• SESSION 884: FULL SPECTRUM 04.16.11

  • SESSION 883: BLESS UP 03.24.11

    Mixed by Lifeline, Shigeto, Nooka Jones

    Shigeto (Ghostly International | NYC)
    Artists take on pseudonyms for a multitude of reasons, but in Zach Saginaw’s case, those reasons run deeper than most. Zach records under the name Shigeto. It’s his middle name; it’s also his grandfather’s name, a tribute to the Japanese branch of Zach’s family tree. Shigeto also means “to grow bigger”—appropriate, given Zach’s premature birth-weight of less than a pound. Today, Shigeto stands for Zach’s vividly beautiful electronic music. Beat- driven but given to richly textured sound design, rhythmically fractured but melodically sumptuous, Shigeto’s music is a bridge between the past and present, bringing the artist face to face with a creative legacy that spans decades. Zach was brought up on a steady diet of Michigan-bred music, as his father spoon-fed him old Motown and jazz records by the crateload. Zach picked up the drums at an early age, spending much of his childhood playing in the Detroit/Ann Arbor music scene. After nearly flunking out of high school—save for his music studies—Zach spent three years studying jazz at the New School in NYC and three more in London, where he began woodshedding, obsessed with learning electronic production. Soon enough, beats materialized, Zach moved to Brooklyn and took up the name Shigeto, and Zach’s peers began to take notice.Zach’s body of work has grown over the last few years to the tune of several EPs on Moodgadget as Shigeto and with A Setting Sun, a pair of EPs under the alias Frank Omura (another family-name reference), and remixes for Worst Friends, Praveen & Benoit, Tycho, Mux Mool, Charles Trees, A Setting Sun, Beautiful Bells, Shlohmo, and more. The Semi-Circle EP will be his first release with Ghostly International; the full-length Full Circle is on the horizon. Semi-Circle is a fiercely independent work of art, nominally indebted to instrumental hip-hop but, like Zach, straddling many worlds at once. Cool shades of ambient music, stuttering early IDM, dubstep sub-bass, and jazz melodicism color Shigeto’s palette, which he wields with a painterly attention to detail. As Ghostly International hits its 10th anniversary, Shigeto is one of the first of a wave of young artists who grew up influenced by the label’s early output. And again, names come into play. “Putting out this record on Ghostly isn’t just ‘getting signed,’ for me,” says Zach, “it’s becoming part of a family, an influence that I’ve respected forever. That’s Full Circle.” Let’s just say the feeling’s mutual.

    Shigeto tracks are available for download in mp3 and wav format on halcyondigi.com

    Praveen Sharma (Casette / Percussion Lab | NYC)
    Praveen Sharma has been making music for most of his life, and has contributed releases to AI, Neo Ouija, and Expanding Records. He also runs Percussion Lab, a hub for underground electronic music and exclusive DJ sets, in addition to being an avid live performer and event organizer in New York City. Praveen released his debut Backed by Spirits on the now-defunct Neo Ouija imprint in early 2005. Not long after, Praveen returned from a   profound journey through his family’s native India with a minidisk full of field recordings and voices, forming the basis of Song Spun Simla, his second album released with Benoit Pioulard. His most recent work with Machinedrum under the alias Sepalcurehas garnered international acclaim and a solid string of releases thru the infamous Hotflush label headed byScuba. Their mix of Tribal Dub, House and Two-Step beats works equally well for both late nights in the club and rainy, introspective nights at home. Detroit Techno chords cut through wooden beats, neon synths and dubbed out atmospherics, leading the always looking for the next thing music press to coin the term “Love Step” to describe Sepalcure’s effect. www.percussionlab.com

  • SESSION 882: THE BANDWAGON 03.09.11

    Mixed by Taimur Agha & Margaret Dygas

    Margaret Dygas
    Life as Margaret has experienced it has had more than it’s fair share of unusual twists and turns, she quips about life in a very positive light ‘Never a dull moment!’ With a childhood that began in Poland, at aged 11 she escaped to Germany with her family eventually moving to the States, initially to San Jose, California. In the late eighties the music she was surrounded by and adhered to was old school hip hop; there were house parties every weekend and lots of chillin’ in the backyard. Her discovery of house music started in New York in the early nineties when she moved to study fashion at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology. Before long her college friends had introduced her to the whirlwind underground club scene; the flamboyant gay clubs where vogueing was all the rage, dressed up club kids, intimate basement techno nights, jungle gatherings and scores of insane house parties.

    Captivated by the British dance scene, she moved to London in the summer of 99. Her first job was on the door of Home, her day job was as a make up artist and she began to play out at parties and warming up in clubs. Then three years ago she decided make this her full-time career. Her wide musical background has made her keen to experiment with new sounds and styles through out the years, now more on the electronic side of things where the choice is endless Margaret has found herself where she is most comfortable, from dub to techno and anything in between.

    Margaret has been a regular feature on London’s electronic scene playing at clubs such as Fabric, The End, The Key and Herbal. She is a resident at label night Underline and has been supporting growing underground parties such as Multi Vitamins , Run, Minimallondon.com events, Stink at the T Bar as well as Technique in Leeds. Her music has been well-received in Berlin where she is fast becoming a friendly face at clubs like The Panorama Bar, The Arena, Club Der Visionare, Watergate, Kino International and House13. Last summer she was part of Cross Town Rebels mini tour around Europe playing at Electrosplash in Valencia, Watergate/Berlin and Space in Ibiza.

    Over the years her DJ travels have taken her to countries such as Holland, France, Finland, Singapore, China and eastern Europe for growing club scene of Romania, Slovenia, Macedonia and Serbia’s vibrant Exit festival. Now making her first moves into production, her DJing style continues to develop and blossom. The electronic-tech vibe of her present sets incorporate the deep and minimal sounds she loves but retains the driving funk of her musical past.

  • SESSION 881: VINYLMANIA 04.12.11

    Mixed by DJ Monchan

    01. Usje Suntama – Waiting For Your Love
    02. The Imperial Wonders – I’m A Hostage
    03. Al Kent – Keep On Doing
    04. Persnickelty All Stars – Caroline Is Strong (Dj Bang Chitown Re- Edit)
    05. Mark & Stevena – Freak Emotion (Sonny Fodera Remix)
    06. Nelue Feat. Russian Red – Deconstructed (Cosmic Remix)
    07. Codebreaker R.I.M.L (Ddr Labs Extended Mix)
    08. The Brothers Johnson – Stomp
    09. Patti Labelle – Music Is My Way Of Life
    10. Patti Labelle – The Spirit’s In It

  • SESSION 880 : ZAKKA 04.12.11

    Mixed by Dr.Shazzbots

    1. David Axezrod – The Little Children
    2. Genius/GZA – Liquid Swords
    3. Freddie Hubbard – Straight Life
    4. People Under The Stairs – The LA Song
    5. Panacea – Work of Art
    6. The Project – Yeah
    7. Big Daddy Kane – Sex According to The Prince of Darkness
    8. Richy Pitch – Phone Bizness(feat. Mr.Complex)
    9. Time Machine – Let’s Go
    10. Jurassic 5 – Day At The Races

  • SESSION 879 : BLESS UP 03.10.11

    Mixed by Liondub, Taimur & Anthony Avatar

  • SESSION 878: FUNKY SLICE 04.11.11

    Mixed by Sean Bee (Downtown 161&304)

    01. Gray – non
    02. Mark E – Escape ( Roots Unit DUB
    03. John Waynes feat.Disconine – Cut Out ( City Raw )
    04. Robert Owens – Bringing Down The Walls
    05. Soul Renegades – Y’all Wont Let Me ( Faze Action DUB )
    06. Master C & J – Face It
    07. Alessio Mereu – Pandemy ( Uner ” House of Love ” RMX )
    08. Rob Mello – Where Are U ? ( PPF Jack for Daze DUB)
    09. Master H feat. Geoffrey Secco – Stabs Call ( Original )
    10. Theophilus London VS Natural Self – Calypso Blues ( Natural Self’s Deep Blue MIX )


    Mixed by Akirahawks (supported by dnp-music)

    01 Simone Gatto – Rollin
    02 Duijn & Douglas – Klap Voor je Backingvocals (Anton Zap Remix)
    03 Richardo Villalobos / Los Updates / Anthony Collins – I throw water into the lake
    04 Dilo and Egon Oragne – Rote
    05 Reggie Dokes – Sustain
    06 Juergen Junkers – Honey
    07 Scott – Memory Core (The Paul Frick Remix)
    08 Shingo Suwa – Tale of Weasels
    09 Arne Weinberg – Pathway to Syrinx
    10 Pilas – Burros (Kassem Mosse RMX)
    11 House Mannequin – Stop the Rain
    12 Terrence Parker – Slipping Away (Inst mix)
    13 Steffen Baldo – ends meets
    14 Even Tuell – Dramaqueen
    15 Kai – Signal

  • SESSION 875: SHAKEDOWN 04.06.11

    Mixed by Ali Coleman & Nutritious

  • SESSION 874: A1 AFTRHRS 04.06.11

    Mixed by Seth

    01. U-Roy – Say you
    02. U. Brown – Reach out
    03. The Tamlins – Baltimore
    04. Black Harmony – Don’t let it go to your head
    05. Queen Magesty – Jayes & ranking trevor
    06. Chatells – Desperate time
    07. The Roland – Stormy night
    08. Love Joy – Give me back
    09. Barrington Levy – The vibe is right
    10. Ghost – Singing sweat
    11. Horce Andy – Just my imagination

  • SESSION 873: EVENT SESSION 04.05.11

    Mix from Voice of Voice

  • SESSION 872: EVENT SESSION 04.05.11

    Mix from Voice of Voice

  • SESSION 871: ZAKKA 04.05.11

    Mixed by Ole Koretsky (Jetlag)

    01. Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love (X Mix)
    02. EMF – Unbelievable (Afrika Bambaataa Hip Hop Mix)
    03. Grace Jones – William’s Blood (Aeroplane Remix)
    04. David Bowie – Sound + Vision (808 State Giftmix)
    05. Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force – Go Go Pop (Koretsky Edit)
    06. Whodini – We Are Whodini
    07. World Class Wrecking Crew – Horney Computer
    08. Klein & MBO – The M.B.O. Theme
    09. 808 State – Ski Family
    10. Cabaret Voltaire – Hypnotized (A Guy Called Gerald’s Music Mix)

  • SESSION 870: THE BANDWAGON 03.02.11

    Mixed by Taimur Agha & Leks

    Wed 3.2 | The Bandwagon 036: LEKS (Ampd! | NYC)

    Helming the decks of local clubs and underground venues, AMPD! resident Leks has long been a pillar of New York’s dance music scene. This year, Leks takes his passion for music that he’s so often showcased in the DJ booth and brings it into the studio, releasing his debut production on Half Seas Over with two remixes to Ray Okpara and Mobius Strum’s ‘It’s Down the Block.’ Stay tuned for more from this talented New York artist, as he teams up with Inxec to form the Man vs. Groove production project. Their first release together is coming out on Culprit Records later this year.

    Leks has also shared the decks with Lee Burridge, Reboot, Paco Osuna, Clive Henry, Melon, Nick Curly, Hugo, Audiofly, DJ T, Behrouz, Evil Eddie Richards, Simon Baker, Radio Slave and is also responsible for throwing New York’s underground party destination called AMPD!. AMPD! has been held at speakeasys and lofts around NYC. Guests so far have been Soul Clap, Lauhaus, Masomenos, Soul Minority, Inxec, Brothers’ Vibe, Kabuto & Koji, Bill Patrick, Crazy Larry, Neil Aline and Alexi Delano.

    DJ Taimur Agha hosts The Bandwagon at halcyon the shop

    The Bandwagon
    The Bandwagon is halcyon’s All New Old-Timey Record Review and Talent Show! Each and every Two hour ride on The Bandwagon begins with halcyon the shoppe’s own high-flying Techno honcho in a poncho… the mysterious and often delirious Taimur Agha of BLK|Market Membership! Thrill to Taimur’s death-defying DJ feats as he balances beats live without a net on the www in his round up of the latest and greatest ear-catching, ground-shaking musical marvels from the far corners of the globe. Then, turn your attention to the center ring for The Bandwagon’s main attraction!… Direct from the far off nether regions of Brooklyn we bring you an astonishing cavalcade of talent never before assembled on one program – musical magicians, masterful minstrels and mystifying midi-freaks alike will be unveiled to your shock and awe with in-depth interviews and exclusive featured performances.

  • SESSION 869 : BLESS UP 03.02.11

    Mixed by LifelineHuman & Winter


  • SESSION 867: SHAKEDOWN 03.30.11

    Mixed by Nutritious, Ali Coleman & Monchan

  • SESSION 866: A1 AFTRHRS 03.30.11

    Mixed By Ron Morelli & Donald Lassiter

    01. Ross 154 – C. Abrighterday
    02. Maxmillion Dunbar – Polo
    03. At Jazz – For Real (version remix)
    04. Another World – Marcos Cabral Bay City mix
    05. Unknown
    06. NIght Move – Trancedance
    07.Virgo Four – Take Me Higher
    08.Virgo – Go Wild Rythm Trax
    09. Fingers – Path (unreleased)
    11. D’marc Cantu – Set Free
    12. D’marc Cantu – Black tears
    13. Virgo Four – Unknown
    14. House Of Jezebel – Unknown

  • SESSION 865: VINYLMANIA 03.29.11

    Mixed by Eric Lopez

    01. Panoptikum Feat. “Blue Eyez” – Black Land Of The Nile
    02. Ben Watt Feat. Sananda Maitreya – A Stronger Man
    03. Hott 22 – Don’t Look Back
    04. Rune and Sydenham – Elephant
    05. Rune and Sydenham – Peter Pan
    06. DJ Chus & David Penn Feat. Caterina – Baila
    07. Justin Martin & Sammy D Feat. Fernando Rivera – Papachongo
    08. Catalan Fc & Sven Love – Another Man
    09. Joel Harrison – High Voltage
    10. John “Julius” Knight – The Groove

  • SESSION 864: DOWNTOWN304 04.01.11

    Mixed by Pat King

    01. Deenos – Exigatis
    02. Subb – An – The Lovers Night (Dub)
    03. Ruede Hagelstein – Friday
    04. Accatone – Tell Me (Jay Tripwire Mix)
    05. Tom Ellis – Printhaus Stew
    06. Rainer – Fuhreliner
    07. Bearweasel – Down Down
    08. Freaky Disco – Mustard Plant
    09. Ahmet Sisman – Hi-Tech Booty (Maetrik Mix)
    10. Uner – Bass Boost