• SESSION 1523: FUNKY SLICE 10.16.13

    Mixed by Monchan

    01. Ecstasy Orchestra – Paradise
    02. Claude Young – Wind Up
    03. Archie Pelago – Alice
    04. Herbert
    06. After Hours – Feel It
    07. Vincent Floyd
    08. Club Swing – A Little Boy
    09. Kiwi-Llama
    10. Loleatta Holloway – Love Sensation (Sq101 Edit)
    12. Main Ingredient – Happiness Is Just Around The Bend
    13. Stone Fox Chase (Arranged Danny Clark)
    14. Juju & Jordash – Coffin Train Getaway
    15. Daphni – Yes, I Know Jiao
    16. Henrik Schwarz – Leave My Head Alone Brain
    17. Nuyorican Soul – Mind Fluid
    18. Kuniyuki – Precious Hall
    19. Chaka Khan – Clouds
    20. Carly Simon – Tranquillo (Melt My Heart)

  • SESSION 1522: DEEPER THAN DISCO 10.13.13

    Mixed by DJ True

    01. Minnie Riperton – Memory Lane
    02. Roy Ayers – You Came Into My Life
    03. Lafayette Afro Band – Hihache
    04. J Dilla – Love Jones
    05. Jimi Hendrix – Who Knows
    06. Karma – High Priestess (Jazzanova Mix)
    07. Wanted & Co – Maman Moin
    08. United Future Organization – Somewhere
    09. Madlib – Young Warrior
    10. The Last Poets – White Man’s Got A Good Complex
    11. Bobbi Humphrey – New York Times
    12. Michael Jackson – We’re Almost There
    13. BT Express – Do It (Till You’reSatisfied)
    14. Lou Donaldson – Inner Space
    15. Kosma – Odessa -(Black Sea Mix)
    16. Jon Lucien – And It All Goes Round
    17. Fernando Gelbard – Alvacoiariea
    18. Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express – Whenever You’re Ready
    19. Santana – Dance sister Dance (Baila Mi Hermana)
    20. The Brothers – Under The Skin
    21. The Isley Brothers – Midnight Sky (Part I Part II)
    22. Jorge Ben – Fio Maravilha
    23. Terry Callier – I Don’t Want To See Myself (Without You)


  • SESSION 1521: VOICE OF VOICE 10.11.13

    Mixed by Ali Coleman

    01. Luis Radio & Raffa – The Mood (Original Mood)
    02. Ten Walls – Gotham (Gothem EP)
    03. Matty & Monique – Now What
    04. Low Deep T – Heaven
    05. Mario Marques – Come See About Me
    06. Jepthe Guillaume Presents Erol Josue – Papa Loko (Jepthe’s Ext. Loko Mix)
    07. Piano In Transit
    08. DJ Juri – Taikoon
    09. ason “Culture” Lipsey  – Keeping It Real (Original Mix)
    10. Jessie Outlaw – Hinojosa
    11. DeepQuest – Our Joy (Emotional Mix)
    12. Salsoul Ochestra – How High (The Noodleman Rework)
    13. Central Line – Walking On Sunshine
    14. Gwen Guthrie – Peanut Butter (Larry Levan Remxi)
    15. Jimmy Ross – First True Love Affair (Larry Levan Remix)
    16. Alexander O’neal – What Is This Thing Called Love
    17. Skyy – Skyyzoo (Larry Levan Remix)
    18. Unlimited Touch – Searching To Find The One ( Francois K Remix)
    19. Mylo – Otto’s Journey
    20. Stevie Wonder – I Love You More Today Than Yesterday

  • ESSION 1520: FUNKY SLICE 10.07.13

    Mixed by Sky Zee

    01. Lalo Schifrin – Mission Impossible
    02. Love Unlimited Orchestra – Bring It On Up
    03. Love Unlimited Orchestra – I Wanna Stay
    04. First Choice – Love Thang
    05. Creative Source – You’re Too Good To Be True
    06. Quincy Jones – Stuff Like That
    07. Ralph Tresvant – Sencitivity (mix with Biz Markie – The Inhuman Orchestra)
    08. En Vogue – Hold On
    09. Soul II Soul – Back To Life
    10. Jimmy Bo Horne – Is it in
    12. War – Galaxy
    13. Brass Construction – Ha Cha Cha
    14. Marvin Gaye – Got To Give It up
    15. Issac Hayes – Chocolate Chips
    16. Creative Source – Corazon
    17. Claudja Barry – Love For The Sake Of Love
    18. Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves The Sunshine
    19. De La Soul – Say No Go
    20. Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go For That
    21. Grand Puba – 360? with Elephant Man – Message
    22. First Choice – Let No Man Put Asunder
    23. First Choice – Double Cross
    24. Michael Jackson – Remember The Time (Silky Soul 7′” )
    25. MFSB – Love Is The Message
    26. MFSB – TSOP
    27. Lalo Schifrin – Mission Accomplished

  • SESSION 1519: VINYLMANIA 10.08.13

    Mixed by Eric Lopez aka “BigE”

  • DAVID BYRNE: If the 1% stifles New York’s creative talent, I’m out of here


    by The Guardian

    I’m writing this in Venice, Italy. This city is a pleasantly confusing maze, once an island of fortresses, and now a city of tourists, culture (biennales galore) and crumbling relics. Venice used to be the most powerful city in Europe – a military, mercantile and cultural leader. Sort of like New York.

    Venice is now a case study in the complete transformation of a city (there’s public transportation, but no cars). Is it a living city? Is it a fossil? The mayor of Venice recently wrote a letter to the New York Review of Books, arguing that his city is, indeed, a place to live, not simply a theme park for tourists (he would like very much if the big cruise ships steered clear). I guess it’s a living place if you count tourism as an industry, which I suppose it is. New York has its share of tourists, too. I wave to the doubledecker buses from my bike, but the passengers never wave back. Why? Am I not an attraction?

    New York was recently voted the world’s favorite city – but when you break down the survey’s results, the city comes in at No 1 for business and only No 5 for living. Fifth place isn’t completely embarrassing, but what are the criteria? What is it that attracts people to this or any city? Forget the business part. I’ve been in Hong Kong, and unless one already has the means to live luxuriously, business hubs aren’t necessarily good places for living. Cities may have mercantile exchange as one of their reasons for being, but once people are lured to a place for work, they need more than offices, gyms and strip clubs to really live.

    Work aside, we come to New York for the possibility of interaction and inspiration. Sometimes, that possibility of serendipitous encounters – and I don’t mean in the meat market – is the principal lure. If one were to vote based on criteria like comfort or economic security, then one wonders why anyone would ever vote for New York at all over Copenhagen, Stockholm or some other less antagonistic city that offers practical amenities like affordable healthcare, free universities, free museums, common spaces and, yes, bike lanes. But why can’t one have both – the invigorating energy and the civic, intelligent humanism?

    Maybe those Scandinavian cities do, in fact, have both, but New York has something else to offer, thanks to successive waves of immigrants that have shaped the city. Arriving from overseas, one is immediately struck by the multi-ethnic makeup of New York. Other cities might be cleaner, more efficient or comfortable, but New York is funky, in the original sense of the word – New York smells like sex.

    Immigrants to New York have contributed to the city’s vibrancy decade after decade. In some cities around the world, immigrants are relegated to being a worker class, or a guest-worker class; they’re not invited to the civic table. New York has generally been more welcoming, though people of color have never been invited to the table to the same extent as European immigrants.

    I moved to New York in the mid 1970s because it was a center of cultural ferment – especially in the visual arts (my dream trajectory, until I made a detour), though there was a musical draw, too, even before the downtown scene exploded. New York was legendary. It was where things happened, on the east coast, anyway. One knew in advance that life in New York would not be easy, but there were cheap rents in cold-water lofts without heat, and the excitement of being here made up for those hardships. I didn’t move to New York to make a fortune. Survival, at that time, and at my age then, was enough. Hardship was the price one paid for being in the thick of it.

    As one gets a little older, those hardships aren’t so romantic – they’re just hard. The trade-off begins to look like a real pain in the ass if one has been here for years and years and is barely eking out a living. The idea of making an ongoing creative life – whether as a writer, an artist, a filmmaker or a musician – is difficult unless one gets a foothold on the ladder, as I was lucky enough to do. I say “lucky” because I have no illusions that talent is enough; there are plenty of talented folks out there who never get the break they deserve. [Read More]

  • SESSION 1518: A1 IN STORE 10.05.13

    Mixed by Malik Abdul-Rahmaan

    01. Alice Coltrane – Andromeda’s Suffering
    02. Pharoah Sanders – Morning Prayer
    03. Dorothy Ashby – Myself When Young
    04. Yusef Latif – Book Home
    05. Phil Ranelin – Vibes From The Tribe
    06. Wendel Harrison – Where Am I
    07. Larry Willis – Walking Backward Down The Road
    08. Mulatu Astatke – Ené Alantchi Alnorem
    09. Doug Carn – Moon Child
    10. Rudolph Johnson – The Highest Pleasure
    11. Heath Bros. – Smilin’ Billy Suite Part.II
    12. Doug Carn – Sweet Season
    13. Rufus Harley – A Tribute To Courage
    14. Pharoah Sanders – Astral Traveling
    15. Alice Coltrane – Journey In Satchidananda
    16. Michael White – John Coltrane Was Here
    17. Sun Ra – Moon Dance
    18. Sun Ra – Enlightenment
    19. Sun Ra – Discipline 33
    20. Sun Ra – Discipline 44
    21. Phlip Cohran and The Artistic Heritage Ensemble – The African Look
    22. Miles Davis – Little Church
    23. Gloria – Horas
    24. Alice Coltrane – Angel Of Air

  • SESSION 1517: A1 IN STORE 10.01.13

    Mixed by Ari Mixo

    01. Larry Bright – Beauty & Grece
    02. The Message – Little Man
    03. Milt Robinson – The Wind
    04. Greg Holloway – Whim
    05. Gabor Szabo – Galateas Guitar
    06. Mi Delito Degarza – Mexico Wfdding
    07. Cay Gotilieb – Abaco Cruise
    08. Cullen Knight – A’keem
    09. Melvin Jackson – Everybody Loves My Baby
    10. Don Cherry – Air Mail
    11. Cerebral Hemorrhage – Wandering
    12. Synthesis LTD – Ships
    13. Section 25 – The Process
    14. Weekend – Together
    15. Lee perry – Kiss My Neck
    16. Observer – Corn Man
    17. Rawking Ann – Moonlight Lover
    18. Michael Campbell – Proud To Be Blank
    19. Utopia – Primo Bongosero
    20. Wild Wind – Drink or Two
    21. Etoile De Dakar – Tolou Badou N’ Diaye

  • SESSION 1516: A1 IN STORE 10.01.13

    Mixed by Seth

    01. Alain Renaud – Introduction Opus 83
    02. Peter Green – Just For You
    03. Budgle – If I Were Brittania I’d Waive The Rules
    04. The Rhinestones – This Devil In Me
    05. Humming Bird – She Is My Lady
    06. Djamel Allam – Cuba
    07. Pino Daniele – Tarumbo
    08. Richie Rome – Dup
    09. Bernie Leadon – Glass off
    10. Marl Almond – The City
    11. The Peddlers – On A Clear Day

  • SESSION 1515: VINYLMANIA 10.01.13

    Mixed by Eric Lopez aka “BigE”

  • SESSION 1514: WORLD GALAXY 09.29.13

    Mixed by Takaya Nagase

    01. John Abercrombie – Timeless
    02. Lonnie Liston Smith – Sais
    03. Francis Bebey – Super Jungle
    04. Bob Chance – Jungle Talk
    05. WAR – Flying Machine
    06. Cassandra Wilson – Traveling Sdrceress
    07. Atmospear  – Too Spaced Out (Francois K. Ambient Mix)
    08. Todd Terje – Snooze4love
    09. Kuniyuki – Earth Beats
    10. From Heaven
    11. Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill
    12. isolée – beau mat plage
    13. Land of Light – Isle of Tears (Tiago Remix)
    14. Bugge Wesseltoft – Yellow Is The Colour
    15. Robert Glasper – Dillalude #2


    Mixed by Luka Bernaskone


  • SESSION 1512: A1 IN STORE 09.13.13

    Mixed by Douglas Sherman (The Loft / Joy)

    “Adventures in Flight”

    01. Space time continuum Flure Sence EP
    02. Hazme Sonar (Ambient Remix by Peter Vriends)
    03. Pacific Horizons
    04. Pablo Bolivar – Reflect
    05. Todd Terje – Rag Ysh
    06. Henrik Schwarz – Headphone Silence
    07. Was (Not was) – Listen Like Thieves (Vandal Dub)
    08. Kevin Yost – Round Bout Midnight
    09. Weekender – Sunday Session
    10. Frankie Kunckles & Adeva – Whadda U Want (From Me) (Frankie’s Deep Dub)
    11. Robert Owens – I’ll Be Your Friend (inxec & Matt Tolfrey’s Falling Down Mix)
    12. Robert Owens – Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Henrik Schwarz Mix)
    13. Herbest Moon – Blow Your Body (FK Atmospherics)


  • SESSION 1511: A1 IN STORE 09.07.13

    Mixed by Elbin Reyes

    01. Vakula – New Romantic
    02. Vakula
    03. Black Rox – Fi Low (Soft Rocks Mix)
    05. Jose Monuel feat.Charlotte LaRouge – Les Regrets (Cosmic Metal Mothre’s)
    06. Enjebeje – Medicine
    07. Suroh – Sentimientos
    08. Auntie Flo – Water of Life
    09. Lonesome Echo Strings (Joe Remix)
    10. Ron Trent – Manifesto
    11. Arno E.Mathieu – The Cycle Project Part II
    12. Vakula – Still Time
    13. For One Hour – Paradis Remix
    14. Mickey Moon Light – Interplanetary Music
    15. Everyday People – I like What I like
    16. Winners – Get Ready Fir The Future
    17. Temptations – Law Of The Land
    18. Round Tree – I Want To Spend A Moment With You
    19. Parlet – Pleasure Principle
    20. High Energy – The Supremes
    21. Trammps – People Of The World, Rise
    22. Kool & The Gang – Get Down With The Genie (JCG ReEdit)
    23. Kevin Yost – It’s Getting Bigga
    24. Karma (JCG Edit)
    25. The ReFlex – Wheel Spin