By Julie Shapiro – The Villager

    Bar owners seeking licenses will once again face tougher restrictions under a bill passed by the state Legislature this summer. 

    The bill strengthens the 500-foot rule, which applies to bars and clubs if there are three or more existing liquor licenses nearby. The new legislation was prompted by a court ruling last November, which weakened the 500-foot rule and gave bar owners more leeway in neighborhoods that are densely packed with bars. [Read More]



    By Ben Sisario – NY Times

    A few months ago a peculiar item called “Favorite Recorded Scream” began to trickle into New York City record stores. Pressed on 12-inch vinyl in an edition of 500, it has little on its red cover except a list of 74 songs, each linked to a Manhattan record shop. [Read More]

  • Relax @ reBar


  • I love Vinyl @ LPR


  • DLYSHN: Nu Pschidt

    Every Friday from 7pm @ Halcyon

  • DLYSHN: Bless Up

    Every Thursday from 6pm @ Halcyon

    Mixed by Emch of Subatomic Soundsystem & LionDub live at Halcyon The Shop in Brooklyn during their new Thursday night Bless Up Sessions. Emch’s Set is a Live Pa set while LionDub rinses the vinyl for posterity


    A-1 After Hours Session

    Every Wednesday From 9pm ~ 11pm

  • DLYSHN: Zakka

    Every Monday from 8pm ~ 10pm

    Live broadcast from Cedar Party Room

    08.24 DJ Monchan

    08.31 DJ Raj

    09.07 Takaya nagase

  • Krs-one @ Sob’s


  • SESSION 289: ZAKKA 08.17.09

    Mixed by Earl Broclo Esq

    01.Disney long playing record intro.
    02. Fred Wesley and The JB’s – Blow Your Head
    03. Deodato – Skyscrapers
    04. Bobby Hughes Experience –  Piper Cherokee
    05. David Axelrod – Mental Traveler
    06. Jimmy Castor Bunch – Creation/It’s Just begun
    07. African Music Machine – Black Water Gold
    08. Chambers Brothers – Funky
    09. Nina Simone – Funkier Than a Mosquito’s Tweeter
    10. That Handsome  Devil – Dating Tips



    By Deborah Sontag – NY Times

    AS the peacock-blue Cadillac with the gold trim and fur lining spun on a giant turntable in the Stax Museum of American Soul Music here, Al Bell, the final owner of the late, great record label, chuckled. Decades before 50 Cent with his customized Rolls-Royce and Akon with his tricked-out Lamborghini, there was Isaac Hayeswith this pimped-out ride, an over-the-top gift from Stax to its over-the-top star, who wore slave chains like emancipatory bling across his bare, buff chest. [Read More]



    By Jon Pareles – NY Times

    Les Paul, the virtuoso guitarist and inventor whose solid-body electric guitar and recording studio innovations changed the course of 20th-century popular music, died Thursday in White Plains, N.Y. . He was 94.

    The cause was complications of pneumonia, the Gibson Guitar Corporation and his family announced. [Read More]

  • SoundNoir @ Loft Space


    Start Time:
    Saturday, August 15, 2009 at 9:00pm
    End Time:
    Sunday, August 16, 2009 at 8:00am
    Industrial loft space
    TBA via email (register at http://soundnoir.net/ for reduced price and loca
    Brooklyn, NY
    Dave Aju (Circus Company | San Francisco)
    Kris Wadsworth (Morris/Audio, NRK, Poker Flat | Detroit)
    Mossa (Complot, Thema, Mo’s Ferry | Montreal)
    Anton Esteban (No Ordinary Monkey | New York)
    Lenny de la Posso (Thema, Sound Noir)
    Helping Hands (Sound Noir)

    2 of the most unique US producers/DJs out there will be playing with us day and night.

    For the past few years Dave Aju from San Francisco has been walking the line between weird and wonderful by the way of jazzy with his productions – which has rightfully landed him on the mischievous Parisian label Circus Company and led to the very famous Luciano remix of “Crazy Place” – a single taken from Aju’s conceptual album pieced together entirely of vocal samples. Take that acapella-haters! Fear not though his set will include much more than vocalizing:)http://www.myspace.com/daveaju

    Kris Wadsworth on his part churns out some of the most distinct and powerful tracks coming from Detroit these days. At just 24 years of age he has mastered his native town’s gritty sound and infused it with a dose of subdued beauty that made them so popular with just about every deep DJ and quality labels like Swiss Morris/Audio, French Adults Only and German Poker Flat. Unlike many of the newly converted pseudo-D producers Kris forgoes all the dross and instead concentrates on extra-tough beats supplemented by melodic depth charges to make for tracks that seem to hit you in the sub-conscious. I could go on and on as Kris really made some of my favorite tracks of this and last years but let the music do the talking, hit the link.http://www.myspace.com/thedepthsof

    Montreal resident Mossa, will be showing us his take on sonic funk this evening as well. Both his classical/jazz music training and his early obsession with hard-core is showing in his daring electronic compositions that have been released on such influential labels as Cynosure, Mo’s Ferry and Circus Company. First and foremost a DJ, his sets are bursting with energy and sounds that are anything but predictable. http://mossamusic.free.fr/

    Our own NYC-town will be represented by Anton Esteban – resident DJ of the 5-year-strong disco/leftfield party No Ordinary Monkey. After experiencing their amazing dance-out last Sunday in WBurg’s Grand Ferry Park we are looking forward to hearing more of that magical psychodelic goodness from Anton’s crate. You’d better be prepared to traverse the outer space!http://www.noordinarymonkey.com/

    Residents Lenny de la Posso of Thema ( http://www.neoday.net ) and Helping Hands will be present in high spirits to further define the Sound of Noir. 

    $10 on the list; $20 at the door
    For reduced RSVP and more info go to http://soundnoir.net/

    We would like to see you there, dancing;)

  • SESSION 288: ZAKKA 08.10.09

    Mixed by DJ Monchan

    01.Johnny Clarke – Come Back To Me
    02.Young Generation – Bongo Pat
    03.Bob Marley And The Wailers – Rebel Music (3 O’clock Roadblock)
    04.The Tamlins – Skin Tight
    05.The Ethiopians – Life Is A Funny Things
    06.Observer Band – Run Bald Head Dub
    07.Massive Attack&Mad Professor – Radiation Ruling The Nation
    08.Flying Lotus – Parisian Goldfish
    09.Frontera – Charity
    10.Truby Trio – A Go Go (Boozoo Bajou Remix)


    Photo by C. Bay Milin

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    Halcyon Presents Nu Pschidt 07.31.09:  Henry Maldonado 
    Zakka 08.03.09: DJ Monchan



    By Roberta Smith – NY Times

    With their first public artwork in Manhattan, which went up at the northwest corner of Houston Street and the Bowery on July 17, the Brazilian brothers Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, who call themselves Os Gêmeos, bring graffiti art to its Rococo phase. Which is to say that their fantastic, epic mural, on a concrete wall about 17 feet high and about 51 feet long, is light and frothy, a dream of happiness with an underlying chord of melancholy. And everything in it is exquisitely fine-tuned and detailed, a dazzlement of effortless technique that sustains long bouts of close looking. It will remain up until March. [Read More]