Mixed by Jon & Rick

  • SESSION 960: DOWNTOWN304 06.22.11

    Mixed by Sean Bee

    01. Lexx-Go
    02. Ly Sander & Michael J Collins-Emoticon
    03. Erdbeerschnitzel-To An End
    04. Zoo Look-Space & Time
    05. Kultra 1
    06. Cantoma-Under The Stars
    07. Soho 808 feat Becca Shack-Get Up Disco
    08. Space Talk
    09. Max Essa-White Shoes Blue Dreams
    10. Yuki Suzuki-We Don’t Have Much Time

  • SESSION 959: NININJA 06.18.11

    Mixed by Monchan

  • SESSION 958: NININJA 06.18.11

    Mixed by DJ Moustachio

  • SESSION 957: NININJA 06.18.11

    Mixed by Monchan

  • SESSION 956: SHAREGROOVE 06.17.11

    Mixed by Beautiful Swimmers, Duckcomb & Steve ShakeWell

  • SESSION 955: SHAREGROOVE 06.17.11

    Mixed by Duckcomb & Steve ShakeWell

  • SESSION 954: DOWNTOWN304 06.16.11

    Mixed by Pat King

    01. John Daly – The Runner
    02. Taron & Trekka – Mr. No
    03. Buck – Shelter
    04. Dzeta & Basile – What A Day
    05. Nuria Ghia – Sunrise
    06. SuedMilch – Keep In Touch With Your Soul
    07. Martinez – Kamino (Alex Cellar Dub)
    08. The Junkies – Rambo Rocks
    09. Delano Smith – Wires
    10. Mathias Kaden – Red Walls

  • SESSION 953 : THE BAND WAGON 05.11.11

    Mixed by Taimur Agha & Thugfucker

    Thugfucker (Life and Death | NYC)
    Former international aid worker teams up with Icelandic security specialist and former top model to create an international DJ supergroup. Certainly not what you’d expect from a group called Thugfucker – but then Greg Oreck and Holmar Filipsson often do tend to defy expectations.  One a New Yorker transplanted to Europe, the other an Icelander transplanted to New York. Both from a strong musical background with an almost obsessive dedication to the art of wild party instigation. Growing up on an Icelandic commune full of some of the country’s finest political thinkers, Holmar eschewed his past and all the heady philosophy of his childhood to move to New York and search out more physical and visceral methods of bringing happiness to the masses. Meanwhile Greg was in the midst of a successful (if short-lived) political career in America when he too became disillusioned with the duplicity and self serving interest of those around him. Disturbed by the void he saw in most people’s lives, it was in the dark depths of the New York underground club scene that he finally found his true calling. Unbeknownst to each other, Holmar and Greg then propelled themselves along similar paths, throwing parties, honing their musical & studio skills and searching out inspiration from a wide variety of musical sources. Then one late night, in a cloudy alcohol fueled discussion about the plight of the genetically Rhythm-Blind, Holmar and Greg recognized the depth of their shared passions. Thugfucker was born.

    The Bandwagon
    The Bandwagon is halcyon’s All New Old-Timey Record Review and Talent Show! Each and every Two hour ride on The Bandwagon begins with halcyon the shoppe’s own high-flying Techno honcho in a poncho… the mysterious and often delirious Taimur Agha of BLK|Market Membership! Thrill to Taimur’s death-defying DJ feats as he balances beats live without a net on the www in his round up of the latest and greatest ear-catching, ground-shaking musical marvels from the far corners of the globe. Then, turn your attention to the center ring for The Bandwagon’s main attraction!… Direct from the far off nether regions of Brooklyn we bring you an astonishing cavalcade of talent never before assembled on one program – musical magicians, masterful minstrels and mystifying midi-freaks alike will be unveiled to your shock and awe with in-depth interviews and exclusive featured performances.

  • SESSION 952: VINYLMANIA 06.14.11

    Mixed by Martin Payne

    01. Frank Roger & M’Selem – No More Believe
    02. Kenny Bobien – Superficical People (Shlter Remixes)
    03. Latanya – Keys
    04. J-Shin feat. LaTocha Scott of Xscape – One Night Stand
    05. Tedd Patterson – Magnifique
    06. Joh Nick – Summer Flight (Edited by Albert Cabrera)
    07. E.B.E – Gong Home
    08. Sadahiro Nakano – Dime Piece
    09. UBQ Project – Help Me
    10. Ananda Project Feat.Mia Tuttavilla – Awareness (Kerri Chandler Vocal Mix)

  • SESSION 951: ZAKKA 06.14.11

    Mixed by Trainwreck

    01. Amigos- Stone Alliance (Pt. 3)
    02. Tito Puente- 110th St. & 5th Ave
    03. Setenta- Funky Tumbao
    04. Afro Nacional- Sonjo
    05. Konk- Percussion Jam
    06. Budos Band- Smoke Gets In…
    07. Art Blakey and the Afro-Drum Enseble- Ife L’ayo
    08. Indian Ocean- School Bell/Treehouse
    09. Gil Scott-Heron- Whitey On the Moon
    10. Sahr Vs. Superhuman Happiness- String Theory


    Mixed by Rick & Jon

    01. Md – Megapozztan
    02. Deep Space Orchestra – Louisville Slugger
    03. Tom Drummond – Nereci
    04. Kraak And Smaak – Woman Is Made For Man
    05. Mandear – Buddies
    06. Rick The Wizard – Spell Of Love
    06. Heaven And Earth – Space And Time
    07. Fanstastic Man – Groove With You (Andy Ash Remix)
    08. leonardo Gonnelli – When You Lose
    09. Orland B – Moter City
    10. Rob Mello – Does It Feel (No Ears Dub)

  • SESSION 948: MO MUSIC MO LIFE 06.08.11

    Mixed by Asahi Suzuki at Office Old-Soulz

    01. Asahi Suzuki – Intro
    02. Eighties Ladies – Turned On To You
    03. Donald Byrd & Booker Little – Wee Tina
    04. Walter Strerath Trio – Bara Bossa
    05. Oscar Peterson – Tristeza
    06. Os Sambeatles – Yesterday
    07. Big bang – Favorite Things
    08. Three Corners (Nicola Conte’s Sahib Samba Ver)
    09. Freddie Hubbard – Mr. Clean
    10. Incognito – Fearless
    11. Brethren – Outside

  • SESSION 947: VINYLMANIA 06.07.11

    Mixed by DJ Monchan

    01. Bob Holroyd – African Drug
    02. Celia Cruz – Chango (Cosmic Arts Version )
    03. Seun Anikulapo Kuti – Slave Masters
    04. Tony Allen – Kilode ( Original ver)
    05. Electrosacher – Zeljko Kerleta ( Cosmic RMX )
    06. Mongo Santamaria – O Mi Shango ( The Sacred Rhythm Ver )
    07. Flytronix – Heavy Trafic
    08. Ray Harris & The Fusion Experience – Scaramunga (Lack Of Afro MIX )
    09. Seun Anikulapo Kuti – You Can Run
    10. Femi Anikulapo Kuti- Beng Beng Beng (Ashley Beedle African On Marz)

  • SESSION 946: ZAKKA 06.07.11

    Mixed by Ole Koretsky (Jetlag)

    01. Big Audio Dynamite – Innocent Child
    02. The Smiths – Rusholme Ruffians
    03. The Kinks – Dead End Street
    04. The Style Council – Homebreakers
    05. Pulp – Common People
    06. Ray Davies – Return to Waterloo
    07. David Bowie – Always Crashing in the Same Car
    08. Suede – She
    09. The Jesus & Mary Chain – Surfin’ USA
    10. The Happy Mondays – Brain Dead


    Mixed by Jon & Rick


    Mixed by DJ Hideet

    01. Kode9 & The Spaceape – Fukkaz
    02. Martyn – Suburbia
    03. Martyn – Vancouver
    04. Jimmy Edgar – Sheer,Make,Serve
    05. Kid Sister – Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)
    06. Ghostface Killah Feat. Adrienne Bailon – I’ll Be That
    07. Method Man & Redman Feat. Bun B – City Lights
    08. Erykah Badu – Didn’t Cha Know
    09. Nuspirit Helsinki – Honest
    10. New Birth – You Are What I’m All About

  • SESSION 943: THE BANDWAGON 04.27.11

    Mixed by Taimur Agha & Elon

    Elon (Dumb Unit | NYC)
    Israeli-born Elon has played several influential roles in shaping New York’s electronic music landscape since moving there in 2000. As resident DJ for the cutting-edge reSOLUTE collective, he is known for his seamless, widely creative and danceable sets – whether he is headlining at a popular nightclub or playing a marathon set for an underground afterhours. As part of the Clink Recordings and Dumb-Unit families, Elon has been a prominent producer in bringing forth a fresh, forward-thinking sound to modern Techno while keeping true to the charm of the music’s underground spirit. His distinctive style glides between House and Techno, from dark and emotive territory to the more rhythmic and uplifting character of electronic music. His sharp ear for detail is reflected in his fluid sets and immaculate productions, skills he honed over a rich instrumental background and a longtime career as a sound engineer. His work has appeared on Apparel Music, Auralism, Infant, Sleaze Records, Airdrop, Rrygular, Metroline, Infant and RetroMetro. Today Elon frequently plays throughout Europe and the US. Amidst production projects he also runs the reSOLUTE imprint, scheduled to launch in 2011.

  • SESSION 942: GOOD RECORDS 06.05.11

    Mixed by Jonny Paycheck & Garcia Vega De La Greenleaf

    01. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – New Beginnings (First Minute Of A New Day)
    02. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – We Almost Lost Detroit
    03. A.T.U. ft Gil Scott-Heron – The Scandal (Then & Now)
    04. Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
    05. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – The Bottle (live)
    06. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – Johannesburg
    07. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – Winter In America
    08. Bobby Wright – The Blood Of An American
    09. Black Heat – Street Of Tears
    10. Jackie Opel – Cry Me A River

  • SESSION 941: A1 AFTRHRS 06.01.11

    Mixed by Jeremie

    01. Gil Scott Heron – “B” Movie
    02. Billy Griffin – Systematic
    03. Eddie Kendricks -I’m In Love With You
    04. Richard Grayson – Hot Fun
    05. Alxander O’Neal – What’s Missing (Remix)
    06. Dayton – The Sound of Music (European Mix)
    07. Aleem featuring Leroy Burger – Fine Young Tender
    08. Bananarama – Cairo (Summer Dub)
    09. Serge Gainsbourg – Love On the Beat
    10. GMM with Alexander Robotnick – Love Supreme