Mixed by Yaz Higashiya @ SoleFood NYC 

    01. Nomak – Geisha In The Days ft. Pismo
    02. Raashan Ahmad – If I
    03. Madlib – Distant Land
    04. The Sound Providers – Jazz at the Cove
    05. Mondo Grosso – Invisible Man (Liquid Black remix)
    06. Hi-Tek – The Sun God ft. Common & Vinia Mojica
    07. DJ Hasebe – Tae Me In
    08. Dwele – My Lova
    09. Lauryn Hill – Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You
    10. Marc Mac – Tell Me Now ft. Marvin Gay


    By Tim Lawrence

    Like a soup or a bicycle or Wikipedia, the Loft is an amalgamation of parts that are weak in isolation, but joyful, revelatory and powerful when joined together. The first ingredient is the desire of a group of friends to want to get together and have some fun. The second element is the discovery of a room that has good acoustics and is comfortable for dancing, which means it should have rectangular dimensions, a reasonably high ceiling, a nice wooden floor and the possibility of privacy. The next building block is the sound system, which is most effective when it is simple, clean and warm, and when it isn’t pushed more than a fraction above 100 decibels (so that people’s ears don’t become tired or even damaged). After that, the room should be decorated, with balloons and a mirror ball offering a cheap and timeless solution, and because the party might last a long time, and because some friends might be hungry, a healthy spread of food and drink should also be prepared. Finally ? and this really is the last thing to get right, and can only follow once everything else is in place ? the friends will need someone to bring along some dance records. After that, it’s party time. [Read More]

  • SESSION 367: ZAKKA 01.12.10

    Mixed by BC (Guerrilla Sound System)

    01. Zapp – Computer Love
    02. Isley Jasper Isley – Caravan of Love
    03. Steely Dan – Black Cow
    04. Debarge – Stay With Me
    05. Grace Jones – My Jamaican Girl
    06. Carly Simon – Why
    07. Juicy – Sugar Free
    08. Curtis Mayfield – You’re So Good To Me
    09. Commodores – Girl, I Think The World About You
    10. Keni Burke – ONe Minute More

  • SESSION 366: FUNKY SLICE 01.11.10

    Mixed by DJMonchan

    01. Osunlade – Moonlight
    02. The House Builder – Life, Life, Life
    03. Ssion Clown – Asleazetone Disco Single (Original Mix)
    04. Fannypack – Cameltoe
    05. MC Shy D – Shake it (Remix)
    06. N.W.A – Dope Man
    07. World Class Wreckin’ Cru. – The Fly
    08. Spandau Ballet – Communication
    09. Space – Carry On, Turn Me On( The Time & Space Machine Remix)
    10. Space – Magic Fly

  • FourTet @ LPR

  • RGB @ MonkeyTown

  • SeanBee @ BeautyBar

    Sean Bee Mix 1 2

  • SESSION 365: ZAKKA 01.05.10

    Mixed by Cash

    01. Tranquility Bass – Cantamilla
    02. John Abercrombie – Parable
    03. Emerson, Lake & Palmer – From The Beginning
    04. Nemo – Darkest Day
    05. The Mighty Bop – Feeling Good
    06. Air – Modular Mix
    07. Smoke City – Underwater Love
    08. Uptight – Love From The Sun
    09. Eberhard Wever – Moana 1
    10. E-Z Roller – Tough At The Top

  • ReadeTruth @ Stay

  • Traxx @ MarketHotel

  • SESSION 364: FUNKY SLICE 01.04.10

    Mixed by  Sean Bee (Downtown)

    01. Ghost Town Edit – Love (Arrangement By The Citizen
    02. Lowrell – Mellow mellow (Right On)
    03. Ghost Town Edit – Hyperbolic
    04. Bob James – Nautilus
    05. Le Pamplemousse – Gimme What You Got
    06. Earth Wind & Fire – Fantasy
    07. Messengers Edit – Creative Love
    08. Tangoterje Edit – Give Me Your Love
    09. Barrabas – Wild Safari
    10. The Great Disco Bouzouki Band – Ouzo & Retsina


    By Jon Pareles – NY Times

    MY 21st century started in 1998, when I got a new toy. It was the Diamond Rio PMP300, a flimsy plastic gadget the size of a cigarette pack. PMP stood for Portable Music Player. It had a headphone jack, and it played a recently invented digital file format: MPEG-1 Audio Layer Three, or MP3.

    The Rio’s 32 megabytes of storage held a dozen songs at passable fidelity. Its sound was clearly inferior to a portable CD player; its capacity was comparable to a cassette or two. But the beauty of it was that it didn’t need any CD or cassette inserted, just digital files — copies of songs — loaded from a computer, to be changed at whim. They might come from albums people owned or borrowed; they might come, even back then, from strangers online. The Recording Industry Association of America sued to have the PMP300 taken off the market and failed — the prelude to a decade of lawsuits trying to corral online music. [Read More]


    Happy New Year!!

    Photo by C. Bay Milin

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