By Bilge Ebiri – NYTimes

    “Another East Village institution is shuttering: Two Boots Pioneer Theater, which specializes in indie, underground, and cult fare, will most likely close at the end of the month. “I’m still hoping for a reprieve,” says Two Boots owner Phil Hartman, who’s seeking a partner or new owner. “But it was always a labor of love and never commercially viable.” Hartman and his wife founded the cozy 99-seat cinema in 2000, but the venue seemed older: It attempted to resurrect the lost atmosphere of old, offbeat downtown movie houses. Now it’ll share their fate, done in by a looming rent increase and tough times in the exhibition business. “We knew we could do things differently, and we did,” says Ray Privett, its longtime programmer. “Whether we succeeded, that’ll be for the history books to decide.”

  • Junior @ Roseland

  • Bunker @ P.A

  • Brownswood @ Nublu

  • Tenaglia @ Pacha

    Friday October 31
    Erick Morillo
    Steve Angello
    Sebastian Ingrosso
    followed by
    Danny Tenaglia

  • The Danger Party

    There are nights in this city when the air tastes of champagne,
    when the crowded street is your party and the future burns as
    bright as the fireworks we light.  Halloween in New York City
    is that lavish avalanche of hedonism that frees the libertine
    within all of us.  You are invited to a three part event that
    will unfold over an epic twenty four hours.
    Welcome to:
    The Promised Land
    A Twenty Four Hour Adventure of
    Myth + Mischief + Masquerade
    Made Exquisitely Out-of-Control
    Part I : The Pilgrimage
    A street party.  A train party.  A renegade parade.
    Experience a liberated waterfront and sincere moments of awe shared
    between you and two thousand friends.  Expect a spark of fire, gifts
    of liquor, stilt-walking goddesses, South American drum orchestras,
    inspired costumes, hints of nudity, and kisses from strangers escaping
    from the shadows of Manhattan to the warehouse of the Promised Land.
    We begin just after the Halloween Parade in a Manhattan location that
    will be  revealed the day before the event.  Come prepared with costume,
    friends, one white candle, *discreet refreshments*, a metro-card and a
    healthy disregard for decency.
    Time: 9:30pm through Midnight.
    Price: Absolutely Free.
    Location: Secret.
    For invites RSVP at: http://www.thedanger.com
    Part II : The Promised Land
    A classic deep-Brooklyn party in a massive 112 year old warehouse of
    towering steal and brick. *This is a space you haven't seen before.*
    Expect the epic.  We've taken over the expansive remnants of a lost
    industrial age; a building steeped in urban history with towering
    ceilings and impossible broken beauty.
    With twice the sound of previous events the building will erupt with
    the flawless mixology of Justin Carter, The Twilite Tone, Zemi 17,
    Wolf + Lamb, plus live music from hip-hop pioneer Melle Mel,
    The Dolemites, the twenty piece Candombe Carnival Drum Troop;
    and live acts of fire, feats of fury and circus stunts by:
    The Lady Circus, Hydrogen Jukebox, Sandhi Ferreira & Vatra and the
    flying art contraption (yes, you will fly) by Ryan, Iris and Mike Ross
    of the Madagascar Institute.
    The dance floor will be alive, the drinks will be cheap and the
    Absinthe will flow like water.
    Time: 11pm to Sunrise
    Price: $20.  Come in costume or get spanked by Hilda. 21+ only.
    Location: 592 Johnson Avenue. Bushwick, Brooklyn
    Take the L train to Jefferson, walk three blocks north.
    Part III : Eternity
    A cozy after-after-party with music, brunch and a sauna for
    the weary.  To make it to Eternity, you must earn your way in.
    Time: Sunrise through Saturday...
    Location: Invites to the after-after-party will be awarded to
    the generous and the adorned at the warehouse party.
    Participate :
    This event is happening on a grand scale and we can use all the
    performers, coaxers and lion tamers we can find to make it safe(ish),
    loud and legendary.  Perhaps you took part in One Night of Fire and
    want participate in making that happen again from the ground up.
    Perhaps you are a performer or an every day wild-child and want to
    be a part of the warehouse carnival.  Sunday, at 8pm we are having
    a public meeting for anyone interested in playing a role in this
    manic menagerie.
    To participate join us:
    Sunday, October 26th  8pm to 10pm
    @ The Honey Space Gallery
    146 11th Ave @ West 21st St. in Chelsea
    Installation by Mickey Western, Tequila by Rom Beam.
    Also, you have until midnight Thursday to apply to be a part of the
    Battle of the Tribes.  This is one part synchronized costume competition
    and one part talent exhibition on stage and throughout the party on
    October 31st.  The idea is simple, you and a few friends create a themed
    costume and compete together against other tribes for a grand prize of
    champagne, a trophy and a live peacock*.  Seven tribes will be chosen to
    compete, all will get free entrance and rockstar status.  One winning tribe
    will be The Chosen Ones.
    Apply at: http://www.thedanger.com/tribes/
    Our best moments hold the possibility to inspire thousands.
    Our worst mistakes are usually forgiven.
    What happens on Halloween night is up to you.
    *No animals (and very few people) will be abused, misfed, or caged during
    the production of this event.
  • Takeover @ Love

  • Spinna @ Love

  • DJ Falcon @ LPR

  • Sasha @ Webster Hall

    November 7th, 2008
    Made Event presents

    Ulrich Schnauss

    Webster Hall
    125 E. 11th St
    New York City
    Doors at 10pm, 19+ Valid ID
    $30 Advance Tickets while supplies last at www.ticketweb.com

  • Nat Jay @ Keybar

  • Mr. V @ APT

  • Masquerade @ P.A