• SESSION 722: EVENT SESSION 12.02.10

    Mixed by Dave Hahn with emcee JD

  • SESSION 721: EVENT SESSION 12.02.2010

    Mixed by Dave Hahn with emceeJD

  • SESSION 715: EVENT SESSION 11.27.10

  • SESSION 712: FUNKY SLICE 11.29.10

    Mixed by Mr. Deba

    01. Gregory isaacs – love without intermission
    02. Gregory isaacs – slave master
    03. Gregory isaacs – john public
    04. Dennis Brown – get myself together
    05. Half Pint – subsitute lover
    06. Johnny osbourne – no ice cream
    07. Ninja – Number one
    08. Tenor Saw – High Power
    09. Nicodemus – mother in law
    10. Nicodemus – ease Freeze

  • SESSION 711: EVENT SESSION 11.20.10

    Mixed by Steve Shakewell & DJ Duckcomb

  • SESSION 705: EVENT SESSION 08.14.10

    Mixed by Tommys & Hahn Solo

  • SESSION 704: EVENT SESSION 08.14.10

    Mixed by Solid & CVP

  • SESSION 703: EVENT SESSION 08.14.10

    Mixed by Vaughn All Star & Joseph

  • SESSION 701: EVENT SESSION 08.14.10

    Mixed by Carter Van pelt and Sir Tommy

  • SESSION 674: EVENT SESSION 11.11.10

    Mixed by Carter Van Pelt &  Hahn Solo

  • SESSION 671: ZAKKA 11.09.10

    Mixed by DJ Carter Van Pelt

    01. Dennis Brown – Whip Them Jah Jah
    02. The President Man – Shorty
    03. Tony Tough & The Soundemension – Love Light Shining
    04. Tony Tuff – Deliver Me
    05. Tony Tuff – Run Come Come
    06. Leadus Father – African Brothers
    07. Righteous Kingdom – African Brothers
    08. Johnny Clarke – African Roots
    09. Hugh Mundell – Don’t Stay Away Too Long
    10. I Roy – African Heardsman

  • SESSION 670: ZAKKA 11.09.10

    Mixed by Linh Truong (Sound Liberation Front)

  • SESSION642 : BLESS UP 08.19.10

    Mixed by Scuba, Incyde, Dave Q, Hertz Couture, Welfare & Liondub

    Scuba (Hotflush / Substance  / Golden Goose | UK)
    Long established as one of the leading talents in the dubstep scene both through his own productions and the contributions of his label, Hotflush, to the talent pool, Scuba, aka Paul Rose, has been making inroads into the techno scene via Sub:Stance, his monthly event at Berghain/Panoramabar, and, more recently, his establishment of a new techno-centric alias and label, SCB.

  • SESSION640 : BLESS UP 07.29.10

    Mixed by Max Echo, Bookz & Liondub
    Sugar Minott Tribute

    Max Echo (Dont Sleep NYC)
    Max Echo grew up playing jazz and funk, discovered dub and drum and bass in the 90?s and fell in love with grime and dubstep in the noughts. He has been active in the US dubstep scene since 2007. His recent productions have centered on funky, garage and future bashment and his sets blend across the 140 – 120 bpm spectrum. Together with producers Bookz and Mad Scientist he formed the DSNYC collective in February of 2010. Look for forthcoming releases from Max Echo on limited white label pressings out on DontSleep this fall.

  • SESSION 638: EVENT SESSION 06.05.10

    Mixed by Carter Van Pelt (WKCR 89.9 FM)

  • SESSION 635: EVENT SESSION 10.15.10

    Mixed by Lifeline, Winter, Paul Zasky, Max Echo, Anthony Avatar, DJ mOma, Liondub
    Human Beat Box By Elanef

  • SESSION 633: GOOD RECORDS 10.15.10

    Mixed by Jonny Paycheck

  • SESSION 590: ZAKKA 09.14.10

    Mixed by DJ Carter Van Pelt

    01. Joe Higgs-Change A Plan
    02. Delroy Wilson-It’s Impossible
    03. Ken Boothe-Don’t Want to See You Cry
    04. The Ethipoans-You’ll Want To Come Back
    05. The Conquerers-Mr.D.J.
    06. BB Seaton & The gaylads-That’s What Love will Do
    07. Lloyd Charmers-Come See About Me
    08. Bob And Y-You Don’t Know
    09. Johny Moore- Love Kiss blue
    10. The Melodians-Swing And Dine

  • SESSION 587: BLESS UP 03.18.10

    Mixed by Incyde, Dave Q, Joenice of Dubwar

    Dub War
    Dub War is the US’s original dubstep party, pushing boundaries and bass bins in New York City 4 years running. The event is held monthly at L.O.V.E., and features visiting guests at the forefront of the sound from the UK and worldwide alongside residents Dave Q, Joe Nice, Juakali, and Incyde. Expect futuristic bass music and the freshest dubplates straight off the press. Spanning the spectrum of tempos and styles, Dub War challenges audiences to be open to strange and unexpected sounds which defy convention but always hit hard on a heavy sound system. The Dub War crew has recently mixed for Maryanne Hobbs’Experimental show on BBC Radio1, and have been featured in the New York Times and New York Magazine.