• SESSION 397: FUNKY SLICE 03.01.10

    Mixed by Takaya Nagase 

    01. Kraftwerk – Autobahn
    02. Japanese Synchro System – C2 Main Mix (Carl Craig)
    03. Passport – Loco – Motive
    04. Gong – Flying Teapot
    05. Juzu – Chan Van ~Tribute To Angkor Wat~
    06. Innervisions presents Secret Weapons – Madioko ‘ N’ Rafika
    07. Altair Nouveau – Space Fortress
    08. House of House – Rushing To Paradise (DJ Harvey Streets Mix)
    09. Keep Her Keen
    10. Unknown

  • Deep&Disco@Rose


    Photo by Blue Jake

    Recent News
    Romance In R&B Is Dead…And Hip-Hop Killed It – MOG
    Beyond the Jimi Hendrix Experience – NewYork Times
    Nina Simone, Diva Out of Carolina – NewYork Times
    Snipshape And Bristol Fashion – Vice

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    FunkySlice  02.26.10: Earl Broclo Esq
    Mo Music Mo Life 02.17.10: Double U Tomek
    Zakka 02.23.10: Ali Coleman (Voice of Voice)


    Photo by Beezer 
    Interview by Bruce Bayleaf – Vice

    Bristol today is synonymous with drum and bass and dubstep, but back in the mid-1980s it was the UK’s hip-hop heartland. Against a backdrop of Thatcherism and high unemployment, the city’s youth developed a taste for US rap and got heavily into the music, fashion and partying of that culture. The soundsystems, civil-rights demonstrations and parties that Bristol native Andy Beese (aka Beezer) documented in photos were in fact the roots of a burgeoning UK urban music scene, which, for a time, was absolutely brilliant. Then it got a bit rubbish, then it was good again, and now it’s kind of OK (well, the new Massive Attack album isn’t bad). These photos are a selection from Beezer’s book, Wild Dayz. We had a word with him about living in Britain’s very own version of Wild Style.  [Read More]


    By Robin D. G. Kelley – NewYork Times

    “I will never be your clown,” Nina Simone shouted at a restless nightclub audience in Cannes in 1977. The mostly French-speaking crowd was either unable or unwilling to join her in a singalong, and she took it as a personal affront. “God gave me this gift — and I am a genius. I worked at my craft for six to 14 hours a day, I studied and learned through practice. I am not here just to entertain you. But how can I be alive when you are so dead?” Her speech only prompted more requests for her to “SING!” She managed to get through some songs before delivering her parting words. “You owe me,” she railed. “I don’t wear a painted smile on my face, like Louis Armstrong.” [Read More]


    By Anthony DeCurtis – NewYork Times

    THIS year marks the 40th anniversary of the death of Jimi Hendrix, and, predictably, that event will be commemorated with the release of a new CD, the freshening up of his classic titles, a tribute tour and a version of the video game Rock Band devoted to him. He will be a hard figure to avoid, as viewers of the Super Bowl who heard his song “Fire” on a commercial promoting “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” have already learned. [Read More]

  • NeilArmstrong@SouthPaw


    DJ Neil Armstrong 

    Friday, Mar 05, 2010 10:30 PM EST (10:30 PM Doors) 
    – Saturday, Mar 06, 2010 4:00 AM EST 
    at Southpaw 
    in Brooklyn, NY

    Acknowledged as the founding father of the DJ Collective .5th Platoon., Neil Armstrong is known as a purveyor of good music, dropping gourmet goods for mixtape aficionados, music connoisseurs and party people throughout the world. Born and Breed in NYC, He cut his teeth in the early 90.s honing his skills in the realm of turntablism, the sect of DJing where proficiency in kutting, scratchin, and beatjuggling define status. His time spent in the trenches battling and mastering the art form allowed him to rock shows alongside artists across the Hip Hop Spectrum – from De La Soul, The Roots, Company Flow and Biz Markie, to Kanye West, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes and Wyclef Jean. As a member of the critically acclaimed 2 time Grammy award nominated jazz band – “Russell Gunn and Ethnomusicology”, he further explored the idea of using a turntable as an instrument. His stint with the band brought him around the globe to places like the North Sea Jazz Festival in Den Hague, Netherlands . one of the largest music gatherings in the world, and gave him the opportunity to play alongside true musicians like Kenny Garrett (a member of Miles Davis’ band) and Branford Marsalis. Over the last 7 years, he has made a mark in the subgenre of Hip Hop known as the Mixtape Culture. Everyone from the hipster set to the industry heavyweights have taken notice. He made Rolling Stone’s “Top 10” Mixtape DJ’s of 2005 list, was recognized by Vibe Magazine as one of the next DJ’s “on deck” to watch out for, had his cd’s featured on MTV.com’s Holiday Essentials Feature, and gained honorable mentions in Mixunit.com’s Power 30 List of “The most influential players players in the mixtape game”. In 2007, he received a SEA Mixtape Award for the .best Old School R&B. Category. Almost 10 years later, the mixtape projects that he created are still sought after and revered.

  • Play @ Moomia

  • SoulSession@RoseMusic

    Brooklyn percussionist Chauncey (Pimps of Joytime, LoveBeat@Bembes) hosts an early week session for those stray souls in search for some real live soul, funk and otherwise, a good Monday night hang with resident band, Soul Survivors: Andy Cotton, Brian J (The Pimps), Raja Kassis (Nomadic Wax), Borahm Lee (Mobius Collective)
    No cover

  • ExCaminos@RoseMusic


    “The Ex Caminos are an 8-piece soul, jazz, funk, and boogaloo band from New York City that plays original and cover material rooted in the late 60s and early 70s. The band performs with New York’s best singers as well to create a unique blend of jazz funk, soul jazz, R&B, boogaloo, and funky soul. 

    Special guests: The Al Street Excursion

    No cover

  • ArmArudHaiti@PublicAsem

     March 12, 2010

    Back Room
    Other Music, Enabler Network and The Crucial Getdown Present: Arms Around Haiti

    3/12, BOTH ROOMS, 8 pm – late! 

    “Other Music, Enabler Network and The Crucial Getdown Present: Arms Around Haiti” 

    Elodie Lauten 
    Arthur?s Landing 
    Reggie Watts 
    (more to come) 
    Cowboy Mark (Crucial Getdown – Enabler Network) 
    Gerald Hammill (Other Music) 
    Dwayne Harriot (Other Music) 
    Sal P (Liquid Liquid) 
    Play It Loud Dj’s: 
    Doug Gomez (Drrrtyhaze) 
    Henry Maldonado (Son Of Sound)Henry Maldonado (Son of Sound)Henry Maldonado (Son of Sound) 
    Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area) 

    Marcos Cabral (Runaway – DFA) 

    proceeds will be going to Doctors With Out Boarders

  • TaniaVulcan@Cielo

  • BadBoyBill@ Cielo

  • SESSION 396: FUNKY SLICE 02.26.10

    Mixed by Earl Broclo Esq

    01. Rodney Dangerfield’s Midwest Murder
    02. Thelonius Monk – Raise Four
    03. Santana – La Fuente Del Ritmo
    04. Deodato – September 13th
    05. Lyrics Born & Poets of Rhythm – I changed my mind
    06. Freddie Hubbard – Red clay
    07. Joe Walsh – In the City
    08. Gil Scott Heron – Lady Day & John Coltrane
    09. Caesar Frazier – Funk it up
    10. Rodney Dangerfield’s Sex Life

  • Sakaki&Yuko@SinSin

    Sakaki’s Birthday Bash 
    Music by Sakaki Nakamura and DJ Yuko Jikodo 
    Special Performance by Kay Matsukawa 
    10pm to 4am 
    $5 (free b4 11) 
    Soulgasm at SinSin 
    85 2nd Avenue (cnr. of 5th St.) 
    New York, NY, 10002