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    Mixed by Yaz Higashiya @ SoleFood NYC 

    01. Kenichiro Nishihara ft. Pismo – Consider My Love
    02. Ronny Jordan – Once Or Twice
    03. Slick & Rose – Space
    04. Budamunky – Wednesday ft. Blu & Ta’raach
    05. Blacalicious – Blazing Arrow
    06. Crown City Rockers – Another Day
    07. Common – Love Is
    08. Azzie – Going Out Of My Mind ft. Kori Massey
    09. Dwele – Keep On ft. Slum Village
    10. Cool Wise Men – Natsu No Koi (Tribute To Tommy McCock)

  • SESSION 343: FUNKY SLICE 11.23.09

    Mixed by Mr.Deba (Lex Records)

    01.FSOL – We Have Explosives
    02.Chubb Rock – Treat Me Right
    03.Strafe – Set it off
    04.Shannon – Stronger Years
    05.Luv Bug Starski – You gotta believe
    06.Sa-Ra – Glorious
    07.M.O.P – Handle Ur Bizness
    08.DJ Krush – Inorganizisms
    09.St. Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart
    10.Ronnie Foster – Summer Song



    By Andrew Adam Newman – NewYork Times

    As physical formats and devices have shrunk, revenues for the audiobook industry have grown, since it is more convenient to listen to an iPod while exercising and commuting than fiddling with CDs. Digital downloads grew to 21 percent of the industry’s total sales in 2008, from 6 percent in 2004, according to the Audiobook Publishers Association.

    It is all the more odd, then, that Hachette Audio recently announced that the latest audiobook by David Sedaris, “Live for Your Listening Pleasure,” which features readings before audiences, would be available on the least portable of formats: vinyl. [Read More]


    Photo by Streetsy

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    West Africa Story: Fela! on Broadway – The Village Voice
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    FunkySlice  11.16.09: Earl Broclo Esq
    Zakka 11.17.09: Ali Coleman
    A1 After Hours 11.18.09: Daniel Auster
    MoMusicMoLife 11.12.09: DJ Asahi


    Mixed by DJ Asahi @ SoleFood NYC 

    1. Herbert – Audience
    2. The Five Corner Quartet – Different Corner
    3. Quantic – Take Your Time Change Your Mind
    4. Madlib – Funky Blue Note
    5. Sulene F – Turn This Thing Around
    6. Build An Ark – You’ve Got To Have Freedom
    7. Hydroponic Sound System – Too Much Tenderness
    8. Smoove – As If
    9. Kenny Dope – Can U Handle It?
    10. Lefties Soul Connection – Organ Donor
    11. The Meters – Cissy Strut
    12. Doors – Light My Fire
    13. DJ Asahi Mash up (Lack of Afro & The New Master Sound) – Land of Nod



    By MOG

    If there is one big lesson that hip hop can teach you is that all good things must come to to an end even if your selling millions of records and making millions of dollars in the process. If it isn’t working anymore, it just isn’t working. So in the wake of the whole Beanie Sigel/Jay-Z (now 50 Cent) thing I decided to look up some high profile hip hop endings… and some of them will surprise you… and some of them you’ll probably see coming a mile away. [Read More]



    By Rob Harvilla – The VillageVoice

    For a new musical with no cartoon-character tie-in, no jukebox of smash pop hits, and no boldface celebrity stars to thrive on Broadway in the waning post-apocalyptic months of 2009, the performances most crucial to success aren’t necessarily given by the folks onstage, or behind it, or regarding it from the luxe front-row seats reserved for patrons and investors. Look instead to the same-day discount TKTS booth—more specifically, the eager, increasingly bundled-up young helpers who lurk nearby to soothe and summarize, cheerfully proselytizing for the daunting list of shows from which you (or your mother, or your grandmother) must choose. If the show can’t sell itself, it’s up to them.[Read More]

  • SESSION 341: A1 AFTRHRS 11.18.09

    Mixed by Daniel

    01.Taxi Driver
    02.Guido Schneider – As Dry As I Can
    03.Charley’s Vault – My Answer
    04.Aril Brikha – Headhunter
    05.Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Love Lost
    06.DJ Tonka – Happiness
    07.Jiago – Bad Baby
    08.English Fribag – Riots In Brixton
    09.House 2 House – Everybody Get Up
    10.DJ Sneak -Because Your Love Ain’t True

  • SESSION 340: ZAKKA 11.17.09

    Mixed by Ali Coleman (Voice of Voice)

    01.Kem – Heaven
    02.Thomas De Lorenzo Feat. Chapell – No Place Like Home (SOW)
    03.Chris Brann & mia Tuttavilla – Beyond The Sun
    04.Lionel Richie – Easy (Motown Remixes)
    05.Thomas De Lorenzo Feat. Chapell – The Sweetest Thing (SOW)
    06.JellyBean & Jovann presents Hosanna Little Bird – You Took My Love
    07.Mada – The Greatest Man (Inst)
    08.Djaimin Feat. Crystal Re Clear – Give You
    09.DJ Basil – Gettin Loose
    10.Dennis Ferrer Feat, Tyrone Hill – Underground Is My House

  • Phosphane @ Zakka


  • SESSION 339: FUNKY SLICE 11.16.09

    Mixed by Earl Broclo Esq

    01. Brute Force –  Ye-La-Wa
    02. Gato Barbieri – Tupac Amaru
    03. Idris Muhammad – Sudan
    04. John Dankworth – Long John
    05. Donald Byrd – Where are we going
    06. Curtis Mayfield – You’re so good to me
    07. Donald Byrd – Wind parade
    08. Robin Kenyatta – Seems so long
    09. Marvin Gaye – What’s going on
    10. Eddie Harris – Penthology