• SESSION 385: ZAKKA 02.09.10

    Mixed by Eric Escobar

    Please email Eric for Track name.

  • Afro Funky @ Cameo

  • SESSION 384: FUNKY SLICE 02.08.10

    Mixed by  Sean Bee (Downtown)

    01. Alice Coletrane – Jorney in Satchidananda
    02. The Doors – Rider On The Storm
    03. Pharoah Sanders – Astral Travelling
    04. Eddie Kendricks – My People… Hold On
    05. Fela – Beasts Of No Nation
    06. Deniece Williams – Free
    07. Stevie Wonder – Golden Lady
    08. Sylvia Striplin – You Can’t Turn Me Back
    09. Barry White – Never Never Gonna Give Ya Up
    10. Herb Alpert – Rise


    Photo by Joe’s NYC

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    We Are the World Part 2 – Vintage Vinyl News

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    Mo Music Mo Life 02.04.10: DJ Ryuhichi
    A-1 AfterHours 02.03.09: Jeremie
    Zakka 02.02.10: Olé Koretsky


    Mixed by DJ Ryuhichi @ SoleFood NYC

    01. Bob Sinclar – Love You No More feat. Shabba Ranks – Chuckie Remix
    02. Maurice Tamraz – Son Of Jax
    03. Sotisfaction – Something
    04. Riva Starr – Trompe D Amour
    05. Reboot – Enjoy Music – Riva Starr Remix
    06. Dario Nunez, DJ Montxo – Zul
    07. Pirupa, Pigi – Sweet Devil
    08. Doomwork – Groovin feat. Valentine
    09. Rob Mirage, DJ Chus – Back 2 NY – Nirvana Mix
    10. Michael Woods, Ant Brooks – Yemba

  • Bunker@PublicAssembly

    February 13, 2010

    Back Room

    2/13, BOTH ROOMS, 10 pm – 6 am, $30, $25 adv

    Unsound Festival New York, Co-Presented by:
    Unsound, Fundacja Tone, the Polish Cultural Institute in New York, Goethe-Institut New York

    In Co-operation With:
    Trust for Mutual Understanding, the Romanian Cultural Institute New York, Austrian Cultural Forum New York, Consulate General of Finland New York, Pro Helvetia, Fonds Pop Over Zee

    Saturday, February 13
    Unsound Festival New York at The Bunker: Bass Mutations


    2562 (Tectonic | Netherlands)
    Untold (Hemlock, Hessle Audio | UK)
    TRG (Hessle Audio, Tempa | Romania)
    Dave Q (Dub War | NYC)


    Pole (~Scape | Germany) live
    FaltyDL (Planet Mu | NYC) live
    Pavel Ambiont (Belarus) live
    Konque (Konque | NYC) live
    Sepalcure (Machine Drum & Praveen | NYC) live

    Stefan Betke aka Pole is one of the most important and well known electronic music producers to emerge in the past decade. His first three albums (“1”, “2”, & “3”), released from 1998 to 2000 and packaged in solid blue, red, and yellow sleeves, are absolute stone-cold classics. Betke reissued these three sadly out-of-print albums as a box set on his own ~scape imprint (titled “1 2 3”) in 2008, so they are once again available to the unfortunate souls who missed his timeless music the first time around. More recently, Pole released the “Steingarten” album on 2007, further developing his sound. He also did A&R for the critically acclaimed “Round Black Ghosts” compilations on ~scape, two collection of tracks that blur the line between dubstep and techno. We’ve caught Pole’s newest live set a few times in Europe, and he’s taken things in a much more dancefloor direction while maintaining the Pole sound design and creativity we all love.

    Producer Dave Huismans is 2562, pioneering in the way that he has merged dubstep and techno. The result is a full yet lean, fluid hybrid that has found an audience not only among fans of dubstep, but anyone drawn to fresh and innovative club music. His 2562 album ?Aerial? was released in 2008 by Pinch?s Tectonic Label, and regarded by many critics as one of the albums of the year. As Boomkat wrote: ?This album follows in the massively revered tradition of dub experimentation and rhythm science laid down in the lineage stretching from Lee Perry through King Tubby, Scientist, Steve Gurley, Dillinja, Photek, Rhythm & Sound, Kode 9 and Burial.? Huismans also releases deep house and techno influences tracks under the alias A Made Up Sound.

    Untold is Jack Dunning, described by Fact Magazine as the ?dubstep producer of the year?, for a trademark sound fusing garage, techno and UK funky with percussion and bass stabs. Releasing a succession of left field 12″?s on Hessle Audio and Scuba?s Hotflush, he also runs his own label, Hemlock. In 2009, Untold?s reputation as an innovator has exploded, for creating tracks that throw the rulebook out the window to create their own sound. Pitchfork wrote in June that Untold is bringing a vitality to dubstep in 2009, by using ?the limits of his imagination?, drawing from a sound palate that includes chirps, sub bass, plastic sounds made on a Casio keyboard and even elephant snorts. Boomkat called him ?the most talked about underground producer in the UK right now?.

    TRG is causing a stir. Known in the bass-heavy music scene, electronic music communities around the world who share a passion for fresh new sounds will soon know the addictive grooves of 28-year-old Romanian producer Cosmin Nicolae. His first 12″ on Hessle Audio garnered the attention of BBC Radio 1’s Mary Anne Hobbs among others, and labels soon got on his case. TRG has been active in nurturing the electronic music scene in Bucharest since he relocated there in 2000. Influenced by classical, jazz and disco as a child, and son of a single mother, Cosmin has a fire inside that gave him the gumption for forward thinking electronic music in an environment where there was none. With several manuscripts under his belt by the age of 15, TRG was ready to play mega raves within a year of beginning his first DJ night. Bass Mutations is TRG?s North American debut.

    Before New Yorker Drew Lustman began releasing music on UK labels Ramp and Planet Mu, he built up a small catalogue on US independents Unfun, fizx-recordings and Napalm Enema Records. Lustman’s first record as Falty DL was the jungle inspired Beat Lumber EP (Unfun 2007). Raised in New Haven, Connecticut, Drew was influenced by Aphex Twin and Squarepusher and had an early start with music as a child, He played upright and electric bass in the jazz quartet, Luggage, straight out of high school. On moving to Manhattan, Lustman started going to dubstep nights and was inspired by jungle, disco, and New York garage and house. After his jungle inspired releases on Berkley-based Unfun records in 2007, Lustman sent countless “crazy jungle” demos to Mike Paradinas, head of Planet Mu. He finally struck gold when Paradinas picked up the first track of his debut album, Human Meadow. The experimental-dubstep album “Love is a Liability” was released in 2009.

    Pavel Ambiont is a producer of dub techno living east of Poland in Belarus. Long releasing his solo work on Internet labels, in 2008 he collaborated with Bristol producer Pinch during the Unsound project ?Connections?. This resulted in the track ?Poison / Remedy?, included on the project compilation compiled by scape Records and Unsound.

    Dave Q is the founder and resident DJ of Dub War NYC, the US’s original dubstep party. He has played at London’s seminal DMZ night and many of the leading dubstep events around the US. Along with fellow Dub War residents Joe Nice, Juakali, and Incyde, DQ has been at the forefront of the fast-growing scene from day one. His sets are uncompromising in exploring new directions for the sound, and feature the most sought after dubplates from the scene’s top producers. His new label, The Index, is a collaboration with NYC producer Badawi, and launches in early 2010.

    Konque is a music project and record label helmed by Sasha Kaline and David Last. Strange jacking tracks for dirty basements, or sometimes, just pure sound. Konque embodies a more electroacoustic side than Kaline’s Alka_Rex project, and a stranger palette than David’s usual wobbly funk tracks. They share interests in tape music, modern classical, asian percussion music, as well as dub reggae and ska; these influences are clearly present but not obvious. The textures they choose are meant to evoke images, and they have started developing the sounds simultaneously with animation. Separately, Sasha has released with Musique Risquee, Thema and Mille Plateaux, and David has released with Staubgold, The Agriculture, and Foundsound. As Konque they release on their own label Konque. Recently other artists such as Ezekiel Honig, Pheek and Morgan Packard have joined them.

    Sepalcure’s combination of love for bass and 90s house acapellas is the culmination of a cathartic two week collaboration between Machinedrum and Praveen. Their mix of tribal dub, house and two step beats works equally well for both late nights in the club and rainy, introspective nights at home. Detroit techno chords cut through wooden beats, neon synths and dubbed out atmospherics. Future lovestep. Based in Brooklyn, NY, the two run the Cassette NYC series of events as well as the curated and user contributed mix archive, PercussionLab.Com. Integral to the thriving bass music scene in NYC, the past 5 years have seen Praveen and Machinedrum inviting artists such as Flying Lotus, Daedelus, David Last and Ghislain Poirier to perform alongside local favorites. Their own past releases featuring artists such as Theophilus London and Beno?t Pioulard reveal an artistic breadth unusual for the majority of genre-trapped electronic musicians today.


    By Vintage Vinyl News

    Over 75 artists gathered at Henson Recording Studio in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon to record a new version of We Are the World for Haitian relief.   Like the iconic 1985 session (right), the artists are in the same sound studio and are being executive produced by Lionel Richie and Quincy Jones with help from producer RedOne.  New to the lineup is Wyclef Jean as executive producer and Rickey Minor as producer. 

    According to the Los Angeles Times, this rerecording had been planned for a number of months; however, the urgency changed after the earthquakes in Haiti last month.  Word is that the six-hour session went relatively smoothly except for the occasional hiccup like Barbra Streisand wanting to multiple takes of her section to get the right tone and phrasing.  [Read More]

  • SESSION 382: A1 AFTRHRS 02.03.10

    Mixed by Jeremie

    01. Hamilton Bohannon – Take The Country To N.Y. City (Inst)
    02. Tongi – On the Run (Ghost Mix)
    03. White Limousine – Long On Love (Inst)
    04. State of Grace – Touching The Times
    05. Richard Jon Smith – Baby Got Another
    06. I.M.S. – An English
    07. Gary’s Gang – Makin’ Music
    08. The NIck Straker Band – Straight Ahead
    09. Monyaka – Street People (It Ain’t Easy)
    10. Tony Watson – Passages

  • SESSION 381: ZAKKA 02.02.10

    Mixed by Olé Koretsky

    01. David Bowie – Yassassin
    02. Primal Scream – Come Together (Andy Weatherall Remix)
    03. David Byrne – Fuzzy Freaky (Remix)
    04. Happy Mondays – W.F.L. (Vince Clarke Remix)
    05. David Byrne – Dance on Vaseline (Remix)
    06. Nitzer Ebb – Warsaw Ghetto
    07. Depeche Mode – Halo
    08. Jetlag – Cold Weather Hunting
    09. Nite Club – Code of The Streets (Mike Dextro House Mix)
    10. Primal Scream – Some Velvet Morning (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)


    Photo by C. Bay Milin

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    Sade ‘Solider of Love’ – Daily News
    At Chelsea Hotel, Putting Up Plaques, but Evicting Artists – The Villager
    The Night Belongs to Us – NY Times

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    FunkySlice  02.01.10: DJMonchan
    Dailysession October 09:  M.A.N.D.Y.


    By Jim Farber – Daily News

    Everything changes ? except Sade.

    For over a quarter-century, the singer has sported the same look, employed the same band, recorded for the same label, and for the most part, kept the same sound: a lean, wan take on lounge-jazz that never loses its temper or its focus.

    So narrow an approach could easily bore a fidgety public. But Sade’s last CD, “Lovers Rock,” sold over 3 million copies without seeming to break a sweat. This, despite the fact that eight years passed between the release of that CD and its predecessor, a stretch during which the star passed the dangerous age of 40. [Read More]

  • SESSION 380: FUNKY SLICE 02.01.10

    Mixed by DJMonchan

    01. Ewan Pearson – The Cows at Jodrell Bank
    02. The Orb – Traumvogel
    03. Tranquility Bass – Megamix (Reich Remixed)
    04. Flying Lotus – 1983
    05. Classen Collective – Close To Greatness (Deep Joy Mix)
    06. DJ Krush – Alephevo (Truthspeaking) Feat. Angelina Esparza
    07. Lee Perry Vs. Horsepower – Excersising
    08. Galliano – Travels The Road (X Project Mix)
    09. Top Cat – Push Up U Lighter
    10. Kruder & Dorfmeiser – Shakatakadoodub

  • SESSION 379: M.A.N.D.Y. October, 2009

    Mixed by M.A.N.D.Y  

    Rob Fernandez and Benny Soto present Dance.Here.Too 
    brings you Philipp Jung, one half of internationally renowned M.A.N.D.Y., at SantosPartyHouse on Saturday, February 6th.


    By Patrick Hedlund – The Villager

    A blurb in the “History” section of the Chelsea Hotel’s recently revamped Web site touts some of the countless boldface-named bohemians to have taken up residence at the legendary W. 23rd St. lodge. There are obligatory mentions of Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan, as well as artists Larry Rivers and Willem de Kooning.

    After trotting out a few more marquee names on the newly burnished site, like playwright “Eugene O’Neil” [sic] and composer “Virgil Thompson” [sic], the write-up concludes, asking simply: “Who will be next?”

    Judging by the hotel’s policy to stop renting to long-term residents — a practice that ended with the contentious ouster of 50-year manager Stanley Bard two-and-a-half years ago — it’s not actually tenants of the aforementioned group’s artistic pedigree that the Chelsea wants staying inside. [Read More]


    By Tom Carson – NY Times

    Apart from a certain shared apprehension of immortality — complacent in one case, but endearingly gingerly in the other — the skinny 28-year-old on the cover of Patti Smith’s seismic 1975 album, “Horses,” doesn’t look much at all like Picasso’s portrait of Gertrude Stein. But because the shutterbug was Robert Mapplethorpe, who was soon to become fairly legendary himself, that exquisite photograph of Smith on the brink of fame is as close as New York’s 1970s avant-garde ever came to a comparable twofer. The mythmaking bonus is that the latter-day duo were much more genuinely kindred spirits. [Read More]


    Photo by Streetsy

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    Record label blocks YouTube video embedding – CNet News

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    A-1 AfterHours 01.27.10: Seth
    Zakka 01.26.10:  Cash
    FunkySlice  01.25.10: Earl Broclo Esq
    The Bandwagon 01.20.10 : Taimur Agha(BlkMship)&DJSpinoza (Bunker)
    FunkySlice  01.15.10: Snack & Cmish (Turntable Lab)

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