• SESSION 334: ZAKKA 11.10.09

    Mixed by DJ Monchan

    01.Sakamoto:Casa – Fotografia (Photograph)
    02.Burnt Friedman – Octrahedal Spherical Caffufle
    03.Ronny Jordan – My Favourite Things
    04.Diana Brown & Barrie K. Sharpe – Part of The Masterplan92 Live & Direct
    05.DJ Spinna Feat. Shaun Escoffery – The Music In Me
    06.Daniel Wang –
    07.Dabrye – With A Professional
    08.Ametsub – Repeatedly
    09.Flying Lotus – Beginners Falafel
    10.Dinosaur L – #2 (No, Thank You)
    11.Tom Tom Club – Shock The World
    12.Indian Ocean – School Bell/Tree House
    13.Gong – Flying Teapot
    14.Vincent Gallo –


    Mixed by Yaz Higashiya @ SoleFood NYC 

    01. Jamiroquai – Space Cowboy
    02. Visioneers – Smoker
    03. Ronny Jordan meets DJ Krush – So What
    04. Diji Brown – Blue Hunny
    05. Mariko Ide – There Must Be An Angel (DJ Hasebe Remix)
    06. Outkast – Roses (The Audible Doctor Remix)
    07. Little Sonny – Love Mechanic
    08. The Procussions – Miss January
    09. Tanya Morgan – Never Enough (Crazy Love)
    10. Viva Unity – Saturday Night -‘hood
    11. Prisma ft. Amanda Diva – I Got Soul
    12. Pete Rock & CL Smooth  – Take You There
    13. Ugly Duckling – The End Of Time
    14. Aeon – Radio

  • SESSION 332: FUNKY SLICE 11.09.09

    Mixed by DJ Moustachio (Academy Records)

    01.Life N Def – Money Beats
    02.Mc Tee/Mantronix – Fresh Is The Word
    03.Lil Jazzy and Cool Supreme – B Boys Style
    04.Cat Stevens – Was Dog A Doughnut
    05.Fresh 3 Mc’s – Fresh
    06.Gifted 4 – The Arrival
    07.T La Rock – Breakdown Dub
    08.DJ Watkins &Amp; Crew – Jealousy (Rap) Dub Version
    09.Dst – Rock The House In Japan (Version)
    10.T La Rock – Breaking Bells

  • AbeDuque @ Cielo


  • GuiBoratto @ Love


  • DamianLazarus@Cielo


  • DJ Hervey @ Cielo


  • Roots @ Cielo


  • FreedomParty @ LPR


  • Carl Cox @ Cielo




    By Erin Rosita – Vice Magazine

    The Lower East Side of Manhattan is not a fashionable destination. Populated primarily by dive bars, nodding junkies, and boarded-up storefronts, the thought of anything even remotely related to trendiness, fancy clothes, or art happening down here would be pretty hard to believe. In fact, the only reason anyone from another neighborhood would even set foot on the LES in 1994 would be if they were looking for illicit substances, of which there are plenty.  [Read More]



    By Joseph Alexiou – Newyork Press

    In a town full of skyscrapers, it’s often what’s happening beneath the sidewalk that ends up being the most exciting.  Hidden spaces—thinkSubMercer, the basement of La Esquina or the late, lamented Undochine—are black gold in New York’s over-saturated nightlife scene. A hard-to-find, little-known location with the right music and crowd can become an overnight sensation, and if a group of people just above 14th Street play their cards right, they might have New York’s next one on their hands. [Read More]

  • SESSION 331: ZAKKA 11.03.09

    Mixed by DJ Monchan

    01.Kanye West – Addiction (DJ UG Edit)
    02.Martine Girault – Revival
    03.Vinia Mojica feat. Sounds by Geology – Sands of Time
    04.Morcheeba – Trigger Hippie
    05.Brennan Creen – No Matter
    06.Atlantic Conveyor – You Got Me
    07.Chico Mann – Power (Baby, You Got It)
    08.Architeq – Into The Cosmos
    09.Daniel Wong – Disco Delay
    10.Filipsson & Lindblad – Another Plan
    11.Beatconductor – Funky Boogie
    12.Daniel Steinberg – Bailando
    13.Brandy – Ritual
    14.James White & The Blacks – Hell On Earth

  • Prefuse73 @ LPR



    Prefuse 73 (live) and David Ellis 
    w/ Jon Hopkins (live) and Mixhell (live)


    Mixed by DJ Asahi @ SoleFood NYC 

    01. Intro
    02. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Searching
    03. Diverse – Leaving
    04. People Under The Stairs – The Breakdown
    05. Mobb Deep – Give Up The Goods (Just Step) (With Big Noyd)
    06. Lord Finesse – Speak Ya Peace (Featuring Marquee, Diamond, + A.G.)
    07. Cound Bass D – Fly Thyme
    08. The Harbaliser feat. The Dream Warriors – Road of Many songs
    09. Cujo – Popsicle
    10. DJ Cam – Success – Attica Blues Remix
    11. Flying Lotus – Unexpected Delight (Ft. Laura Darlington)
    12. DJ Cam – He’s Gone Featuring China (Kid Loco remix)
    13. Kyoto jazz massive – The Brightness of These Days (Quantic Mix)
    14. Quartette Tres Bien – Boss Trés Bien
    15. RH Factor – Poetry

  • SESSION 329: FUNKY SLICE 11.02.09

    Mixed by  Sean Bee (Downtown)

    01.Icasol – Ongou (Idjet Boys BrownThumb Mix)
    02.Roots Unit – Mabonda (Soft Rocks Remix)
    03.Smith & Mudd – Hvala
    04.Bliss – Stop Me
    05.Red Fulka – Kumpo (Raihani & Salgado Mix)
    06.N’Grandjean – Wake Up (PocketKnife Remix)
    07.Al Usher – Lullaby For Robert (Prince Thomas Diskomiks)
    08.Soft Rocks – Leave Your Earth Behind
    09.6th Borough Project – Just A Memory
    10.Diamonds Dub (Edit by Tangoterie)

  • Open @ Santos


    Dubbed “Best DJ Night” at Paper Magazine’s 4th Annual Nightlife Awards, OPEN has earned the reputation for being the most important Friday night in the Five Boroughs for the masses to get down. From movie stars to breakdancers to workplace warriors of every collar, the crowd is a beautiful representation of New York City’s soul, and the music is engineered accordingly. TIP (A Tribe Called Quest), RICH MEDINA and DJ GRAVY, who has taken over the downstairs level, are known for their selection of the choicest hip-hop cuts mixed with the forgotten classics of soul, reggae, funk disco and jazz. Hosted by Va$htie, the party features special guest DJ’s and performers every week.