Mixed by Pets for Less & Bruce Tantum

    Pets for Less
    Pets for Less is a new duo on the disco front, consisting of friendsAlex Fish and Mike Fisher. The two only joined forces in January and share a creative spark both in the studio and behind the decks, so we’re very excited to hear what these fresh talents have in store for us (they’ve also promised to give us a rinse of some of their own, unreleased productions). Both seasoned DJs and producers in their own right, the two share a rich palette of musical tastes inspired by a lengthy number of artists and labels. However, of late they nod towards the Hot Natured nu disco sound, noting it captures their “general love for all things funky and trouble-making.” As innocent and sweet as their moniker entails, prepare for some badass-style disco this time around…

    Alex Fish (aka Holosound)
    Holosound (aka Alex Fish) is one of New York’s best-kept secrets. Ever since he emerged on the scene in 2004 as a two-man production, later becoming a one-man powerhouse, Holosound’s reputation for quality and consistency has permeated many corners of the global dance-music community and caught the attention of discerning club-goers and musicians alike. Following the exceptional success of Holosound’s monthly headlining night, “Citric,” at The Vault in New York City—a night which ran unbroken for four years straight—Alex and his former production partner,Noah Becker, launched Citric Recordings in 2008. With appearances from Tokyo to Toronto, Helsinki to London, Phuket to Estonia and all over North America—Alex has been turning heads and earning the respect of his fans and peers the world over. His unique style and knack for energizing dance-floors has also helped land Holosound gigs in support of many of the world’s top DJs—including Luke Fair, Satoshi Tomiie, Josh Wink, SOS, Kaskade, Audiofly, Desyn Masiello and others.

    Mike Fisher
    A recent Brooklyn transplant hailing from Washington DC, Mike Fisher has been a mover and shaker in the scene since 2003. As an established DJ he has played alongside the likes of big name headliners like M.A.N.D.Y., Matt Tolfrey, Lee Foss, to name a few. As one of the founders of the DC-based promotion crew, Mnmllife, he is one of the forces behind our capital’s growing dance music scene. Currently, the team is transitioning their brand into “Life,” steering away from the minimal sounds of the past and moving towards House and Disco’s warmer territory. In addition to being an active figure in the city’s nightlife, he is also boasts an esteemed background in music production having worked with the award winning artist Deep Dish as their studio engineer for 2 years, where he assisted in various labels such as Yoshitoshi and SCI+TEC Digital Audio.

    Bruce Tantum
    Does the name sound familiar? It should. DJ, journalist and all-round music-enthusiast, Tantum has been a fixture within the city’s electronic music scene since the days when clubs Studio 54, Limelight and Centro-Fly were alive and pumping. Today he is the main club editor for Time Out NY and has probably interviewed more DJs than the number of kernels in a bag of rice.

    He is an essential voice and reliable source for the music, artists and trends within this far-reaching electronic music culture, whether he is covering a new album, party or festival. On top of his talent for the written word he DJs too, gigging throughout the city from rooftops to radio shows and is also a frequent guest in the UK, regularly playing alongside the DJ History crew spearheaded by Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton. Although he doesn’t parade his DJ skills don’t underestimate hits modest profile – this guy has plenty of taste and plenty of talent.


    Mixed by Jkriv, Son Of Sound

    Jkriv (Deep&Disco)
    JKriv (Jason Kriveloff) is a man of many musical hats. As a founding member, bass-player, and co-songwriter/producer for the live-house band Tortured Soul, he has toured the world and contributed to staples of the 2000-something deep house oevre. Lately he’s been collecting his forays into the world of DJing and production under the moniker DEEP&DISCO, which aptly describes the sound and style that informs his musical approach. Having amassed a sizeable following of discophiles around the globe through his signature-crafted Disco edits (yes, those!), 2011 will see the launch of Deep&Disco Recordings, a home for both his original productions and contributions from Lou Teti, Blacklodge, Sleazy McQueen, Space Ranger and more. Additionally, J is a lover of small animals, fountain cokes, and long walks through rat-infested, trash-covered Brooklyn streets.

    Son Of Sound (Speak Recordings | NYC)
    If creative synergy can be traced to a specific time and place, New York during the turn of the ’80s would be the influential epicenter for producer/DJ Henry Maldonado aka Son of Sound. Born into a social and economically turbulent, Disco crazed New York City in July of ’71, Henry’s early musical influence would come in the form of house parties. His father, Enrique Maldonado, a Latin percussionist with an eclectic record collection was the maestro in charge of programming a steady diet of Disco, Soul and of course Latin.Henry’s prominent experiences would derive from the Post-Disco/pre-Hip-Hop, generation-X epoch of the early ’80s. Hip-Hop had spread beyond the Bronx and into the remaining boroughs. Disco was fighting for its survival, fusing with Punk Rock, Salsa, Electro and Rap. Electro pioneers such as Kraftwerk, Man Parrish and Arthur Baker laid the template for electronic dance music. Radio mix-show DJ’s such as John “Jelly Bean” Benitez, Red Alert, Latin Rascals and Tony Humphries would serve as Henry’s mentors in the art of the mix.


    Mixed by Beg To Differ (aka My Cousin Roy and Nick Chacona), Matthew Moffe

    My Cousin Roy (The Wurst Music Co.)
    Roy Dank (aka My Cousin Roy) is the mind behind the “Wurst Edits,” imprint. The New York label, which launched in 2006 boasted radical reworkings of yesteryear’s clandestine disco by the likes of label head Roy Dank aka My Cousin Roy and his talented friends, including Runaway, who went on to produced acclaimed releases for DFA and Rekids; the multi-talented producer, DJ and illustrator Doug Lee aka Lee Douglas, Douglas Sound and one-half of TBD (with Justin Vandervolgen) and Stallions (with Lovefingers); and Eamon Harkin, part of the NYC party juggernaut that is Sunday Best and Mister Saturday Night. The edits received support from esteemed DJs as far as wide as 2ManyDJs, Carl Craig, Harvey, Erol Alkan, James Murphy, Simian Mobile Disco, and Tim Sweeney, amongst many others. In early 2009, Roy teamed up with designers Josh Clancy and Travis Stearns to take the label’s visual aeshetic to the proverbial next level. Come July of that year, the label evolved into The Wurst Music Co with the release of Brennan Green’s My First House, quite possibly the cult producer’s most dance floor savvy work to date. Wurst has gone from strength to strength since with releases from Neurotic Drum Band, Reade Truth, Great Weekend, and Ulysses. The Wurst Has Yet To Come…

    Nick Chacona (Hector Works)
    Nick Chacona is one of New York’s disco-house mainstays and over the course of his 15-year career as a DJ and producer has become one of the city’s most respected underground talents within its vibrant dance music scene. In a DJ capacity, Nick is as versatile as you will find. He began spinning over 15 years ago, strictly playing reggae but shortly thereafter fell in love with House & Disco. Never one to let the crowd down, Nick’s sets are filled with energy, finesse, and diversity flowing from Nu Disco, House, Techno, Italo and classics—whatever is required in the moment. He has played across the US from NY to San Francisco, as well as Brazil, Germany, Spain, Poland, Romania, Belgium, Sweden, Serbia, Holland, and the UK. His production skills are just as dynamic as his style behind the decks and over the course of his career has spread his skills far and wide and garnered a lengthy discography under his belt. Over the years his productions have grown to encompass elements of sound from across the world of dance music, melding the arpeggiated sounds of Rimini, the trackiness of Chicago, minimalism of Berlin, and dubbed out vibes of Kingston, Jamaica sometimes in the same track. He began producing in 1999 under the Version Eternal moniker for NY label Homestyle Cooking. Since that time Nick has gone on to release tracks on renowned labels Mood Music, 2020 Vision, Ben Watt’s Buzzin Fly, Saw, Dogtown, Bearfunk, and the inaugural release for Prins Thomas’s Internasjonal.

    Matthew Moffre (Drrtyhaze)
    Matthew Moffre, a former (and self-acclaimed) “Shelter head” has been a staple on the scene as a DJ for roughly 18 years. Best known as one-half of the Drrtyhaze duo, Moffre, alongside his production partner have been actively producing since 2006, currently boasting a lengthy discography of original productions and remixes. At the turn of the New Year the team has a slew of exciting new releases on respected international labels such as UK’s Redux and Under the Shade as well as Germany’s Tirk and Redux imprints. In addition to their avid music making the two are frequent guests at parties such as the legendary classic school house-based Play It Loud series. When running solo Moffre goes under the Love Tempo moniker, which he also dubs his monthly party now nearing its one-year mark. His tracks and mixes can be found onwww.beatsandwords.com.


    Mixed by Soul Kichen, Slow Hands

    Soul Kitchen (Switzerland)

    It doesn’t take long to learn that Soul Kitchen knows a thing or two about good food and good music. Hailing from the rolling hills of Switzerland, this young man first established his DJ career from the infamous Basement parties he threw at the Università della Svizzera Italiana study hall. Architect student by day, Soul Kitchen by night was the name of his game. Now relocated in New York, Soul Kitchen’s fun-loving spirit and refined taste for all things funky, deep and soulful has already caught the attention of NY party-goers. For this afternoon we guarantee he’ll whip up a soulful dish of boogie shaking bliss…

    Slow Hands (Wolf+Lamb / Double Standard | NYC)

    Slow Hands first started making waves after joining the Wolf+Lamb family in 2009 and has quickly risen to the forefront of the US slo-mo disco scene with ear perking productions of space disco and disco-filtered house. But who’s labeling? The bottom line is, he’s captured a refreshing hybrid of future music that is yet-to-be-defined.


    Mixed by Matthew Kyle, Soho808 & Crystamafia

    Matthew Kyle

    Matthew Kyle (M.K.) loves whiskey, cats and disco – just our kind of guy. The New York-based DJ turned producer only started dabbling in music-making eight months ago and he’s already all the buzz with two hot releases on Berlin’s vinyl-only disco edit imprint, Dikso under his former monikers NoRequests and byDesign. Although still a ripe talent, Kyle has already carved out a trademark style that straddles between head-bobbing boogie, nusoul and downbeat disco. The Dikso star gets crafty with his edits and reworks by splicing up and pitching down old gems and classics by Al Green, the Bee Gees, Chaka Khan, Biggie and more timeless artits, sometimes even overlapping their tunes into one midtempo groover. Come early to hear M.K. warm up the afternoon with some super slow disco soul…


    Soho808 is Nathaniel Jay and Dave Robertson, two friends who met randomly at a dirty afterhours boat party and realized they shared an affinity for house music that runs high on quality and low on the BPM. They quickly took to Robertson’s Soho studio to begin making music of their own, turning out deep, slow tracks such as their first release “From New York with Love” (out now on Stupendous Music), their own remix of Soul II Soul’s 90s classic, “Back to Life”, with more tracks and other projects in the pipeline. Both DJs on their own in the past; their DJ sets together reflect the music they make; pitched down party music with soul.


    Mixed by Free Magic & VDRK

    Slow Disco Saturdays
    Arriving (just barely) in time for the onset of Fall, Slow Disco Saturdays is a new monthly in store DJ session at halcyon the shop, hosted by our own queen of the retarded beat scene, Bianca Von Baum. Each month’s session will feature a special guest DJ laying down 3 hours of tempo challenged choons, from dawdling cosmic Disco to lazy low-slung Funk and lead-footed Balaeric burners. So if you are feeling sluggish after a Friday night of quick paced rubbish, come pitch it down with Ms. Baum on a Slow Disco Saturday afternoon.