• SESSION 1776: A1 IN STORE 10.30.17

    Mixed by Josh Byrnes aka Elevator Man

    Elevator Man

  • SESSION 1538: A1 IN STORE 12.06.13

    Mixed by Elevator Man

    01. Youngbloods – Gimme Some More
    02. Technical Onslaught – The Calling
    03. Tctus – You like It
    04. Nicolette – wicked Mathematics (Inst)
    05. Modified Starch – Brik – A – Brak
    06. Ladies With An Attitude (Original Electric Boogie)
    07. Sharon Forrester – Love Inside (Original Mix)
    08. DJ Crystal – Let It Roll
    09. Ramadanman – Every Next Day
    10. Vip Crew – Ayia Napa Theme
    11. Drum Dubs (Werk 03)
    12. Brackles – 6am El gordos
    13. AFX – Analord Oil
    14. Andrea Parker
    15. Jack Mate – Buccancer
    17. Mosca – bax
    18. technasia
    19. Flux – Caruso
    20. E-Dancer – Banjo (Funk a’void Remix)
    21. John Beltran – Beautiful Robots
    22. Anstam – Cree
    23. Mate 003
    24. Front Cube Pusher

  • SESSION 1295: BEETRONIX 04.30.12

    Mixed by Sean Bee (Downtown161/304, Sony)

    01. U Don’t Survive
    02. Just Love
    03. Ascending
    04. Siesta
    05. Afternoon
    06. Run Out
    07. You Can
    08. Ready For The World
    09. Waves For Days
    10. Black Water

  • SESSION 1242: BEETRONIX 02.20.12

    Mixed by Sean Bee (Downtown161/304, Sony)

    01. The Cinematic Orchestra – Breathe
    02. Hammock – You Lost The Starlight In Your Eyes (Sean’s Edit In Reverse)
    03. Yoshinori Takezawa – Audio Leaf
    04. Sonnymoon – Just Before Dawn (Alt Version)
    05. Slava – Swan
    06. Jaques Greene – Arrow (Sean’s No Beat Edit)
    07. Burial – Dog Shelter
    08. Cyra Morgan & Owsey – You Gave Me A Letter In A Field of Stars
    09. Baths – Departure (Sean’s Extra Intro Edit)
    10. Lapalux – 102 Hours Of Introductions


    Mixed by DJ Hideet

    01.kira neris – Together ft.Cecilia Stalin
    02.kira neris – Judy In June (Ce Matin La)
    03.Theo Parrish – Got A Match
    04.Jazzanova – Look What You’re Doin’ To Me (feat Phonte – Manuel Tur & Dplay remix)
    05.Motor City Drum Ensemble – Monster Box
    06.DJ jams – Im A Deep Man
    07.Alki – Work Expression
    08.Bobby – Amends
    09.B. Bravo – Computa Love
    10.Mount Kimbie – Mayor

  • SESSION 1210: BEETRONIX 01.16.12

    Mixed by Sean Bee (Downtown161/304, Sony)

    01. 1212
    02. Deebirch – Breathe It’s Good for You
    03. Aurastore – Comatose
    04. TicK – Das Zebra in Wohnzimmer
    05. Chehands – Sun Warmed Stone
    06. Document
    07. TicK – Pads Test
    08. Halftribe – How Did We Get Here? I Simply Haven’t A Clue
    09. Andy The Flute Maker – Melting
    10. Lower Spectrum – In/Out

  • SESSION 1120: DOC DELAY SESSION 10.30.11

    Mixed by Doc Delay

    “Halloween Mix”


    Mixed by DJ Hideet

    01. Kode9 & The Spaceape – Fukkaz
    02. Martyn – Suburbia
    03. Martyn – Vancouver
    04. Jimmy Edgar – Sheer,Make,Serve
    05. Kid Sister – Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)
    06. Ghostface Killah Feat. Adrienne Bailon – I’ll Be That
    07. Method Man & Redman Feat. Bun B – City Lights
    08. Erykah Badu – Didn’t Cha Know
    09. Nuspirit Helsinki – Honest
    10. New Birth – You Are What I’m All About

  • SESSION 879 : BLESS UP 03.10.11

    Mixed by Liondub, Taimur & Anthony Avatar

  • SESSION 803: GOOD RECORDS 02.11.1

    Mixed by Doc Delay

    01. Doris Norton – A.D.A. Converter
    02. Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas – Naa Er Druene Paa Sitt Beste
    03. Fever Ray – Now’s The Only Time I Know
    04. Alan Hawkshaw – Mystique Voyage
    05. Jogger – Nice Tights (Mexicans With Guns Remix)
    06. Rusko
    07. Untold – Discipline
    08. Various Production – Hater
    09. MHE – MHE010
    10. Zomby – Kaliko

  • SESSION 755 : BLESS UP 12.16.10

    Mixed by Falty DLIncydeJordan Rothlein

    “Bless Up!”

    On the fifth day he created bass, then he took an Amen break. And so it was, that on Thursdays the high priests of low frequency would gather at the record store in Brooklyn to perform the ancient rites of the turntable… It is in this solemn spirit of praise to all that rumbles the jungle that the cult we call halcyon presents our latest, soon to be habitual ritual, Bless Up! – Thursdays from 6-9pm at halcyon the shop and archived on percussionlab.com Funky monks take note, Bless Up! is three hours of anything-but-silent devotion to the woofer ripping trinity of Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Dub Reggae. Our own pied pontiff, Liondub administers the wax sacraments alongside a rotating cast of cardinals representing NYC’s holiest DJ diocese. Visiting saints make miraculous appearances and as always, there’s no tithe at the door and plenty of alms for the poor, so you can save while being saved.

  • SESSION 751: FUNKY SLICE 01.03.11

    Mixed by DJ Monchan (Vinylmania / Downtown)

    01. Chairman of the board – Life & Death
    02. Doobie Brothers – Long Train Running
    03. Yellow sunshine – The Greetch
    04. Topo – Ba Ba Go , Go
    05. Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Yard Music
    06. Augustus Pablo – Black Gunn
    07. Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band – Savannah
    08. Duffstep – Close (Electric Minds)
    09. Von D ft. Phephe – Sunlight
    10. Psychemagik – Everywhere (Summer of Love Edit )


    Mixed by E-JIMA @ Disc Shop Zero

    01. Bobby Mcferrin – I Feel Good
    02. Praise Space Electric – All My Love
    03. This Is The Kit – Moon
    04. James Blake – Limit To Your Love
    05. Massive Attack – Protection (The Eno Mix)
    06. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – The Wind Cries Mary
    07. Jazmine Sullivan – Need U Bad
    08. Prince Fatty vs Moody Boyz – Milk and Honey
    09. Ramadanman – Good Feelin
    10. Vond Feat. Phephe – Show Me


    Mixed by Liondub

    01. Kryptic Minds – One Of US – Swamp81
    02. Kryptic Minds & Youngsta – Cold Blooded – Osiris Music
    03. Kryptic Minds – Life Continuum – Osiris Music
    04. Kryptic Minds – Stepping Stone – Swamp 81
    05. Cyrus – Space Cadet – Tectonic
    06. Cyrus – Dark Future – Tectonic
    07. Pinch – Midnite Oil – Tectonic
    08. Jack Sparrow – The Chase – Tectonic
    09. George fitzgerald – The Letdown – Hotflush
    10. Scuba – The Upside (Martyn RMX) – Hotflush

  • SESSION 743: EVENT SESSION 12.24.10 PART.2

  • SESSION 733: BLESS UP 11.11.10

    Mixed  by Anthony AvatarMax Echo, Enoe

    Enoe (BFM)
    No stranger to NYC’s underground music scene, Enoe is amongst the latest wave of artists experimenting in the 140bpm realm, with mixes and productions exploring all the elements that help drive todays dance scene. In 2008 he was scouted and invited to join the Bass Fueled Mischief DJ crew, and soon became a favorite of the BFM fans. Now with plans of getting his first release, he is ready to make his mark, playing deep and melodic vibes, making it easy for all fans of electronic music to enjoy. Be on the lookout for new releases, dj mixes and other goodies from Enoe.

    Anthony Avatar
    Anthony Avatar is the last of a dying breed, a true native New Yorker of almost three decades. Anthony was born & raised in the heart of downtown’s melting pot, growing up in The Chelsea Housing Projects, a place where little kids learn what their talents are quickly as a means of socio-economic survival. It is also the same neighborhood to foster the creative morale of Whoopi Goldberg, Grand Mixer DXT, The Wayans Brothers and Rakim, to name a few. Rhythm has always been a fundamental part of Anthony Avatar’s development. He can still call on his earliest memories of his neighborhood filled with Hip-hop on boom-boxes, deep house & disco pumping out of car systems, meringue in passionate flight from apartment windows, and the twilight mosaic of New York City after dark when all nightlife seemingly fled to the legendary Roxy.

  • SESSION 724: BLESS UP 11.04.10

    Mixed by WinterHuman, Lifeline

    Winter (Taciturn Records / www.djwinternyc.com)
    Her passion for entertaining and love of dance infused with an urban sensibility, Winter defined her style through her residencies at world renowned NYC weeklies like Konkrete Jungle and Camouflage. In turn, she has been featured in several publications, including the NY Post, TimeOutNY, 1-42 Magazineand Teen Voices Magazine. As a co-founder of SisterNYC, Winter helped to develop & gain exposure for the talented all-female crew of DJs, producers and vocalists. She’s also competed in several DJ competitions, namely the Numark/Women Who Rock magazine competition as well as Iron DJ, held at NYC’s The Frying Pan. She was also featured in a music documentary by Julie Covello titled Prohibited Beatz

  • SESSION 720: BLESS UP 10.28.10

    Mixed by Team Rojas&Praveen Sharma

    Team Rojas (NYC)
    Possibly separated at birth, EDG4R (Edgar Rojas) & STRAVINSKY (Erick Rojas) met in 2008. After realizing they had essentially identical taste in music, they formed TEAM ROJAS. Hailing from New York and Miami,FL, the DJ/production duo take direct influence from the old NY sound. Blending boogie, electro funk, Disco,and classic House to form varied mixes, edits, and forthcoming tracks.

    Praveen Sharma (Casette NYC/Percussion Lab)
    Praveen Sharma has been making music for most of his life, and has contributed releases to AI, NeoOuija, and Expanding Records. He also runs Percussion Lab, a hub for underground electronic musicand exclusive DJ sets, in addition to being an avid ive performer and event organizer in New York City.

  • SESSION 698: EVENT SESSION 11.18.10

    Unfortunately, some of the recording was corrupt and could not be recovered. Our apologies to Full Spectrum Crew and to all of you for not being able to share the whole archive with you.

  • SESSION642 : BLESS UP 08.19.10

    Mixed by Scuba, Incyde, Dave Q, Hertz Couture, Welfare & Liondub

    Scuba (Hotflush / Substance  / Golden Goose | UK)
    Long established as one of the leading talents in the dubstep scene both through his own productions and the contributions of his label, Hotflush, to the talent pool, Scuba, aka Paul Rose, has been making inroads into the techno scene via Sub:Stance, his monthly event at Berghain/Panoramabar, and, more recently, his establishment of a new techno-centric alias and label, SCB.