• SESSION 1537: VOICE OF VOICE 12.08.13

    Mixed by Ali Coleman

    01. Devil’s Advocate Monologue
    02. Anto Vitale – Deep Batida (Abicah Soul Mix)
    03. Louie Vega feat. Duane Harden – Never stop (Sunset Ritual Mix)
    04. Jessie Outlaw feat. Guru – Simple Thing of Life
    05. DJ Phyzix feat. Tshepo – Groove in this Place (Original Instrumental)
    06. Low Deep T – Heaven
    07. Ten City – My Piece of Heaven
    08. Sara Tavanes – One Love
    09. Deepquest – Our Joy
    10. The Incredible Bongo Band – Dueling Bongos
    11. Rider & Lewis (Seven Deadly Sins) – Lust
    12. Sylvester – Do You Wanna Funk
    13. Salsoul Orchestra – Magic Bird of Fire (Cyclist Edit)
    14. Loleatta Holloway – Catch Me On The Rebound (L’ephant Edit)
    15. Ripple – The Beat Goes On (RLP ReTouched)
    16. Pure Energy – Breakaway
    17. Aurra – Such A Feeling
    18. The Earons – Land Of Hunger
    19. Yanni – Niki Nana (Redzone Mix)
    20. Maceo Plex – Under The Sheets
    21. Stevie Wonder – I Love You More Today Than Yesterday


    Mixed by Luka Bernaskone


  • SESSION 1535: GUEST SESSION 12.04.13

    Mixed by Sean Rowlands (Academy Records)

    01. Buscrates – In Gear
    02. Proh-mic – I Like
    03. Reva & Roane – Champagne (Hot 16 Rmx)
    04. Benedek – Saturday Jam
    05. Contact – Big Fun
    06. Teams & Star Slinger – Life Partner
    07. Toro Y Moi – All Alone
    08. Rene & Angela – I’ll Be Good
    09. Tambi – You Dont Know (Female Version)
    10. Oxygen – Party Lets Party Part II
    11. Pleasure – Nuthin To It
    12. Captain Sky – Dr. Rock
    13. Orlando Johnson & Trance – Turn The Music On
    14. Sinnamon – I Need You Now (The Fierce Reprise)
    15. Sinnamon – I Need You Now
    16. Del Richardson – Soul on Fire (Jazz Mix)
    17. Cherelle – Saturday Love (Extended Version)
    18. Toro Y Moi – Saturday Love
    19. Toro Y Moi – I Can Get Love
    20. Firefox – Fire
    21. Steve Harvey – Something Special
    22. The Armed Gang – Love Shot (Club Version)
    23. East Liberty Quarters – The 206
    24. Spice – You’re So Nice (Latin Spice)
    25. Deco – Fresh Idea
    26. Lynx – You’re Lying
    27. Atlantis – Keep On Movin And Groovin
    28. Keni Burke – You’re The Best
    29. Starleana Young – Heartbreaker

  • SESSION 1534: FUNKY SLICE 12.01.13

    Mixed by Monchan

    01. Dolette Mcdonald – (Xtra) Special
    02. Surface – Falling Love
    03. Billy Ocean – Night Feel Like Getting Down
    04. MFSB
    05. Cecil Parker – What It Is
    06. Vitamin E – Snake Woman
    07. Lalomie Washburn – Man Power (Can You Do It)
    08. Black Soul – Daker Sound
    09. Funkadelic – Better By The Pound
    10. Pucho and His Latin Soul Brothers
    11. The Hamilton Affair – Soul Sister (You’re he Baddest Thing Out There)
    12. Idris Muhammad – Tasty Cakes
    13. Rockin’ Horse – Love Do Me Right
    14. John Gibbs and U.S. Steel Orchestra – Trinidad
    15. Jan Leslie Holmes – I’m Your Superman
    16. Bryan Ferry – Don’t Stop The Dance (Todd Terje Remix)
    17. Like A Circle – Terence (Terry Original Mix)
    18. Kito Jempere – I Get This Feeling
    19. Andres – New For U
    20. Osunlade – Camera Shy (Alex & Chris Remix)
    21. The Songstress – See Line Woman
    22. Simply Red – When I Look Into Your Eyes
    23. Terrence Parker Feat.Reno Ka – Finally
    24. Monchan – Sweet Dream
    25. Monchan – Great Thing
    26. Vin Sol – It’s House Feat.Tyree Cooper
    27. Space Coast (Social Disco Club Remix)
    28. Pepe Bradock – @The Stanley

  • SESSION 1533: A1 IN STORE 11.22.13

    Mixed by Dwayne Holt (Studio 54)


  • SESSION 1532: FUNKY SLICE 11.10.13

    Mixed by Monchan

    01. Carly Simon – Tranquillo (Melt My Heart)
    02. France Joli – Your Good Lovin’
    03. The Salsoul Orchestra – Ooh, I Love It (Love Break)
    04. Tonight Tomorrow
    05. Omar S 002
    06. Dinky – Falling Angel
    07. Bjork Remix
    10. La Pregunta – Chameleon
    11. Moodymann – Got 2 Make It
    12. Kito Jempere – Confusion
    13. The Music Choir – Get Down To Love
    15. Sandy Rivera feat.Lt Brown – Come Into My Room
    16. DJ Sneak – Show Me The Way
    17. Lonely (Marcos Cabral Edit)
    18. Lil Louis – Club Lonely
    19. The Chi-Lites feat.Eugene Record – Try My Side (of Love)
    20. Candi Staton – Looking For Love
    21. Intruders – I’ll Always Love My Mama


    Mixed by Luka Bernaskone



    Mixed by DJ Amore


  • SESSION 1529: GUEST SESSION 10.27.13


    Mixed by DJ Osmose (Smokeclouds Records)

    01. DJ Reverend P / Troubleman ‘After Da Dance pt 2’ GAMM
    02. Beards in Dust ‘Grapevine’ *Lipelis remix Whiskey Disco
    03. B.G. Baarregaard ‘The Sound’ Whiskey Disco
    04. Beaten Space Probe ‘Sorcerer’ Glenview records
    05. Skylevel ‘5 Million Steps’ Skylevel
    06. Guynamite ‘Paradise Uncertain in Eucharis’ Mukatsuku records
    07. The Noodleman ‘They Call Him Archie’ Glenview records
    08. Frank Booker ‘It’s Time’ Kolour LTD
    09. Gredits ‘Musique’ Basic Fingers
    10. B­Jam ‘You’ll Never Get Away’ Smokecloud records
    11. Jordan Fields ‘Track One’ Voulez­vous
    12. Light Of The World ‘Time’ *Koko re­edit Basic Fingers
    13. Eric Duncan ‘Don’t Stop The Dance’ edit C.O.M.B.i.


    ­Quality Music For Forward People
    Turntablist flare with dancefloor sensibility. Osmose has worked in the studio and/or nightclub with artists as diverse as Grandmaster Flash, Sleazy McQueen, Ursula 1000, Nicola Conta, Thunderball, Ramadanman, Moldy,CaZ, Mayhem, Boozoo Bajou, Boo Williams, Kai Alce, Paul Rogers, Mykal Rose, Collie Buddz, The Aggrolites, Dubconscious and The Wailers (both versions of the group). Osmose plays a wide variety of styles from Disco,Funk, Soul, Hip­Hop, Reggae, Deep House, Nudisco & more, but always keeps it analog! With over 15+ years experience behind the decks Osmose not only plays in Atlanta, but has a recurring DJ presence around the USA
    and Canada.

    As of 2011 Osmose launched Smokecloud records, a vinyl only label that is mastered and pressed in the USA.
    The label’s focus is on the slower side of soul­based dance music, staying below the 115­116 bpm range and is geared towards DJ’s that play a diverse collection of venues from nightclubs, lounges, cafes, bars and restaurants. Outside of vinyl releases on Smokecloud records, Osmose also has music out on Sleazy McQueen’s France based Whiskey Disco vinyl imprint (another forthcoming too) as well as a forthcoming release on The Noodleman & Fake Glasses new vinyl only label out of Toronto entitled Long Weekend records, a remix on the vinyl only Boogie & Beatdown imprint Rotating Souls and a new vinyl project in the works with Canada’s Honey Disco man Hristo & Koosh.


    Mixed by Luka Bernaskone


  • SESSION 1527: RECORDEX 10.24.13

    Mixed by Donald Lassiter

    01. Lonnie Liston Smith and The Cosmic Echoes – Goddess of Love
    02. Lonnie Smith – Babbitt’s Other Song
    03. Lonnie Liston Smith and The Cosmic Echoes – Golden Dreams
    04. Bobbi Humphrey – Just a Love Child
    05. Steve Marshall – You Are The World
    06. Johnny Hammond – Fantasy
    07. Grover Washington Jr. – Rock Steady
    08. Joe Thomas – Flame
    09. Melba Moore – Promised Land
    10. The Supremes – High Energy
    11. Sylvia – Lay It On Me
    12. Silver Convention – Fly, Robin, Fly
    13. Main Ingredient – Euphrates
    14. Isaac Hayes – Never Gonna Give You Up
    15. Marvin Gaye – God Is Love




    By OurVinyl.com

    [Preface: There is no argument for an objective superior. Steaks, hamburger and sloppy joes are all great. But to not know what you’re eating is only letting yourself down ….]

    Any avid music fan has probably had the argument with a friend (or foe) about what the best way is, in terms of format, to listen to music. Since Napster shattered the customs of the music world in the late 90’s mp3s have become synonymous with contemporary music. The iPod has since come along and informed us we no longer needed shelves for our music collection, just a pocket. These developments are currently pushing the CD format closer and closer to its inevitable extinction. Yet ironically, as the CD slowly dies, vinyl records are storming back into popularity. So it appears that while the MP3 has unquestionably made music more portable and “share-able” (it is truly awesome to be able to bring your entire music collection on a plane ride!), it doesn’t seem to have what it takes to wipe out other formats completely.

    So lets take a look at the science behind music formats and how we hear in general. An educated listener is a better listener indeed, and you may be surprised by what you didn’t know. We must start by examining sound in general.

    All right, lets get some simple things straight about the way sound works for us humans and our brains. In general the human ear picks up frequencies between 20 hertz (Hz) and 20,000 Hz; hertz meaning the number of vibrations per second (“sound” is simply our brains perceiving minuscule air pressure changes, or vibrations). Yet the truth is most adults are only capable of hearing up to around 16k Hz (a little higher for females, you lucky ladies) because we lose the ability to perceive higher frequencies as we age. Sounds do indeed exist below 20 Hz (think of when you feel deep bass without actually hearing it) and upwards well beyond 20K Hz (think of a dog whistle, we don’t hear it but the pups sure do). So while we can pick up the most important swath of the sound-spectrum, there does exists a great deal of sonic information we just never hear because of the limits of our ears & brain. [Note: this phenomena also exists with our eyes, we only see a tiny portion of the electro-magnetic spectrum, which we call light & color]

    So why care about these sounds our brains’ cannot even perceive, what the heck does that have to do with musical formats and listening to your tunes? Again, we have to look at some science basics (bear with me!). Sound is mathematical. Lets say you play an A major chord on an instrument. The fundamental frequency of an A major is 440 Hz, so that will be the most present frequency we hear, yet it will not be the only. Here is the math; that A note will also create and sound out its harmonics (or “overtones”), which are always multiples of itself. This means that 440 Hz A note will create another “harmonic” at 880 Hz (440 x 2), another at 1320 Hz (440 x 3), and another one at 1760 Hz (440 x 4) and it goes on and on. Harmonics are a large part of what make notes played by instruments interesting to our ears. Because different instruments (or vocal chords for that matter) will inherently create different harmonic relations to the fundamental frequency, this is in turn the reason why there exists a difference in sound from instrument to instrument, even when they play the same mathematically identical musical note. This difference is referred to as an instrument’s “timbre”. Think of a computer created “true tone”, one with no harmonics; it’s a shrill and sterile sound. So, consider this question; if the chords and notes that make up our music all create harmonics that are out of our hearing range, do those sounds have any affect upon what we do hear? Hold onto that thought, however, we can now begin our discussion upon music formats. [Read More]


    Mixed by Elbin Reyes

    01. Joan Bibiloi – Pinzelles
    02. Chicago – Beginnings
    03. Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express – Beginning Again
    04. Earth, Wind & Fire – See The Light
    05. Orchestra Julian – Do It With Class
    06. Linda Evans – You Control Me
    07. Kathi Baker – Fa La La (Feel the Heat)
    08. Carol Williams – Love Is You
    09. Karla Garrison – This Could Be The Night
    10. You’ve Got To Have Freedom Feat.Janice & Ange (Patchworks Rmx)
    11. The Von Sein & Tigerskin – Pernile’s Kitchen Jam
    12. Vick Lavender ft. Diviniti – Let It Go (Josh Milan Honeycomb Vocal Mix)
    13. Makussa(African Deep) Part One – Medicine Man Drinking From The Wall Of The Spirits
    14. EnJebeye – Medicine
    15. RonTrent – Manifesto
    16. Secret Squirrels #1
    17. Eric Ericksson – (Over) Yuki
    18. Keys & Tronics Ensemble – Easy
    19. Brasstronaut – Opportunity (Jacques Renault Remix)
    20. Double K (Kuniyuki&Raoul K) – Esprit De La Jungle
    21. Soul 223 – Fear of Stopping (Maxi Mill Remix)
    22. Jersey real Estate feat. Jovonn – What Is House
    23. Tommy Rawson – Brenda Done Died With No Name
    24. Soul 223 – Walberswick (Hoist Covert Mix)
    25. N.O.W. Feat. Juan Rozoff (Patchworks Rmx)
    26. Al Kent – Stanton Davis’ Ghetto Mysticism
    27. Coyote – California Jam
    28. Fabrizio Fattori – Appunti D’Africa
    29. David Astri – Get Down To It
    30. The Quick – One Light In A Blackout

  • SESSION 1525: A1 IN STORE 10.19.13

    Mixed by Dwayne Holt (Studio 54)

    “The Soul of Disco”

    01. Diana Ross – Lady Sings the Blues Soundtrack 1972
    02. Teddy Pendergrass – If You know Like I know 1979
    03. Hamilton Bohannon – Keep On Dancing 1974
    04. Dexter Wansel – I ‘ll Never Forget 1979
    05. O’Jays – I Love Music (Remix Break) 2000
    06. Ultra High Frequency – Were on The Right Track 1974
    07. Cloud One – Atomosphere Strut 1976
    08. Fatback Band – No More Room For Dancing 1976
    09. People’s Choice – Boogie Down U.S.A. 1975
    10. Atlanta Disco Band – Buckhead 1975
    11. The Brothers – Under The Skin 1976
    12. Issac Hayes – Buns O’ Plenty 1974
    13. James Brown – Super Bad 1970
    14. El Coco – Hot Disco Night (Are You Ready) 1976
    15. El Coco – Delicdo 1975
    16. Mandrilll – Ali Bombaye 1977
    17. MFSB – Freddies’s Dead 1973
    18. Mark Radice – If You Can’t Beat Em 1976
    19. The Four Tops – Catfish 1976
    20. Blue Magic – Look Me Up 1974
    21. People’s Choice – Her We Go Again 1976
    22. Motown Sounds – Bad Mouthin 1978
    23. Detroit Emeralds – You Want if You Got It 1972


  • SESSION 1524: VINYLMANIA 10.19.13

    Mixed by Eric Lopez aka “BigE”



    By DiscoMusic.com

    Tips to keep vinyl records clean. Directions for deep cleaning records by hand or with a vacuum record cleaning machine. A shopping list of supplies and Q & A section with answers to your record care questions is included.

    Good sound starts with a clean and static-free vinyl record. Whether you are a casual listener or a fanatical audiophile and vinyl record collector, many of us here at DiscoMusic.com have accumulated thousands of vinyl records over the years. In an effort to digitally preserve your priceless records you may have considered transferring and restoring your vinyl record collection to CD by using your computer and some audio recording / editing software. Before you do, remember that in order to extract the best sound from your discs it’s important to start with scrupulously clean records and equipment including your stylus.

    Cleaning Vinyl Records by Hand or with a Machine?

    Vinyl discs that are kept clean and free of dirt, dust and oils from one’s fingers will sound much clearer and more importantly last longer. Since clean records have less clicks, crackle and pop you’ll have less work when it comes to the restoration phase and attain much better results. The great thing about cleaning your records is that it doesn’t take a lot of equipment, but there are choices. Let’s discuss some proven ways of cleaning records either with a record cleaning machine or by hand with brushes and ready-made record cleaning solutions. We will start with the preferred way and work our way down. [Read More]