DJ NOB first came in contact with electronic music in the late 1990’s at the underground venue “Sound Community DUB”, in his hometown of Yokohama, which is still renowned for it’s high quality sound system.

    In 2003 DJ NOB and his colleagues at “Sound Community DUB” created the KAMOME SOUND SYSTEM collective consisting of DJs, music producers, and VJ artists who also design and build original speakers and sound systems. DJ NOB and KAMOME SOUND SYSTEM have recently launched the party “LOUVER” in Tokyo in partnership with the “Far East Underground” radio program of the Romanian radio station “Radio DEEA”. The “LOUVER” concept is the global transmission of underground music from Japan to the world via broadcast.

    DJ NOB is not only a popular DJ but also a producer of his own original music and has gained additional success editing various classic dance tracks. He has gone on to tour in Australia, Taiwan, Germany, London, Sweden and Romania.

    Daily Session is now proud to present a unique, comprehensive and exclusive new mix by DJ Nob which blends many of his musical roots together including the classic raw sounds of Funk, Rock and Soul to Techno, House and Ambient electronic music.
    (by Megumi)


    [mp3player width=500 height=310 config=partyhouse.xml playlist=partyhouse.xml]
    Photo by Anrei Degenhardt


    [mp3player width=500 height=500 config=discogarageloft.xml playlist=discogarageloft.xml]
    Photo by Daichi

  • SESSION 1553: VINYLMANIA 01.12.14

    Mixed by Eric Lopez aka “BigE”

  • SESSION 1552: VINYLMANIA 01.09.14

    Mixed by Eric Lopez aka “BigE”

  • SESSION 1551: FUNKY SLICE 01.07.14

    Mixed by Monchan

    01. The Swingle Singers – Prelude & Fugue in C Minor
    02. 386.2251
    03. Jose James – Love Conversation Feat.Jordana De Lovely
    04. Chet Baker – I’m Fool To Want You (Live)
    05. Carleen Anderson – Sweetness
    06. Loop Professor & Dell Wells Vs.Norah Jones
    07. Sands of Time
    08. Stevie Wonder – Superwoman
    09. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – Must Be Something
    10. David Mccallum – The Edge
    11. John Barry – The Persuaders Theme
    12. Debukas – Titanic
    13. Herbert – In The Kitchen
    14. Herbert – You’re Unknown To Me
    15. Flash & The Pan – Walking In The Rain
    16. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Castle Made Of Sands
    17. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – May This Be Love
    18. Archie Pelago – Brown Oxford
    19. Yse Saint Laur’ant – Harmonious Discord
    20. Andrew Allsgood – (Disco) Pig In Space
    21. Todd Terje – Snooze4Love
    22. Minnie Riperton – I’m A Woman
    23. Taste of Honey – Rescue Me
    24. James Wells – My Claim To Fame
    25. Sharon Ridley – Changes

  • SESSION 1550: VINYLMANIA 01.05.14

    Mixed by Eric Lopez aka “BigE”

  • SESSION 1549: VINYLMANIA 01.02.14

    Mixed by Eric Lopez aka “BigE”

  • SESSION 1548:NININJA 12.31.13


    Mixed by Monchan & Donald Lassiter

  • SESSION 1547: FUNKY SLICE 12.23.13

    Mixed by Monchan

    01. Murphy Jax – The Acid HouseKeeper (DSR Mix)
    02. Jazzatron From Cybertron – Feel
    03. Ben Rourke – Blue
    04. Nick Agha – Climates
    05. Manuel Tur & DPlay – Rest Your Senses
    08. John Heckle
    09. Jerzzey Boy
    10. Scientist
    11. Jovonn – Garage Shelter
    12. Arnolod Jarvis – Take Some Time Out
    13. Trojan Horse – What $ Love
    14. Echo 106
    15. I Cry Ft. Gemma Dunleavy
    16. Jahiliyya Fields – Aeon aeon
    17. John Heckle
    18. Simoncino
    19. Herbert
    20. The Turtles – You Showed Me

  • SESSION 1546: A1 IN STORE 12.25.13

    Mixed by Donald Lassiter

    01. Shirley Caser – Go Take A Bath Sermonettc
    02. Black Rascals – So In Love
    03. Boyd Jarvis – In The Jungle
    04. Omar-S – Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself
    05. Omar-S – Be Yoself
    06. Purple Velvet – Never Do Wrong
    07. Mood II Swing – Got To Have It
    08. River Ocean – Love Happiness
    09. Jovonn – Gotta Party
    10. Fazed Idjats Feat Sally Rodgers – Dust Of Life (Piano Mix)
    11. Jovonn – Circle Dance
    12. Afrikan Basement
    13. Arno E. Mathieu – Afternoon Fantasy
    14. Jamerson – Got to Give It Up
    15. Mood Swing II – To Thinh We Met Just Yesterday
    16. Vincent Floyd – Get Up
    17. Slam Mode – La Colecion
    18. Indigo Tracks Part One – Rites of Passage
    19. Stephen Encinas – Lypso Illusion
    20. Rosie Gaines – In Sprit “The Gift Of Paradise Mix”
    21. Gloria Taylor – Deep Inside You

  • SESSION 1545: VINYLMANIA 12.25.13

    Mixed by Eric Lopez aka “BigE”


    From Disco to Disco: New York’s Global Clubbing Influence
    By Tim Lawrence – RedbullMusicAcademy

    Studio 54 DJ Booth, 1979

    Paradise Garage. Studio 54. The Loft. The heady influence NYC’s clubs have exerted on global dance culture.

    The case is harder to make today, but once upon a time New York hosted the most numerous and adventurous DJ-led party spaces in the world. Visitors testify they had never experienced anything like it prior to their trip to the city. Some even returned home with the dream of re-creating something of their own.

    New York’s influence can be traced back to the moment at the beginning of 1970 when David Mancuso hosted the first in a series of shimmering house parties that came to be known as the Loft. Around the same time, two entrepreneurs known as Seymour and Shelley took over a struggling discotheque called the Sanctuary and became the first nightclub proprietors to welcome gay dancers into a public venue.

    Selecting records in relation to the energy of their multicultural and polysexual crowds, Mancuso and Sanctuary DJ Francis Grasso established the sonic and social potential of a contagious culture. Better Days, the Tenth Floor, the Gallery, Le Jardin, Flamingo, 12 West, SoHo Place, Galaxy 21 and Reade Street bolstered the word-of-mouth network. With the media barely aware of its existence, the city’s dance scene remained resolutely subterranean – to most locals as well as tourists.
    [Read More]

  • SESSION 1544: A1 IN STORE 12.20.13

    Mixed by DJ Marc Soul

    01. The Reflections – Are You Ready
    02. G.C. Cameron – You’re What’s Missing In My Life
    03. North, South, East & West – I Can’t Make It Without You
    04. Creative Funk – Moving World
    05. Ice Water Slim – I Don’t Understand It
    06. The New Birth – I Can’t Understand It
    07. The Futures – Stay With Me
    08. Free Spirit – Love You Just As Long As I Can
    09. We The People – Making My Dream Real
    10. Maceo And the Macks – Soul Power 74 Part.1
    11. The LTG Exchange – Coraazon
    12. Lon Courthey – Hot Butter N’ All
    13. Roy Ayers – The Way Of The World
    14. Street Feet – Satisfied City
    15. Willie Lee & Ike Bennet – These Eyes
    16. Numonics – Forever And A Day
    17. Don Armando’s Rhumba Band – Winter Love
    18. Machine – Marisa
    19. Gang’s Back – Love
    20. J.W.McGee – And When We Party
    21. Ebony Brothers – Brighter Up Your Night
    22. Twenty Nine With Lenny White – Fancy Dancer


    Photo by www.ivobol.nl

    Mastering for Vinyl
    By Recording Magazine

    “LPs are staging a big comeback, which means there’s a lot to know before you send your music off for pressing.”
    By Scott Dorsey

    There’s something of a small renaissance in LP production these days, and we’re starting to see a lot of people in small studios producing material for issue on LP for the first time.

    It’s not just in one sector of the industry, either. The guys producing dance music for DJ use have never really given up on vinyl because their customers like the ability to mix and scratch the stuff, but the techno music explosion has also brought in a lot of people intending to cut vinyl. There is an increasing amount of jazz being released on vinyl, and a number of small audiophile labels cropping up that release primarily on vinyl.

    This is a bit of a problem, though, for people who want to get into this growth. LPs aren’t like CDs at all, in that a lot of manipulation has to be done to fit your material onto the disc. So there are a lot of things to watch out for that most folks who haven’t mixed for LP release might find a bit odd.

    How LPs are made

    Now, this stuff is actually more important than you think. When you release on CD, you don’t need to know a thing about the pressing process, because you know that the bits that get sent out to the plant will be the same bits on the disc you release.

    This is not at all the case with LPs, and you need to involve yourself in the process a lot more. You also need to know how things work, because the probabilities of something going wrong are great, and you will need to talk with the manufacturing people and understand what they are saying. So a lot of this stuff may sound completely irrelevant, but it’s important in understanding some of the limitations of the medium.

    In the beginning, we start out with an acetate blank (also called a lacquer), a disc made of aluminum with a thin layer of acetate plastic on it. It’s placed on a mastering lathe, which is a sort of turntable with a cutting head (basically a huge oversized phono cartridge in reverse) on a bar that is suspended over the disc like a linear tracking tonearm.

    The head may be cooled with water or compressed helium because of the huge amount of heat generated by the high torque coils in it that are required to cut smoothly through the acetate surface without distortion. This is despite the fact that the cutting stylus is heated to help it glide through the plastic without tearing. [Read More]

  • SESSION 1543: VINYLMANIA 12.22.13

    Mixed by Eric Lopez aka “BigE”

  • SESSION 1542: A1 IN STORE 12.17.13

    Mixed by Stewarrt Upchurch

    01. Ditongo – Walk Between The Rain
    02. Seven Davis Jr. – All Kinds
    03. the Pointer Sisters – Send Him back
    04. First Choice – Love Thang (Tee Scott Remix)
    05. Lil Louis – I called You (Joe Edit)
    06. Juan De Dios – The Man I Luv
    07. Jay Daniel – I Have No Name
    08. D.Snaith – Ye Ye
    09. Daphni – Ne Noya
    10. Floor Plan – Never Growold
    12. Francis Bebey – Bissao (Pilouski Edit)
    13. Prince – The Future
    14. Mick Jagger – Lucky In Love
    15. Belle Epoque – Miss Broadway
    16. Massimo Barsotti – W.L.L.
    17. Alexander Robotnick – Love Supreme
    18. Sunny Place (Won X Mix)
    19. Dido – I Don’t Believe In love (Joe Edit)
    20. Jay Daniel – Nu Love Lost
    21. Omar Souleyman – Shift Al Mani
    22. DJ Sotofelt feat.Madteo – There Gotta Be Away
    23. Trence FM – Feelin’ Kinda High
    24. Francis Inferno Orchestra – Take No Time
    25. Fleetwood Mac – Dream (Psychemagik Remix)
    26. Psychemagik – Wake Up Everyday
    27. Eros
    28. David Bowie – Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix)
    29. Guem – Le Serpent