• SESSION 861: FUNKY SLICE 03.28.11

    Mixed by DJ Monchan

    01. Exodus – Together Forever
    02. Greyship Davis – This Groove Is on The Loose ( Nick Chacona RMX )
    03. Halo Varga – Future RMX ( HIPP-E RMX )
    04. Nick Agha – Climates
    05. Black Coffee & Thiwe – Crazy ( Culoe De Song Winter RMX )
    06.Womack & Womack – My Dear ( The Letter )
    07. El Coco – Cocomotion ( RMX )
    08. Little Big Bee – City, Counry, City ( Frank Roger RMX )
    09. Los Charly’s Orchestra – Black Boy Lane
    10. – Still Love 4 Music –
    11. Easter Bay ( vol. 3 ) – Lucky Ones
    12. – Still Love 4 Music –
    13. Black Science Orchestra – Sunshine

  • SESSION 860: NININJA 03.26.11

    Mixed by Earl Broclo Esq (Funkyslice, Slumdays),DJ Alfreako (Dance Camp),DJ Moustachio (Academy Records),Sean Bee (Downtown 161&304) & Takaya Nagase

  • SESSION 859: EVENT SESSION 03.25.11 iWEPA!

    Mixed by Antonio Ocasio & Lou Gorbea

  • SESSION 858: EVENT SESSION 03.24.11

    Mixed by Alex From Tokyo, Takaya Nagase & DJ UG

  • SESSION 857: SHAKEDOWN 03.23.11

    Mixed By E-Men (Eman & Easy Mo Bee)

  • SESSION 856: A1 AFTRHRS 03.23.11

    Mixed By Ron Morelli & Donald Lassiter

    01. Charles Austin – Streching The Truth
    02. This Heat – Rain Forest
    03. This Heat – The Fall of Saigon
    04. Rema-Rema – Fond Affections
    05. Moritz von Oswald Trio – Horizontal Structures
    06. Neon Judgement – Harem
    07. Luke Hess – Reel Life
    08. M. Pittman – Cherry Lee
    09. Virgo – Go Wild Rhythm Trax (Virgo)
    10. Theo Parrish – Voice Echos In the Dark
    11. Lil Louis And The Diamond Corp – 7 Days of Peace
    12. Jesse Sandarson – On and on
    13. Rick Poppa Howard – Do What You Have to Do

  • SESSION 855: VINYLMANIA 03.22.11

    Mixed by DJ Monchan

  • SESSION 854: ZAKKA 03.22.11

    Mixed by Team Rojas

    01. Aurra – Such A Feeling (Team Rojas Edit)
    02. Central Line – Walking Into Sunshine (Larry Levan Remix)
    03. Love Club – Hot Summer Nights
    04. The Pinch – Shot Out (Instrumental)
    05. Grace Jones – Pull up to the Bumper Baby
    06. Vincent Montana Jr. – It Looks Like Love
    07. Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face (Female Version)
    08. Dance reaction – Disco Train (Morgan Geist Caboose Mix)
    09. DJ Spun – Straight to the Bar
    10. Presto – Stargazer (Midnight Lab Band Remix)

  • SESSION 853: FUNKY SLICE 03.21.11

    Mixed by DJ Moustachio (Academy Records)

    01. Raekwon & El Michel’s Affair – The Pj’s (remix)
    02. Sauce Money – Pre Game
    03. Thrust – Seasons Int He Sun
    04. Artifacts – Who I am
    05. Smif N Wessun – Wontime
    06. Akinyele – Outta state
    07. Dj Spinna – Making It In The World Today
    08. First Down – Front Street
    09. Georgia Anne Muldrow – Epilogue – inst –
    10. Large Professor – Listen (blast off)


    Mixed by Soul Kichen, Slow Hands

    Soul Kitchen (Switzerland)

    It doesn’t take long to learn that Soul Kitchen knows a thing or two about good food and good music. Hailing from the rolling hills of Switzerland, this young man first established his DJ career from the infamous Basement parties he threw at the Università della Svizzera Italiana study hall. Architect student by day, Soul Kitchen by night was the name of his game. Now relocated in New York, Soul Kitchen’s fun-loving spirit and refined taste for all things funky, deep and soulful has already caught the attention of NY party-goers. For this afternoon we guarantee he’ll whip up a soulful dish of boogie shaking bliss…

    Slow Hands (Wolf+Lamb / Double Standard | NYC)

    Slow Hands first started making waves after joining the Wolf+Lamb family in 2009 and has quickly risen to the forefront of the US slo-mo disco scene with ear perking productions of space disco and disco-filtered house. But who’s labeling? The bottom line is, he’s captured a refreshing hybrid of future music that is yet-to-be-defined.

  • SESSION 851: THE BANDWAGON 02.09.11

    Mixed by Bea Tricks & Taimur Agha

    Bea Tricks
    Bea Tricks taught herself the art of DJing as she was determined to take over the decks and play good music at the best clubs all over the world! Over the last 6 years she has succeeded in doing this… In 2004 Bea joined forces with Xochilt West to form Dollz at Play a female DJ duo that has been heard all over Europe, Asia and America. The duo has achieved residencies at internationally known clubs playing for Superfreq, (with the party´s legendary host Mr C) and has rocked the decks at the worlds hottest venues alongside the industries top musical representatives. Bea Tricks has been known to always deliver a unique and personal sound that has been recognized by her peers and followers, and earned her the respect of the industry. It was in Ibiza that Bea met beatboxer and producerBeatmaster G with whom she embarked on a  new project as Bea Tricks. The pair’s debut Be at Risk EP on Wagon Repair was awarded Top Tune in IDJ Mag. Bea Tricks & Beatmaster G have finalized their first full length album MovieT which will be released by Wagon Repair on the 28th of March 2011 under the nameClass B Band.

    The Bandwagon

    The Bandwagon is halcyon’s All New Old-Timey Record Review and Talent Show! Each and every Two hour ride on The Bandwagon begins with halcyon the shoppe’s own high-flying Techno honcho in a poncho… the mysterious and often delirious Taimur Agha of BLK|Market Membership! Thrill to Taimur’s death-defying DJ feats as he balances beats live without a net on the www in his round up of the latest and greatest ear-catching, ground-shaking musical marvels from the far corners of the globe. Then, turn your attention to the center ring for The Bandwagon’s main attraction!… Direct from the far off nether regions of Brooklyn we bring you an astonishing cavalcade of talent never before assembled on one program – musical magicians, masterful minstrels and mystifying midi-freaks alike will be unveiled to your shock and awe with in-depth interviews and exclusive featured performances.

  • SESSION 850: FULL SPECTRUM 03.18.11

  • SESSION 848: SLUMDAYS 02.20.11

    Mixed by Mr. Slumdays

    01. Crown City Rockers — Something
    02. Black Sheep – But in the meantime
    03. De La Soul – Double Huey Skit
    04. Aceyalone – Superhero
    05. Secret Frequency Crew – Deep Blue
    06. MF Doom – ???
    07. Five Deez – Decapitated Orgasms
    08. Common – Reminding me of Self
    09. Maroons (Feat. Erin Anova) – Golden Rule
    10. People Under the Stairs – July 3rd

  • SESSION 847: VINYLMANIA 03.15.11

    Mixed by DJ Monchan

  • SESSION 846: ZAKKA 03.15.11

    Mixed by Velvet Hands

    01. Paul Frick
    02. Prosumer feat.Murat Tepeli – Devotion
    03. The Revenge – Night Flight
    04. Anthony Shakir – Detroit State of Mind(Space Dimension Controller Mix)
    05. SE62 – Wall Ride(Eddie  C Remix)
    06. Hotel Motel – Eye Know
    07. Blunted Dummies – House for All(Roger Sanchez Mix)
    08. Christopher Rau – Ne Travaillez Jamais
    09. Omar S – Set it Out
    10. Lawrence – Sorry Sun

  • SESSION 845: FUNKY SLICE 03.14.11

    Mixed by Sean Bee (Downtown 161&304)

    01. Sade – The Safest Place
    02. Nick Agha – Climates
    03. Omar S and Kai Alice – Not Phazed
    04. AndreasSaag – The Message ( Silver City MIX )
    05. Feygin – Only Hope ( Original MIX )
    06. Recloose – Can’t take it
    07. Ifume – Polaroid Love
    08. Tolga Fidan – BERG
    09. Tracy Thorn – Why Does The Wind?
    10. Jsolee – ?


    Mixed by Go Kiryu

    “Looking Into The Blue, Through The Window” (Downtempo Selection)

    01. Soltitude – Vince Watson
    02. After Dusk – The Sunburst Band
    03. Never Gonna Reach Me (Hot Toddy RMX) – Crazy P
    04. Holy Jungle (Mark E Dub) – Ghost Note
    05. Mind Game – Architeq ft. IIija Rudman
    06. She Walks Alone – Eva Be
    07. Thinking Of You (Dimitri From Paris Re-Edit) – Sister Sledge
    08. Slowly Surely (Theo Parrish Re-Edit) – Jill Scott
    09. Out Of The Storm (David Morales RMX) – Incognito
    10. Ohm – Adham Shaikh
    11. Reality & Fantasy (Gilles Peterson RMX) – Rafael Gualazzi
    12. Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me – Quincy Jone ft. Mary J. Blige & Q-Tip

    Every 3rd Friday “Light” @ LP & Harmony
    next on 03/18

  • SESSION 843: SLUMDAYS 02.27.10

    Mixed by Aota

    1. Willis – Word up !
    2. Mulatu Of Ethiopia – Kasalefkut Hulu
    3. Linda Luwis – Sideway Shuffle
    4. The Pimps Of Joy Time – Street Sound
    5. The Bamboos – In The Bamboo Groove
    6. Fly Guy – Fly Guy Rap
    7. Margo’s Kool Out Crew – Death Rap
    8. Malcolm McLaren – Buffalo Gals
    9. Gossip – Standing In The Way Of Control
    10. Sharon Jones & The Dapkings – Nobody’s Baby


    Mixed by Takaya Nagase

  • SESSION 840 : BLESS UP 02.24.11

    Mixed by Liondub, David Last, Nukka Jones & Praveen

    David Last (Konque/theAgriculture)

    David Last is a musician and visual artist living in Brooklyn NY. With Sasha Kaline(Alka_Rex), he is a founder of the Konque label & music project. Tracks range from electronic dance music to cinematic orchestral ambience depending on the setting. This is not surprising, as he’s been creating music for a variety of venues; the dancefloor, Imax film, video installation, children’s animation, and albums.  He currently releases in a variety of contexts with labels like Staubgold (Berlin), Konque (NYC), and Foundsound/Unfoundsound (Berlin). He has remixed for many others including Francois K’s WaveTec (NYC), indie psych-rock label The Social Registry (NYC) and Audio.NL (Rotterdam). His downtempo full-length dubut album the Push Pul is now in its second printing with The Agriculture (NYC), having gained respect from tough critics like Pitchforkmedia, and generating a sizable international cult following.

    Praveen Sharma (Casette / Percussion Lab | NYC)

    Praveen Sharma has been making music for most of his life, and has contributed releases to AI, Neo Ouija, and Expanding Records. He also runs Percussion Lab, a hub for underground electronic music and exclusive DJ sets, in addition to being an avid live performer and event organizer in New York City. Praveen released his debut Backed by Spirits on the now-defunct Neo Ouija imprint in early 2005. Not long after, Praveen returned from a profound journey through his family’s native India with a minidisk full of field recordings and voices, forming the basis of Song Spun Simla, his second album released with Benoit Pioulard. His most recent work with Machinedrum under the alias Sepalcure has garnered international acclaim and a solid string of releases thru the infamous Hotflush label headed by Scuba. Their mix of Tribal Dub, House and Two-Step beats works equally well for both late nights in the club and rainy, introspective nights at home. Detroit Techno chords cut through wooden beats, neon synths and dubbed out atmospherics, leading the always looking for the next thing music press to coin the term “Love Step” to describe Sepalcure’s effect.