.

    Q: Did you grow up in a house of Beatles fans? When did you first hear about the Beatles? and about the white album?

    A: My parents are from Taiwan and didn’t listen to the Beatles, so I didn’t grow up with the music. I bought my first White Album at a garage sale in Palo Alto for $1 when I was 15 years old.

    Q: So how did you get familiar with the Beatles?

    A: They are the biggest band.

    Q: Tell me about your current exhibition “We Buy White Albums”.

    A: My collection of White Albums is on display at Recess, a storefront art space in SoHo. It’s set up like a record store with the albums arranged in bins by serial number, and visitors are invited to browse and listen to the records. Except, rather than sell the albums, I am buying more. I currently have 693 copies. [Read More]

  • SESSION 1453: EVENT SESSION 02.14.13


    Mixed by Q-Tip at Apt 78

  • SESSION 1452: FUNKY SLICE 02.13.13

    Mixed by Matt Brownell

    01. Michael Weisser – Island-Sunshine
    02. Mudd – C40
    03. Bliss – Wish U Were Here (Charles Webster Remix)
    04. Antena – Bye Bye Papaye (Lex Mix)
    05. Ashra – Midnight On Mars
    06. B.J. Smith – Umi Says
    07. Begin 04
    08. Otto – Bab (Edu K Mix)
    09. Ljudbilden & Piloten – Domedeijla Mosse
    10. Maiden Voyage (Brook Mix)
    11. Mudd – Speilplatz (Quiet Village Unreleased Instrumental Remix)
    12. Sad City – Night Time Trail
    13. November Group – Night Architecture
    14. El Chicano – Do You Want Me (Inst)
    15. Black Science Orchestra – Heavy Gospel Morning
    16. Karma – High Priestess
    17. Crue-l Grand Orchestra Feat. Miyuki Hatakeyama – Candidate For Love

  • SESSION 1451: FUNKY SLICE 02.13.13

    Mixed by Earl Broclo Esq

    01. Godfrey Cambridge – Why, Lord?
    02. The JB’s – Thing & Do
    03. The Golden Orchestra and Chorus – Pure Imagination
    04. Bo Diddley – Bad Trip
    05. Eddie Bo – Hook ‘n’ Sling (Part II)
    06. Billy Preston – The Bus
    07. Eddie Harris & Les McCann – Carry On Brother
    08. Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made For Walking
    09. Charles Pryor & Power of Love – What They Doing (Funkie Junkie)
    10. African Music Macine – Camel Time
    11. Mandrill – Ape Is HIgh
    12. Bad Medicine – Trespasser (Part 1)
    13. The Isley Brothers – Listen To The Music
    14. Bobby Womack – Git It
    15. The BlackByrds – The Baby
    16. Fred Wesley and The JB’s – You Sure love To Ball
    17. Dionne Warwick – You’re All I Need To Get By
    18. Dr. John – Mama Roux
    19. Breakestra – How Do You Really Feel?
    20. Richard Pryor – Bathroom
    21. Maynard Ferguson – Pocahontas
    22. Buddy Rich – Big Mac
    23. The Poets of Rhythm – We
    24. Busterpearson – Big Funk
    25. Milt Jackson – Enchanted Lady
    26. Onyx – Break It Loose (Part II)
    27. The Trashmen – Surfin’ Bird

  • SESSION 1450: EVENT SESSION 02.10.13

    Mixed by Takayuki Yoshimi, Monchan & Fatik


    New Raw Detroit Soulful Vibes from Scott Grooves (Modified Suede). 

    A1.Morris Code
    A2.Bitter Sweet
    B1.C Track

    This is Wild Oats Music first distribution project, one of few to come for 2013. There is so much quality electronic music being created in the city of Detroit and not all of it can fit into the release schedule of a single label. The Idea is to press up great records from people on the same wavelength and that share a similar artistic mindset. At the same time allow the artists to put something out that is 100% their own but with support of a kindred hand–Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats Record Distribution.

    Click Here to listen

    Scott Grooves – Bitter Sweet (12inch) – clone.nl



    For the record from NEKTAR on Vimeo.

    A expedition undertaken to discover, learn, meet and document the ideas and people behind the controls of vinyl record production.
    Recorded over 6 weeks, travelling through Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the UK – For The Record exposes a number of notions about why vinyl is such an indelible medium and how it continues to remain popular in the the face of opposing format change.
    Special thanks to all the people who helped and collaborated on this documentary.
    Additional thanks to Creative New Zealand, for support funding.

  • SESSION 1449: VINYLMANIA 02.09.13

    Mixed by Monchan

    01. Heaven & Earth _ I Really Love You
    02. What Can I Do For You (Remix)
    04. Ian Dury & The BlockHeads – Reason To Be Cheerful Pt.3
    05. Newcleus – Jam On It (Remix)
    06. Chocolate – It’s That East Street Beat
    07. Syreeta – Can’t Shake Your Love
    10. Eco 106 – Copy Ins Del
    11. John Heckle – So Far
    12. Jahilyya Fields
    13. Acapella
    14. Mike Sharon – Can Feel It
    17. Sunburst Band – I ‘ll Be There For You
    20. Release

  • SESSION 1448: A1 IN STORE 02.08.13

    Mixed by Quiet Storm (A-1 Records)

    01. Donald Byrd – Cristo Redentor (from band & voices)
    02. Cristo Redentor (from Thank You for F.U.M.L.)
    03. You and Music
    04. Onward ‘Til Morning
    05. Change (Makes You Want to Hustle)
    06. Mr. Thomas
    07. Love Has Come Around
    08. BlackByrd Theme
    09. Blackbyrds – Rock Creek Park
    10. Blackbyrds – Enter In
    11. Donald Byrd – Dominoes
    12. Where Are We Going?
    13. I love Your Love
    14. Ohio Players – Never Had A Dream
    15. Ohio Players – Introducing The Players
    16. Ohio Players – Pain
    17. Ohio Players – Pleasure
    18. Ohio Players – Ecstasy
    19. Ohio Players – What It is
    20. Ohio Players – Funky Warm
    21. Ohio Players – Skin Tight
    22. Ohio Players – I Wanna Hear From You


    By ANTHONY PAPPALARDO – The Local East Village NY Times

    Since 1996, A-1 Records on Sixth Street has attracted countless vinyl enthusiasts to its bins of hip-hop, jazz, soul, disco, and house music. On any given afternoon, disc diggers discuss what white-label 12-inches they’re going to DJ, tossing out obscure names that are foreign even to the other die-hards flipping through the stacks.

    Ron Morelli, one of the four employees at A-1, has seen dramatic changes in the city’s electronic music scene during his ten years of spinning vinyl. The DJ, whose discovery of punk and hardcore started him on his journey into underground music and culture, started the DIY dance music label, Long Island Electrical Systems, in 2009 to showcase gritty, analog-based techno and house. He’s also used L.I.E.S. as a vehicle to release his own music (along with co-conspirators Jason Letkiewicz and Steve Summers) under the moniker Two Dogs In a House.

    The small-run 12” records that Mr. Morelli releases (many of which feature hand-stamped track listings on the dust jacket) feel intimate: it’s clear they’ve been lovingly assembled by hand. Early releases by Steve Moore and Professor Genius started the buzz that has collectors rushing to buy the releases before they hitDiscogs for quadruple their initial price.

    Despite the sold-out events Mr. Morelli DJs in New York and Brooklyn and the label’s success in Europe, there’s a low-key presence to L.I.E.S. Rather than a lavish release party, L.I.E.S. artist Professor Genius first spun his latest 12″,“Hassan,” at Heathers Bar on a Thursday night. Recently, Mr. Morelli shared his thoughts on the changing face of New York’s electronic music scene and the state of record stores.
    [Read More]

  • SESSION 1447: VINYLMANIA 02.07.13

    Mixed by Eric Lopez aka “BigE”

  • SESSION 1446: VINYLMANIA 02.06.13

    Mixed by Monchan

    01. Bertha Egnos & Gail Lakier’s Ipi-Tombi Original Cast Recording
    02. Third World – Now That We’ve Found Love
    03. JTQ Feat Roy Ayers – Get Down To The Floor (Can You Feel It?)
    04. No Smoke – Koro Koro
    05. Buzzin Cuzzins Feat. Romanthony – Let Me Show You Love
    06. 6th Borough Project – The Vibes
    07. SpringBoard – Be My Man
    08. Jacob Korn – Supakrank
    09. Grand Corporation Feat. Deborah Bell – Free
    10. Richard Miranda & Kjoy
    11. Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge – It’s All Right
    12. Bobby Konders
    15. Cloud One – Disco Juice
    16. Konk
    17. Magazine 60 – Don Quichotte
    18. K.I.D. – Don’t Stop
    19. Ian Dury – Spasticus Avtisticus