• SESSION 229: HALCYON 03.20.09

    Mixed by: Casa Del Puente Discos feat. Pedro Moscuzza

  • SESSION 228: ZAKKA 04.06.09

    Mixed by David Crisis

    01.Andronicus-Make You Whole
    02.Betty Boo & The Beatmasters-Hey Dj/ I Can’t Dance
    03.After Dark-Atlanitis
    05.Planet Soul-Set U Free(The Remixes)
    06.Jaydee-Plastic Dreams
    07.New Atlantic-I Know
    08.Tyree-Turn Up The Bass
    09.Greed-Pump Up The Volume
    10.Rabbit City Records 003

  • SESSION 227: HALCYON 03.13.09

    Mixed by: Eric Cloutier

    01.Isolee  – Beau Mot Place – Classic Music
    02.Adultnapper – The Score (Echologist Remix) – Ransom Note
    03.Brothers Vibe – You & Me – Som Underground
    04.Mike – Oi Vai Voi – Sushitech
    05.Ramon Tapia – Go Away (Jonjon & Chopstick Remix) – Flash
    06.Simon Flower – Phospheres (Edfdemin Remix) – Poker Flat
    07.Ramon Tapia – S.T.I – Flash
    08.Bushwacka! – Dromedeire – Olmeto
    09.Mountain People – 07.1 – Mountain People
    10.Brothers Vibe – Take me 2 the Raw – Sushitech

  • SESSION 225: A1 AFTRHRS 04.01.09

    Mixed by Daniel Auster

    01.Escape From NewYork-Fire In My Heart
    02.DJ Gilb’r-Espece Funk(Idjut boy’s&Laj remix)
    03.Magick Edit-Shade Of Who
    04.Mood II Swing-Do It Your Way
    05.Rick Wade-Pimp Factor
    06.Blaze-We All Must Live Together
    07.Moodymann-Music People
    08.Heaven & Earth-Prescription Every Night
    09.The Chicago Connection-Dancin’
    10.I Feel Dub

  • SESSION 224: NISE MUSIC 03.31.09

    01. Ray LaMontagne – Be Here Now
    02. Peter, Paul and Mary – Bamboo
    03. Bob Dylan – Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright
    04. Kings of Leon – Milk
    05. Paul Simon – Graceland
    06. America – Sister Golden Hair
    07. Ray LaMontagne – Three More Days
    08. The Doors – Riders on the Storm
    09. Ray LaMontagne – Empty

  • SESSION 223: ZAKKA 03.30.09

    Mixed by DJ Cerock

    01.Tyree-I Fear The NIght (subterranean mix)
    02.O.N.I.T-We’re Out Of Control
    03.The Black Cuban Opera-Where’s The Rest Of Da Tape
    04.Kenny Dope-Dancin’
    05,Eddie S-Gotta Dance
    06.Cajmere featuring Dajae-Brighter Days (Tee’s Freeze Dub)
    07.House Of Robots-Soul, Rhythm, The Undergrund
    08.Cosmic Force-Getto Down (Kenny Dope Remix)
    09.Jerry Rythm-The Erotic Drum Band
    10.Felix-You Can’t Hold Me Down( Nicky Siano)

  • SESSION 222: HALCYON 03.27.09 HR.1

    Mixed by Ben Roder

    01. Cosmic Balearic Beats 2 – Stratus
    02. Keep Schtum
    03. Botox – The 16th Machine
    04. Dig It – Tequila
    05. Mike Marron – Dancin in the Dark
    06. White Lable
    07. Art of Noise – Beat Box
    08. George Krantz – Din Da Da
    09. Pilloski – Can’t There Be Love
    10. Jamie Jones – Strangers
    11. Rubber Room Rerubs – Hippie Dance
    12. Traks – Doobie Bros Cover
    13. Tamiko Jones – Can’t Live Without Your Love
    14. Keep a Burnin

  • SESSION 222: HALCYON: 03.27.09 HR.2

    Mixed by James f!@#$%^ Friedman

     01. Detroit Experiment – Think Twice (Mark E Rmx)
    02. Rick Wade – Deep n Dirty
    03. Blaze – Lovelee Day (20:20 Vision Mix)
    04. The Moie – For the Lost
    05. Yannick L – Galieni (Skwerl Rmx)
    06. Isolee – October
    07. Mike Monday – Zwivetty
    08. Fillippo Moscatello – Houz

  • SESSION 220: ZAKKA 03.23.09

    Mixed by Steven Burroughs

    01.Jazzanova-Little Bird
    03.Toutured Soul-Fall In Love
    04.Everything But Girl-Corcavado
    05.Mr.Scruff-DJ Take Me Away
    06.Like Raindrops-Footstep Following Me
    07.2 Feet Deep-Getting High
    08.Unknown-Excite Me
    09.Fat Freddy’s Drop-Something In The Way
    10.Jamie Lidell-What’s The Use?

  • SESSION 219: HALCYON 03.20.09

    Mixed by …

    Tracklisting Goes Here

  • SESSION 217: NISE MUSIC 03.17.09

    01. Anthony Rother – When The Sun Goes Down (UR Mix)
    02. Humate and Rabbit in the Moon – East
    03. Heller and Farley – The Rising Sun (Bedrock Remix)
    04. Luzon – The Baguio Track (Bedrock Remix)
    05. Gecko – Just Close Your Eyes
    06. Robert Hood – Side Effect
    07. Plasticman – Spastik
    08. Christian Morgenstern – Night of the Living Deaf
    09. Samuel Sessions – Riot On 33 1/3
    10. Brother Brown – Star Catching Girl (Smith and Selway Rmx)

  • SESSION 215: NISE MUSIC 03.10.09

    The Nise Music show is back!!!! 
    Mixed by NISE

    01. Jose Gonzalez – Teardrop
    02. Morcheeba – Run Honey Run
    03. Nickodemus – Mystery of Life
    04. Mocean Worker – Heaven
    05. Guy Monk & Kevin Yost – Livin the Truth
    06. Cro-Magnon – Eclipse
    07. Ananda Project – Cascades of Colour (Sugar Love Mix)
    08. Fug 5.51 – The Prophet
    09. Femi Kuti – Beng Beng Beng (Ashley Beedle’s Mix)
    10. 3 Generations Walking – Ode to Woman

  • SESSION 214: ZAKKA 03.09.09

    Mixed by Takaya Nagase

    01.Toby Tobias-Dave’s Sex Bites
    02.Unknown edit
    03.Gail Freeman-Mr.Right(Dub)
    04.House of House-The  Rough Half
    05.Trammps-Lights Went Out(Guittar Dub)
    06.Ron Hall & the Muthafunkaz-The Way You Love Me
    07.Praful-Underworld prt 1&2
    09.Grace Jones-Private Life
    10.Warriors-Blue Steel

  • SESSION 213: A1 AFTRHRS 03.04.09 HR.2

    Mixed by Stewart

    01.Central-Pat lundy Work Song
    02.Tussle-Here Comes! Lockgrooves!
    06.House To House-Rushing To paradise
    07.Georgie Red-If I Say Stop, Then Stop!
    09.Junior Boys-Like A Child(Carl Craig remix)
    10.Foremost poets-Reasons To Be Dismal?

  • DAILYSESSION 211: HALCYON 02.13.09

    Mixed by Derek Plaslaiko

    T/L Coming Soon…

  • SESSION 210: HALCYON 02.20.09

    Mixed by Deepak Sharma and The Monkeybrothers

    T/L Coming Soon…

  • SESSION 209: A1 AFTRHRS 02.25.09

    Mixed by Daniel Auster

    02.Looney Tunes-Just As Long As I Got You
    03.The Break Boys-Give Us A Break
    04.J.U Ice-It’s Just A Groove
    05.O.N.I.T-We’re Out Of Control
    06.Bad Boy Orchestra-Do You Wanna Dance
    07.Well Red-M.F.S.B
    08.Royal Orchestra Ltd-Mykoos Melodee
    10.Lil’ Louis-Club Lonely

  • SESSION 208: ZAKKA 02.23.09

    Mixed by Ali Coleman

    02.Ten City-My Peace Of Heaven
    03.Jill Scott-Golden Remix
    04.Underground Dance Artists United For Life -Most precious Love
    05.Jacksons-Torture   over top of 
    06.Dj Nori-Nomad
    07.Dennis Ferrer-The Son Of Raw
    09.Dj Camacho-Renegade
    10.Joe Claussel-Je Ka Jo

  • SESSION 207: A1 AFTRHRS 02.18.09

    Mixed by Daniel Auster

    01.Gary Martin-Serious Business
    02.Aril Brikha-WayBack
    03.Phuture-Your Only Friend
    o4.Phuture-We Are Phuture
    05. ONY (Beat Club)–Run
    06.Boy With Style-Just Feel The Bass
    07.The Break Boys-Listen To The Rhythm Flow
    08.Grey House-New Beats The House
    09.007,a fantasy bond theme(dance version)
    10.Chicago-edit de Prince Language

  • SESSION 206: ZAKKA 02.16.09

    Mixed by Eric Escobar

    01.Santana-Aqua Marine
    02.Everything But The Girl-Rollercoster
    03.Les Chocs Electriques -L’Homme Bongo
    04.Robert Randolph & The Family Band-I Need More Love(DJ Pierre’mix)
    05.Norman Jean Bell-I’m The Baddest Bitch(Moodymann mix)
    06.MAW Electronic-Body
    07.Kerry Chandler-Atomosphic Beats
    09.Johnick New Jersey-Play The World
    10.Urbansoul Feat. Roland Clark-Brown James