• Body&Soul @ WebsterHall

    Sunday, January 17, 2010 (6pm – Late)
    Martin Luther King Weekend
    John Davis Presents…
    Body & SOUL
    with residents
    Joaquin “Joe” Claussell, Danny Krivit + François K.
    warm up: Andy Hanley / lights by: Ariel / hostess: Evelyn Santos

    Webster Hall
    125 East 11th Street, NYC

    $20 in advance, $30 at the door
    Advance Tickets: http://www.wantickets.com/EventDetail.aspx?e_id=86933

    Tickets also available at the following locations:

    125 East 11th Street, NYC

    580 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY


    By Carol Vogel – NY Times

    Those moving advertisements atop taxis generally deliver not-so-subtle messages, like which airlines to fly or movies to see, who makes the sexiest blue jeans or the coolest sunglasses.

    High art they most certainly are not.

    But for the month of January, Show Media, a Las Vegas company that owns about half the cones adorning New York City’s taxis, has decided to give commerce a rest. Instead, roughly 500 cabs will display a different kind of message: artworks by Shirin Neshat, Alex Katz and Yoko Ono. [Read More]


    By Andrew Adam Newman – NY Times

    ON Hulu, the popular Web site that streams free television shows and other video, users have proved to be perfectly willing to watch short commercials, and a new site is betting that the same willingness will apply to downloading music.

    FreeAllMusic.com, which began a test version for invited users on Dec. 22 and plans to open to the public in January, will allow users to download songs, which may be copied and shared — unencumbered, in other words, by digital rights management restrictions.

    In return, instead of paying 99 cents a song as on iTunes, users must first watch a 15- to 30-second advertisement. [Read More]


    Mixed by Yaz Higashiya @ SoleFood NYC 

    01. Pismo – Fitting in
    02. Mos Def – Another World ft. Talib Kweli (Ambivalence Remix) 
    03. Aota With Skyscraper – Rythmysticism
    04. Q-Tip – Higher
    05. Jurassic 5 – One Two
    06. Lyrics Born – Hello (remix)
    07. Gorillaz – 19-2000
    08. Speech – Yeah Yeah
    09. Q-Ill – Tokion Jazz
    10. Jamiroquai – Alright


    By Jon Caramanica – NY Times

    “TIK TOK,” a zippy and salacious celebration of late nights and mornings-after by a new artist named Ke$ha, has spent the last few weeks zooming toward the top of the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Along with “Rapture,” the 1981 hit by Blondie, it’s one of the most successful white-girl rap songs of all time.

    Actually, that depends on who you ask.

    “TiK ToK” is sung in the chorus and rapped in the verses, enhanced by Auto-Tune in a few places, in keeping with its electro-pop production. There are even a couple of ad-libs by Diddy, and a line that appears to be borrowed from Jermaine Dupri. [Read More]


    By Christopher R. Weingarten – The Village Voice

    If Spin was right to name “Your Hard Drive” the best album of 2000, we’d like to formally nominate “The Internet” as Most Unforgiving Asshole of the 2000s. As of ’09, bands have an official life span of about nine months dating from the launch of their MySpace pages, thanks to the comically accelerated, DSL-enhanced hype cycle. Faster than you can tweet “Serena Maneesh,” entire genres of music are “discovered” by attention-starved writers; bloggers engage in hilarious slap-fights about who was there first; magazines feel pressured into writing clueless, hackazoid, late-pass trend pieces; bands get elevated to a critical mass of attention they can’t possibly handle; and the phenomenon is promptly abandoned once we find a newer, shinier toy to play with. [Read More]

  • NEWS: YOKO ONO’S 2009

    By Alex Littlefield – Newyork Press

    This fall, the 76-year-old artist released Between My Head and the Sky, her first album since 1973, with the Plastic Ono Band, and a release that marked her first time sharing the studio with her son, Sean Lennon. Additionally, 2009 saw Ono drag a pile of awards back to The Dakota, including a Golden Lion Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Venice Biennale, and the release of the Don’t Stop Me EP. If that wasn’t enough, in recent years, Ono has racked up five number-one dance singles. What were you doing all decade?

    Alex Littlefield recently got Ono on the phone to see how she managed to make it through 2009 intact. [Read More]


    Photo by Joe’s NYC

    Recent News
    Carl Craig to soundtrack Warhol movie at Unsound NYC – Fact Magazine
    The Men In The Glass Booth [1976] – Djhistory.com

    Upcoming Radio Shows
    Monday: Funky Slice @ 8PM 
    Tuesday: Zakka Show @ 5PM 
    Wednesday: A1 Afterhours @ 9PM
    Thursday: Mo Music Mo Life@8PM
    Thursday: Bless Up @ 6PM
    Friday: Halcyon Presents Nu Pschidt @ 7PM

    New in the Radio Archive
    FunkySlice  12.28.09: DJMonchan
    A-1 AfterHours 12.23.09: Daniel Auster
    Mo Music Mo Life 12.17.09: Yaz Higasiya
    Zakka 12.22.09: Eugene Tambourine
    FunkySlice  12.21.09: DJMonchan

  • SESSION 362: FUNKY SLICE 12.28.09

    Mixed by DJMonchan

    01. King Sunny Ade – Ja Fumi
    02. Massak – B.L.A
    03. Aphrodesia – Say What
    04. Akoya Afrobeat Feat.Cedric I’m Brooks – Jeje L’aiye
    05. Aphrodesia – Make Up Your Mind
    06. Groove Collective – Buddha Head
    07. Repercussions – Find Your Way
    08. Shazz – Carry On
    09. Jazzanova – Take You Back
    10. Sk Radicals – Troubled Times?

  • SESSION 361: A1 AFTRHRS 12.23.09

    Mixed by Daniel Auster

    01. Troy Brown – Streetwalker
    02. Todd Edwards – Can’t Live Without You
    03. Johnny D & Nicky P – Open Up Your Eyes
    04. Marcus & C.L. McSpadden – The Message
    05. Fast Eddie & DJ Sneak – Booty Call (Miami Booty Bass Mix)
    06. EPI Project – Come On And Do It (TC Mix)
    07. Semi Real – People Livin’ Today
    08. Sunscreen – Perfect Motion (Leftfield Vocal Mix)
    09. Bassheads
    10. Journey Into Sound Feat. MC.X – Pump It Up (yeah Baby!)


    Mixed by Yaz Higashiya @ SoleFood NYC 

    01. The Roots – The ‘Notic
    02. RJD2 – One Day
    03. Outkast – Jazzy Belle (The Audible Doctor remix)
    04. Erykah Badu – Think Twice (Featuring Roy Hargrove)
    05. Common – It’s Your World (Feat. Bilal & Pops)
    06. DJ Cam – Dieu Reconnaitra Les
    07. Mitsu the Beats – Right here 
    08. RJD2 – To All of You
    09. Loop Junktion – Nothing
    10. Amanda Diva – Little Things

  • SESSION 359: ZAKKA 12.22.09

    Mixed by Eugene Tambourine

    01. I’ll Keep A Light In My Window – Marvin Gaye & Diana Ross
    02. Trust In Love – Anna Domino
    03. Dwele Theme (ET Edit) – Dwele
    04. Woman Of The Ghetto (ET Edit) – Marlena Shaw
    05. Time – Soul II Soul
    06. Your Cover’s Blown (ET Edit) – Belle & Sebastian
    07. Madame Butterfly – Malcolm McLaren
    08. The Jag – Micronauts
    09. In-betweenies – Ian Dury
    10. It’s Good To Be The Queen (ET Edit) – Sylvia


    By Fact Magazine

    Poland’s acclaimed experimental music festival Unsound will present its first ever New York edition in 2010. 

    Founded in 2003, Unsound’s base is in Krakow; following outpost events in further cities like Minsk, the festival is journeying west on a mission to “forge new links between music genres, between generations and even between artistic practices”.

    The festival takes place over ten days, kicking off on Thursday 4 February. The strand of the festival likely to prove most popular is the Andy Warhol program, for which various artists have been invited to provide live soundtracks for Warhol films. On February 5 at the Lincoln Center, nsi. – Berlin-based experimental duo Tobias Freund and Max Loderbauer – will soundtrack Warhol’s Kiss, while none other than Carl Craig plays along to Blow Job. According to Unsound, both these soundtracks will be “analogue synthesizer-driven”. On the following night Groupshow – the band helmed by minimal techno innovator Jan Jelinek – will perform a (gulp) eight-hour long live improvisation to Warhol’s Empire (an unwaveringly static shot of the Empire State Building).  [Read More]

  • SESSION 358: FUNKY SLICE 12.21.09

    Mixed by DJMonchan

    01. Crazy Penis – Keep On
    02. Macy Gray – Shed
    03. Bent – I remember Johnny
    04. PTH Projects Feat. Laura Vane – Thin Air
    05. Jazzanova – Cyclic
    06. Quantic – The Picture Inside
    07. Kid Sublime Feat. Lady Alma & Jnero Jarel – Lookin’ At Me
    08. A Forest Mighty Black – Everything (Freakniks Remix)
    09. Byron Wallen – Winds Of Change/Earth Roots (Ashley Beedle Remix)
    10. Schmutzig – Sprung



    By  Djhistory.com

    He’s there each night from ten to closing time, With sights and sounds to help the crowds unwind,

    And from the booth each night he blows your mind With his mix and tricks

    Forget – for the moment at least – Donna Summer, Silver Convention, Brass Construction, Gloria Gaynor, Bohannon, Love Unlimited – that endless ever-changing, slippery starstream of names shooting through disco heaven. The real stars of the seventies disco boom aren’t on records, they’re spinning them. [Read More]

  • DJKrush @ BoweryBallRm

    DJ Krush

     The Bowery Ballroom



    Born in 1962 in Tokyo. Gifted producer & DJ with a superb sense in Mixing and composing his sound who’s been greatly received in the international club scene. It was the movie “WILD STYLE” that got him into hip hop in the early 80’s, and in 1987, he formed KRUSH POSSSE which made numerous appearances in various media as the best hip hop act in Japan. KRUSH began pursuing his solo career after the break-up of the group in late 1992, and soon grabbed people’s attention as the first DJ to use turntables as live instruments, doing free sessions with live musicians on stage. Released his 1st album “KRUSH” in January 1994, and since then released countless records in Japan, Europe, US and around the globe. All his solo releases have ranked high in various charts in & out of Japan, and his 6th album “Zen” had been highly acclaimed and awarded the Best Electronica Album in 2002 AIFM Awards (US). His 8th album “jaku” released in late 2004 has topped the RPM chart of CMJ for 3 weeks in the US. In March 2006, he released his first best albums in self-remixed style, “STEPPING STONES” & , making another huge buzz around the globe. In March 2007, a historical collection of the 12 years of his career ”???? (Suimou Tsunenimasu)” was released in Japan in a special DVD box. Aside from his outer national activities as producer, remixer and DJ, he constantly expands his field from soundtracks for films, TV dramas & commercials to live sessions with various musicians that transcends music genre. In ‘98 spring, he formed a production unit with DJ HIDE & DJ SAK, collaborating with Nigerian percussionists and releasing a single & album from Polydor Japan. From the end of the year 2000, he also got involved in project which will be launching various projects to question worldwide issues in the 21st Century.
  • Prefuse73 @ MusicHall


    Prefuse 73

    Gaslamp Killer / Voices Voices

    Tue 1/19
    Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM
    $15 advance / $17 day of show


    PREFUSE 73
    Prefuse 73 is the alias of Scott Herren, an experimental hip-hop producer whose material often features MCs buried in the mix to become more a part of the sonic texture than a focal point. Herren began his career working in commercial studios in Atlanta, but later went on to more experimental work. His first record under the Prefuse name, Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives, not only buried but cut up and spliced raps as well as allowing some more straightforward vocals from several MCs. – Geoff Orens, All Music Guide
    The Gaslamp Killer is a Los Angeles-based DJ whose eclectic style ranges from psychedelia and world music to dubstep and left-field hip-hop. Associated with Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder Records, he made his production debut in the late 2000s with a series of EPs. Born William Benjamin Bensussen, he originally comes from San Diego, CA, whose downtown Gaslamp District’s bar scene inspired him to name himself the Gaslamp Killer in disgust for much of the patronage. Upon relocating to Los Angeles, he found a niche for himself amid the city’s massive underground party scene and ultimately found a home for himself as a resident DJ at the club Low End Theory, which resulted in a series of club-sponsored podcasts. He also released a series of mix CDs, among them Gaslamp Killers (2007), It’s a Rocky Road (2007), I Spit on Your Grave (2008), Hell and the Lake of Fire Are Waiting for You! (2009), and All Killer (2009), the latter a label showcase for the London-based world psychedelia imprint Finders Keepers Records. As a producer, the Gaslamp Killer made his debut in the late 2000s, releasing, for instance, a split single with Free the Robots, “The Killer Robots,” on Obey Records in 2008 and an EP, My Troubled Mind, on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder Records in 2009. ~ Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide
  • Nininja@CedarPartyRoom


    DJ Monchan’s Party 

    Email muzic@earthlink.net for RSVP