• SESSION 633: GOOD RECORDS 10.15.10

    Mixed by Jonny Paycheck

  • SESSION 632: BLESS UP 07.22.10

    Mixed by o1o1 | Sepalcure | Nihal | Liondub


    With Love Pressure, the latest release on UK Dubstep giant Hotflush Recordings, Sepalcure is making the case for US producers of the predominantly British sound. Sepalcure’s combination of  love for bass and ’90s house acapellas is the culmination of a cathartic two week collaboration between Travis Stewart (Machinedrum) and Praveen Sharma (Praveen & Benoît). Their mix of tribal dub, house and two step beats works equally well for both late nights in the club and rainy, introspective nights at home. Detroit techno chords cut through wooden beats, neon synths and dubbed out atmospherics.

  • SESSION 631: BLESS UP 07.15.10

    Mixed by o1o1 | Praying Mantis | Liondub

    o1o1 (halcyon | nyc)
    o1o1 is scratching his head. He has no grand statements to make about himself as a dj and new producer of the drum n bass sound that he cultivates. It is sometimes soulful, at other times tech-y, maybe minimal, and then at times undefinable. There is no scene here. No names to drop. He spins this brand of music every Saturday and Sunday at halcyon the shop, “the greatest record store in the world”, according to him. In the end, it’s all about the music, and who is attracted to it organically… the way a scene is made before a trend can be attached to it. o1o1 meets his co-conspirators in this new sound every week at halcyon. He is building the scene here, grassroots style, one head at a time.

  • Brad Miller@Santos

  • Strobe Lodge @ RSVP

  • SESSION 630: BLESS UP 07.08.10

    Mixed by   mOma, Anthony Avatar & Liondub


    DJ mOma has enjoyed a successful spell as NYC’s best kept DJ secret. The cat is officially out of the bag however and that particular spell is now over: mOma is now celebrated as one of the rotten apple’s most creative and sought-after spinmeisters. His versatile approach to reading diverse crowds and rocking dance floors has seen him grace turntables from the City’s highest profile clubs (Tenjune / Cain / Lotus) to downtown’s most exclusive spots (105 Riv / Gold Bar / The Box).

    His seamless blend of funk soul hip hop reggae house and choice contemporary “bangers” also caught the ear of the entertainment industry as his services have been requested by Maxwell, Jill Scott and George Clooney; his weekly “Good Spot” residency – alongside Stimulus every Monday at 105 Riv – has been heralded as New York’s best party by nightlife industry types; his critically acclaimed “Satisfy My Soul” mixtape series has been described as the perfect mixtape collection by his DJ peers and casual listeners alike. mOma is also collaborating with The Rub’s heavyweight DJ Eleven on the Special Delivery project which consists of a monthly mixtape release accompanied by a monthly session at NYC’s premier musical mecca, APT.

  • SESSION 629: SLUMDAYS 10.10.10

    Mixed by Party McFly of the Saloonatiks

  • SESSION 628: SLUMDAYS 10.10.10

    Mixed by Mr. Slumdays

    01. Herbie Mann – Push Push
    02. Music Factory – Strange Dream
    03. Donald Byrd – Where are we Going?
    04. Lonnie Liston Smith – Get down Everybody
    05. Isley Bros – That Lady
    06. Hank Crawford – Sugar Free
    07. Roy Ayers – Running Away
    08. Santana – Everything’s coming our way
    09 Bobby Hughes Experience – B & S
    10 The Keystones (featuring Malcom Catto) – Attack of the Killer Penguins
    11. Hannibal – Somebody in this world for you
    12. Soul Seven – Southside Funk
    13. Norman Connors – Saturday Night Special

  • StefanGoldmann@Love

  • SESSION 627: VINYLMANIA 10.12.10

    Played by Charlie Grappone(Downtown 161&304) & Martin Payne

    01. Montana Sextet – Heavey Vibes
    02. Powerline – Double Journey
    03. Bob James – Spunky (Re Edit)
    04. Klein & Mbo – Wonderful (Inst)
    05. Afrika System – Anikana-O
    06. Diana Ross – The Boss
    07. Stevie Wonder – I Love You
    08. George Duke – Rhyme OR Reason (Shlter Anthem Mix)
    09. Eric Kupper – Latin Blues
    10. Antonio Ocasio – Joaquin

  • SESSION 626: ZAKKA 10.12.10

    Mixed by Nutritious

    01. Alex Augello – Human Beings (Freaky Behaviour)
    02. DJ Sherg feat Lady Emz – Time & Rhythm (Freaky Behaviour)
    03. Brian Camarena – Anticipate (Freaky Behaviour Remix)
    04. Scrubfish – Holla If You Came To Funk
    05. Will Jax – What Makes Jazz (Soydan Remix)
    06. Scrubfish – The Jazzface
    07. Freaky Behaviour – Pha-Real
    08. d-t3ch – Mojito Movement
    09. Erik Bo & Tony Will – French Jackin
    10. Jamy Wing – Take It


    18ZK from KFKS on Vimeo.

  • SESSION 625: BLESS UP 07.01.10

    Mixed by Lifeline, Secret Agent Gel, Human?, TiNyMC

    Secret Agent Gel

    Concentrating on the perfect mix of danceable and interesting, Secret Agent Gel has spent fifteen years producing, promoting and DJing dance music. Influenced by cutting-edge dancemusic from England and undiscovered producers online, Secret Agent Gel mixes genres like UK funky, dubstep, house, grime and bassline. His crossing of musical styles has lead to releases as diverse as DubWar001 (dubstep, 2006), tracks on Recordcamp’s “Brooklyn Keeps On Takin’ It” compilation (IDM/breakbeat, 2003), and Badd Inc’s first Electroclash compilation (electrohouse, 2004). Secret Agent Gel has toured the UK, Europe and around the US playing with the likes of Kode 9, Hank ShockLee (of Public Enemy), Chicks on Speed and Bok Bok. He has collaborated with vocalists Juakali, Warrior Queen and RQM, and produced remixes for Sub Swara, Alland Byallo, Kush Arora and many more. Secret Agent Gel founded Bass Tourist Records (http://basstourist.com/) and you can catch the foremost in dance music on his monthly radio show, The Kids Are Bored (http://thekidsarebored.com/) on Sub.fm (http://Sub.fm/). Visit secretagentgel.com (http://secretagentgel.com/) to download mixes and scoop the latest news.