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    In 2004, Dennis Kane and Darshan Jesrani met during a sound check. A friendship and creative bond grew from that moment and Adult Section and Strobe Lodge eventually began. June 4th will be the next installment of the Strobe Lodge, and DailySession recently sent Darshan and Dennis some questions, via email, to get a better look at what pushes them and delivers such solid parties.

    01. How did the two of you meet and begin playing records together?

    DJ: I think the first time we met was at a sound check downstairs at APT on west 13th st. This was probably back in 2004-5.. Not too long after we did our first Adult Section night at a short-lived place called Opus 22, which was near the West Side Highway, an ill-fated venue which ended up closing because one of the bouncers shot someone right outside. That one good night we did there was enough though, to set the tone for what was to come.

    DK: We went in together to preview and EQ the new funktion 1 system at APT, I think in 2004, shortly after that we did a party at Opus 22, it was a one off really, but we had a great time and thought – why not do it again.

    2. What bonds you both creatively when it comes to playing events together?

    DJ: Probably just that we both aspire to play with the most feeling we can, and that we try to play up to people and make the place happen in the best way we know how at the moment. We try to employ some thought, and overall desire to see something different happen each time, each in our own way.

    DK: Well different but sympathetic approaches, but ultimately the desire to make the night as enjoyable as possible while exploring whatever genres of dance music that inspire us. Drive the bus up the hill, and then floor it down the hill! Seriously the idea of a crazed bus trip sounds like an apt description. The nights have always been full on, and there has been an offhanded and easy rapport with a really great crowd of people.

  • SESSION 472: FUNKY SLICE 05.31.10

    Mixed by  Sean Bee (Downtown)

    01. Idioma – Landscapes
    02. A Mountain of One – Bones (The Time And Space Machine Mix)
    03. Bubble Club – Violet Morning Moon (Remix By DR.Dunks)
    04. Vegard Wolf Dyvik – Quad 1
    05. Burnt Island Casuals – Truth & Temptation
    06. Hungry Ghost – Don’t Eat The Apricots
    07. Situation – Gangster Love
    08. Lindstorm & Christabelle – Baby Can’t Stop (Aeroplane Vocal Remix)
    09. LCD Soundsystem – 45:33 (Padded Cell Remix)
    10. Visitors – Ledger (Richard Sen Remix)


    Mixed by DJ KOJIE a.k.a.Marlin @ 310 Lounge

    01. Prefuse 73 – Love You Bring
    02. Inner Science – Diaphanous
    03. Chimp Beams – Menina
    04. Luke Vibert – Bongo Beats
    05. Fresh Air – the Call
    06. UBAD – The Legacy
    07. Dela & Large Pro – Cheer
    08. Teezva – Find A Way
    09. C.O.M.P.U.T.E.R.J.O.C.H.E.Y.S- Ping Pong
    10. Sharaku – River


    By Anna Beta – The Village Voice

    I’m a reformed ’90s raver,” confesses DJ Doug Singer. “So dance parties for me used to be hundreds of people gathering at random spots and finding something in common together. The first parties I ever played were at campgrounds on a lake.”

    Seated together with his fellow DJ/promoters—North Carolina transplant Justin Carter and Irishman Eamon Harkin—at a bar in Fort Greene, Singer, an Ohio native, reminisces about a decade spent partaking in and promoting dance parties amid the cement strictures of New York, and how far the scene here has fallen. “With bottle service and Manhattan club life, going out became a chore. So we’re bringing it back to where you don’t have to be into anything other than having a good time.” [Read More]


    Before 2005 Jonathan Sklute was working in finance and moonlighting as a hip-hop artist and DJ. But in 2005, Jonny decided to leave the spreadsheet world and open his own record shop, chasing the dream many don’t dare to touch. Good Records NYC was born and after word got around on the internet, DJs and collectors from around the globe were interested in what Jonny and the crew were selling. The list of rare and pricey selections can get as high as the four-figure range, but Good Records NYC has plenty of dollar bins, re-released, and used records to keep any shopper’s pocket satisfied.

    DailySession is proud to bring Jonny and his crew on board for our LIVE broadcasts. Starting June 4th @ 8pm (EST) we’ll be broadcasting LIVE every FRIDAY from the Alphabet City record shop, and we can’t wait to hear what they’ll be adding to the DailySession line up.


    By GetPhysical

    May 29-31, 2010

    Memorial Day Weekend

    Movement 2010 is right around the corner!

    This is the 10th anniversary of Detroit’s yearly electronic music festival. Local music heroes and renowned artists from around the world on 4 stages, 12 hours a day for 3 days = more fun than you might be able to handle. Oh, and then there’s the Afterparties, many of which have become the stuff of legend. It all adds up to something you do not want to miss. [Read More]

  • SESSION 470: EVENTS 05.28.10

    Mixed by Pinch (Tectonic/Tempa/Soul Jazz/Planet Mu/Punch Drunk/Bristol)

  • SESSION 469: EVENTS 05.28.10

    Mixed by Marcus Visionary (Digital Soundboy/Liondub International/Dub Rock Sound/Toronto)

  • SESSION 468: EVENTS 05.28.10

    Mixed by Iron Myke (Enkryption Projekt/Konkrete Jungle)

  • SESSION 467: EVENTS 05.28.10

    Mixed by Human? (Konkrete Jungle/Survival Crew)

  • AfroDubSesssion-Amir

    SLF presents Afro-Dub Sessions
    Saturday, May 29, 2010, 10 p.m.–4 a.m.
    (and every last Saturday of the month)
    Rose Live Music, 345 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY

    Sound Liberation Front (SLF), an arts and music organization based in Brooklyn, presents Afro-Dub
    Sessions: a monthly party at Rose Live Music in Williamsburg that combines live music and DJs to
    celebrate the best in Dub and African-influenced sounds.

    This month?s party will feature an Africa-inspired guest set by Amir from the world-renown record-
    collecting duo Kon and Amir. Revered for his extensive knowledge of music, Amir has made a name for
    himself compiling rare grooves for the duo?s legendary Kings of Diggin?, On Track and Off Track releases
    on BBE Records. This includes the just-released Off Track III mix CD, which features eclectic African
    disco and soul from the period following Fela Kuti?s mid-70s creative peak. Amir also heads the record
    label arm of Wax Poetics magazine, and has been featured in XLR8R, Spine Magazine, The Source,
    Scratch, and Urb.

    As it does every month, Afro-Dub Sessions also features a pair of live performances by resident band
    Super Hi-Fi, which combines Afrobeat, Dub, live remixing and special guest appearances to create their
    signature Afro-Dub sound. The five-piece collective features members of Aphrodesia, Slavic Soul Party,
    The Superpowers, and the Blue Man Group.

    SLF?s resident DJs Linh, Q-Mastah and Lil Tiger will bring their diverse musical selections to the
    turntables to round out the night.

    Afro-Dub Sessions is dedicated to the idea that dub, born in Jamaica, and African musical styles like
    Afrobeat, Afropop and Afrofunk are natural partners in the origins of global dance music. Each month
    SLF explores these connections by hosting a different guest DJ specializing in Dub or African-influenced
    styles. The June 26 party will feature New York reggae specialists Deadly Dragon Sound System.

    SOUND LIBERATION FRONT is a Brooklyn-based non-profit organization devoted to the power of music
    as a socially liberating and unifying cultural force. Last summer, the group organized the Sound
    Liberation Festival in Brooklyn. The event featured hip-hop legends Brand Nubian; electro-Afrobeat
    pioneers Chico Mann; Ticklah; DJs Kenny Parker, Cosmo Baker, and Ian Friday; and, workshops by
    Afro Mosaic Soul and DubSpot. SLF also hosts SoundLib Wednesdays at Moe?s Bar in Fort Greene.

  • SESSION 466: VINYLMANIA 05.25.10

    Mixed by DJ Monchan

    01. Gerardo Frisina – The Gods of the Yoruba
    02. Charles Mingus – II B.S. (RZA’s Mingus Bounce Mix)
    03. Ananda Project – I Hear You Dreaming (Larry Heard Nocturnal Mix)
    04. Larry Heard – Feathers Floating
    05. Francois K – Hypnodelic
    06. Norman Cook – Kulay Burn (Long Version)
    07. Intuit – Peace of Mind (Raw Deal Mix)
    08. Dan Electro – I’ve got that feeling (Franck Roger Remix)
    09. Maynard Ferguson – Pagliacci (Extended Remix)
    10. Pucho and His Latin Soul Brothers – Chitterlings Con Carne

  • SESSION 465: ZAKKA 05.25.10

    Mixed by Ali Coleman (Voice of Voice)

    01. Akabu – I’m Not Affraid of The Future
    02. SuSU Bobian – Pride (Davidson Ospina Anthem Mix)
    03. George Llanes – Mystified
    04. Naked Truth – Deep Nota Records
    05. Ariel (Lightman) – Vibing Under One Groove
    06. Nu Larisa Soul – Cosmic Love
    07. Tiger Stripes
    08. Pata Funk – Venezuela
    09. Go Bang
    10. Terrance Trent Derby – As Yet Untitled