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    DJ NOB first came in contact with electronic music in the late 1990’s at the underground venue “Sound Community DUB”, in his hometown of Yokohama, which is still renowned for it’s high quality sound system.

    In 2003 DJ NOB and his colleagues at “Sound Community DUB” created the KAMOME SOUND SYSTEM collective consisting of DJs, music producers, and VJ artists who also design and build original speakers and sound systems. DJ NOB and KAMOME SOUND SYSTEM have recently launched the party “LOUVER” in Tokyo in partnership with the “Far East Underground” radio program of the Romanian radio station “Radio DEEA”. The “LOUVER” concept is the global transmission of underground music from Japan to the world via broadcast.

    DJ NOB is not only a popular DJ but also a producer of his own original music and has gained additional success editing various classic dance tracks. He has gone on to tour in Australia, Taiwan, Germany, London, Sweden and Romania.

    Daily Session is now proud to present a unique, comprehensive and exclusive new mix by DJ Nob which blends many of his musical roots together including the classic raw sounds of Funk, Rock and Soul to Techno, House and Ambient electronic music.
    (by Megumi)

  • SESSION 1547: FUNKY SLICE 12.23.13

    Mixed by Monchan

    01. Murphy Jax – The Acid HouseKeeper (DSR Mix)
    02. Jazzatron From Cybertron – Feel
    03. Ben Rourke – Blue
    04. Nick Agha – Climates
    05. Manuel Tur & DPlay – Rest Your Senses
    08. John Heckle
    09. Jerzzey Boy
    10. Scientist
    11. Jovonn – Garage Shelter
    12. Arnolod Jarvis – Take Some Time Out
    13. Trojan Horse – What $ Love
    14. Echo 106
    15. I Cry Ft. Gemma Dunleavy
    16. Jahiliyya Fields – Aeon aeon
    17. John Heckle
    18. Simoncino
    19. Herbert
    20. The Turtles – You Showed Me

  • SESSION 1449: VINYLMANIA 02.09.13

    Mixed by Monchan

    01. Heaven & Earth _ I Really Love You
    02. What Can I Do For You (Remix)
    04. Ian Dury & The BlockHeads – Reason To Be Cheerful Pt.3
    05. Newcleus – Jam On It (Remix)
    06. Chocolate – It’s That East Street Beat
    07. Syreeta – Can’t Shake Your Love
    10. Eco 106 – Copy Ins Del
    11. John Heckle – So Far
    12. Jahilyya Fields
    13. Acapella
    14. Mike Sharon – Can Feel It
    17. Sunburst Band – I ‘ll Be There For You
    20. Release

  • SESSION 1428: EVENT SESSION 12.08.12

    BLT for the first 1 1/4 hr then SharegrooveDJs
    after dailysession voice
    Sycorax Live Electronic set for first 45 then Sharegroove djs!

  • SESSION 1393: A1 AFTRHRS 09.09.12

    Mixed by Ron Morelli

    01. Ciani – Second Breath
    02. Gary Sloan and Clone – Good Indian
    03. Aaron Dilloway – Look Over Your Shouler
    04. Vatican Shadow – September Cell (The Storm)
    05. Bunker22
    06. Prologue – Weldia
    08. Bronze Age – Modal Ingenuity
    13. Entro Senestre – Flashbacks
    14. Deloy Edwards – Club Use Only


    Mixed by DJ Monchan

  • 062412_recordplayer


    Mixed by Ben Monzone , Matt Brownell & Monchan

  • SESSION 1336: GUEST SESSION 06.13.12

    Mixed by DJ Seoul & T.Linder

    DJ Seoul:
    DJ Seoul is one of America’s leading ambassadors of Detroit Techno and Techno Bass. As a soldier for the Detroit Techno Militia, this powerhouse DJ has been spreading the gospel of Techno throughout the world for the past fifteen years. With lightning fast mixing skills and exceptionally technical scratches and juggles, Seoul brings an energy to the dancefloor that is rarely seen. As a producer, his work on the Detroit Techno Militia record label and his remixes for Drugaci Exhibitions have garnered him worldwide acclaim. DJ Seoul gives the crowd one hundred percent every time he performs. This energy is clearly visible and reciprocated by the audience.

    If a citizen of Detroit could be considered an asset, then DJ Seoul would be one of the most beloved. By representing his home town globally and by playing Detroit Music, Seoul continues to carry the torch that was handed to him by the greats that came before him. Playing music, from Electro, Techno and Acid, to House, Soul and Rare Groove, this trend setting performer has become known for his style of bringing a Hip-Hop Turntablist flair for mixing and scratching to his DJ set regardless of genre.

    Before he was a full-time DJ, Seoul spent many years in the music industry. Raised on the East side of Detroit, he began his musical career at a young age through various counterculture sounds and movements. His formal training began in 1985 with the drums and continues today with both traditional and electronic instruments. Coming from a very diverse musical and cultural background, Seoul cites many different personal influences including Jeff Mills as The Wizard, Terrence Parker, Dave Clarke and Underground Resistance. [Read More]

    A veteran DJ with more than ten years of experience underhis belt; Detroit native, T.Linder has done his homework and paid his dues.

    T.Linder takes a no-nonsense, working-class approach to the art of spinningrecords. He cites old-school Detroit street jocks: The Wizard (aka. JeffMills), Gary Chandler, and Steve “DJ Energy” Crawford among others, as major inspirations for his unorthodox aesthetic. “If someone’s going to pay money to hear me spin, I’m going to make it worth their money. The way I look at it, there’s too many DJs out there meticulously and methodically blending records that all sound the same. As a listener, I’m easily bored with that. I like to take some risks when I perform, skipping across genres and eras, doing scratch tricks with two copies of the same record. I want to give the listener the experience of hearing something they haven’t heard before.”

    Over the past decade, T.Linder has kept a busy performance schedule that has taken him to literally thousands of events across North America. He has played at most, if not all, of the venues in Detroit catering to Electronic Music. Notably, 2030 Grand River, The Works, Motor Lounge,St.Andrew’s Hall, and the Underground Stage at the 2002 Detroit Electronic Music Festival (a gig that he considers one of his career highlights).

    In 2007, T.Linder released his first EP entitled DTM002, on Detroit Techno Militia (a record label/artist collective that heco-founded). He has also done remix projects for legendary Detroit Techno producers Scan 7 and DJ 3000. [Read More]

  • SESSION 1334: GUEST SESSION 06.12.12

    Mixed by Rick Wilhite

    Rick Wilhite has dedicated his life to the music industry; whatever one wishes to know about Wilhite is conveyed through his music. His skill set includes DJ sets of R & B, Hip-Hop, Techno and Reggae but his MO is House and Disco.

    A Detroit native, Rick learned at an early age that a career in music takes more than playing one’s favorite records. Multi-faceted crowd control, sound engineering and creative party promotion are what make him more than a Detroit DJ.

    With over two decades experience in playing clubs and parties 24-7, 365 makes the Godson one of Detroit’s best and most versatile DJ’s around. His venture to college in the south to Southern University allowed his skills to take the region to another level of Music.

  • SESSION 1332: FUNKY SLICE 06.03.12

    Mixed by Ben Monzone

  • SESSION 1328: FUNKY SLICE 06.02.12

    Mixed by  Faso

  • SESSION 1316:NININJA 05.19.12

    Mixed by Monchan


    Mixed by Ron Morelli

  • SESSION 1300: FUNKY SLICE 05.02.12

    Mixed by DJ Monchan (Vinylmania/Downtown 304/161)

  • SESSION 1292: FUNKY SLICE 04.29.12

    Mixed by Donald Lassiter

    01. The Edwin Hawkins Singers – I Surrender
    02. Paster T.L. Barrett & The Youth For Christ Choir – Like A Ship
    03. Johnny Hammond – Fantasy
    04. Sun Palace _ Rude Moments
    05. Yambu – Sunny
    06. Kamuran Akkor – Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz
    07. Omar S presents Aaron”fit”Siegel Feat. L’Renee – Tonite
    08. The Burrell Brothers Tech Trax Inc. – State Of The Art
    09. China Clark – Brown Sugar
    10. Boyd Jarvis – Boyd Piano

  • SESSION 1290: A1 AFTRHRS 04.25.12

    Mixed by Ron Morelli

    01. Journey Towards Harmony / Luc MARIANNI
    02. The Electronic Record for Children
    03. Porter Ricks/
    04. (L.I.E.S.)
    05. ANDY STOTT/*
    07. OMAR S / The White Castle Song
    09. Jim and Tammy and Their Friends / THE HOUSE ON ROCK


    Mixed by Elbin Reyes

    01. The Ghetto (Suonho)
    02. James Mason – Nightgruv
    03. Volta Cab – Wake Up and Get Into The Groove (Daniel Solar Remix)
    04. Craig Peyton – Be Thankful For What You Got
    05. Do Your Do (ReEdit by Marvel And Gino)
    06. Plush – Free And Easy
    07. Michael Wycoff – Diamond Real
    08. Alfonzo Surrett – Make It Feel Good
    09. Phil Ramocon – Take ATrip
    10. Shirley Lites – Heat You Up (Melt You Down)

  • SESSION 1268: FUNKYSLICE 03.26.12

    Mixed by Monchan

    01. Todd Terje – Snooze 4 Love
    02. Debukas – Knowiedge
    03. Nufrequency feat.Maggie Reilly – My Angel
    04. Mock & Toof – Farewell to Wendo
    05. Lyndon B – Traffic
    06. Beth Ditto – Open Heart Surgery
    07. Free Magic & Jkriv – Sing
    08. Rhythm Masters – Virgin Eyes (Safe Sax Instrumental)
    09. Massive Sounds – Slackness And Sax
    10. The Sound Vandals – On Your Way

  • SESSION 1265: DEEPER THAN DISCO 03.24.12

    Mixed by DJ True

    01. Leon Thomas – The Creator Has A Master Plan (Peace)
    02. Nitin Sawhney – Moonrise (When Worlds Collide Version)
    03. The Detroit Experiment – Think Twice
    04. The Rebirth – Walk Talkin’ Mizell (Until We Meet Again)
    05. Holland Dozier Holland – Don’t Leave Me Starving For Your Love
    06. Eddie Kendricks – Date with The Rain (Special Remix Disco Version)
    07. A Guy Called Adam – Techno Power
    08. Baby’O – In The Forest
    09. Third World – Talk To Me
    10. Soft – Art Farmer (Rei Harakami Remix)


    Mixed by Luka BernaskoneAndrea Mennilli (B2B) @PRIVATE PARTY PESCARA 14.01.12