• SESSION 235: ZAKKA 04.20.09

    Mixed by DJ Monchan

    02.Moloko-Day For Night
    03.Barracuda&Mesak-Adult Games
    04.House of House-The Rough Half (Don’t  Stop)
    05.Codebreaker-R.I.M.L(DDR Labs Extended Mix)
    06.Kanye-Love Lock Down(Kamal Remix)
    07.Joey Negro and the Sunbrst Band-Man of War
    08.Mr. White-You Don’t Answer (When I called)
    09.The Embassy-Lurking with a Tensnake
    10.Neyo-Closer(Kamal Remix)

  • SESSION 232: ZAKKA 04.13.09 HR.1

    Mixed by Ali Coleman

    01.Zion-The Matrix Reloaded
    03.Levi5star-Melt Inside
    04.Woody Rappinhood(Tei Towa Remix)
    05.Do For Love
    06.DJ Romain-Bad From Tokyo
    07.Gary Gang-Keep On Dancing
    08.Ken-Lou-What A Sensation
    09.Manhattan Transfer-Twilight Zone
    11.I Love America

  • SESSION 225: A1 AFTRHRS 04.01.09

    Mixed by Daniel Auster

    01.Escape From NewYork-Fire In My Heart
    02.DJ Gilb’r-Espece Funk(Idjut boy’s&Laj remix)
    03.Magick Edit-Shade Of Who
    04.Mood II Swing-Do It Your Way
    05.Rick Wade-Pimp Factor
    06.Blaze-We All Must Live Together
    07.Moodymann-Music People
    08.Heaven & Earth-Prescription Every Night
    09.The Chicago Connection-Dancin’
    10.I Feel Dub

  • SESSION 222: HALCYON 03.27.09 HR.1

    Mixed by Ben Roder

    01. Cosmic Balearic Beats 2 – Stratus
    02. Keep Schtum
    03. Botox – The 16th Machine
    04. Dig It – Tequila
    05. Mike Marron – Dancin in the Dark
    06. White Lable
    07. Art of Noise – Beat Box
    08. George Krantz – Din Da Da
    09. Pilloski – Can’t There Be Love
    10. Jamie Jones – Strangers
    11. Rubber Room Rerubs – Hippie Dance
    12. Traks – Doobie Bros Cover
    13. Tamiko Jones – Can’t Live Without Your Love
    14. Keep a Burnin



    Mixed by DJ Double U Tomek

    Removed by request…

  • SESSION 216: ZAKKA 03.16.09

    Mixed by DJ UG

    01.Bob Marley-Is This Love
    02.Bob Marley-One Love
    o3.Bob Marley-Midnight Ravers
    04.Monty Alexander-Crazy Baldheads
    05.Eric Clapton-I Ain’t  Gonna Stand For It(Hiroshi Fuziwara mix)
    06.Raphael Saadiq-sky’s The Limit
    07.Azimuth-Seems Like This
    08.Isaac Hays-Moonlight Loving
    10.Rare Earth-Ma

  • SESSION 214: ZAKKA 03.09.09

    Mixed by Takaya Nagase

    01.Toby Tobias-Dave’s Sex Bites
    02.Unknown edit
    03.Gail Freeman-Mr.Right(Dub)
    04.House of House-The  Rough Half
    05.Trammps-Lights Went Out(Guittar Dub)
    06.Ron Hall & the Muthafunkaz-The Way You Love Me
    07.Praful-Underworld prt 1&2
    09.Grace Jones-Private Life
    10.Warriors-Blue Steel

  • SESSION 213: A1 AFTRHRS 03.04.09 HR.2

    Mixed by Stewart

    01.Central-Pat lundy Work Song
    02.Tussle-Here Comes! Lockgrooves!
    06.House To House-Rushing To paradise
    07.Georgie Red-If I Say Stop, Then Stop!
    09.Junior Boys-Like A Child(Carl Craig remix)
    10.Foremost poets-Reasons To Be Dismal?

  • SESSION 213: A1 AFTRHRS 03.04.09 HR.1

    Mixed by Mike

    01.Yellow Magic Orchstra-Behind The Mask
    02.Kebekelektrik-Mango Fly
    03.Giorgio Moroder-Evolution
    04.The Crash-The Magnificient Dance
    05.Propaganda-Das Testaments Des Mabuse
    06.Man Parrish-HipHop, BeBop
    07.Nairobi-Free Beats
    08.Imperial Brothers-Dub It Up
    09.Time Zone-The Wildstyle
    10.Marvin Gaye-“T’ Play It Cool
    11.Le Pamplemousse-Gimme What You Got

  • SESSION 209: A1 AFTRHRS 02.25.09

    Mixed by Daniel Auster

    02.Looney Tunes-Just As Long As I Got You
    03.The Break Boys-Give Us A Break
    04.J.U Ice-It’s Just A Groove
    05.O.N.I.T-We’re Out Of Control
    06.Bad Boy Orchestra-Do You Wanna Dance
    07.Well Red-M.F.S.B
    08.Royal Orchestra Ltd-Mykoos Melodee
    10.Lil’ Louis-Club Lonely

  • SESSION 208: ZAKKA 02.23.09

    Mixed by Ali Coleman

    02.Ten City-My Peace Of Heaven
    03.Jill Scott-Golden Remix
    04.Underground Dance Artists United For Life -Most precious Love
    05.Jacksons-Torture   over top of 
    06.Dj Nori-Nomad
    07.Dennis Ferrer-The Son Of Raw
    09.Dj Camacho-Renegade
    10.Joe Claussel-Je Ka Jo

  • SESSION 207: A1 AFTRHRS 02.18.09

    Mixed by Daniel Auster

    01.Gary Martin-Serious Business
    02.Aril Brikha-WayBack
    03.Phuture-Your Only Friend
    o4.Phuture-We Are Phuture
    05. ONY (Beat Club)–Run
    06.Boy With Style-Just Feel The Bass
    07.The Break Boys-Listen To The Rhythm Flow
    08.Grey House-New Beats The House
    09.007,a fantasy bond theme(dance version)
    10.Chicago-edit de Prince Language

  • SESSION 205: ZAKKA 02.09.09

    Mixed by DJ Monchan

    01.Margo Michaels – The Good Stuff
    02.Firefly – Love is gonna be on your side
    03.Montana Sextet – Who Needs Enemies With Friends Like You
    04.Mickey Moonlight – Interplanetary Music
    05.Le Tigre – Deceptacon
    06.Kylie – Can’t Get You Out Of  My Head
    07.Black Magic(Lil Louis) – Freedom
    08.Swing 52 – Color of my skin
    09.Tangent Beats – Trumpet Jam dub
    10.Yabby You – Conquering Lion (Smith&Mighty rmx)
    11.Estelle – Come Over
    12.Susan Cadogan – Do It Baby

  • SESSION 201: ZAKKA 12.08.08

    Mixed by DJ Monchan

    01. Ralfi Pagan-I Did’t Want To Have To Do It(4Hero Remix)
    02. Streetlife Originals-A sidewalk stories
    03. United Future organization-United Future airline
    04. Queen Latifah-How Do I Love Thee?
    05. Groove Collective-Buddha Head
    06. Noro Morales-Saona (Gilles Peterson & Simbad Remix)
    07. Osunlade-Tambores Te Liaman
    08. Dave Huismans-Sunday
    09. Holy Ghost-Hold On
    10. Guillaume & The Coutu Dum0nts-I Was On May Way To Hell

  • SESSION 191: A1 AFTRHRS 11.05.08

    Mixed by Stewart

    01. Daniel Wang – 24 to Vector Z
    02. Ray Mang – Orchestral Maneuvers
    03. Dirty 30 – Rip it Off
    04. Mock and Toof – Brownbread
    05. Spook – Feel Up
    06. Alfonso Mango – Can You Feel (Radio Slave Rmx)
    07. Depeche Mode – Silence (Time Mass Rmx)
    08. LNR – Work it to the Bone
    09. L+P – Controversy
    10. DJ Jinxx – In Focus (Stacey Pullen Rmx)
    11. Danny Wang – Like Some Dream
    12. Danny Wang Thousand Mirror Moon
    13. Girl You Need a Change of Mind
    14. White Label
    15. Loletta Holloway – I May Not Be There
    16. Sylvester – My Country Tis of Thee

  • SESSION 179: ZAKKA 10.13.08 HR.2

    Mixed by DJ UG

    01.  Aphrodisiac – Just Before the Dawn
    02.  The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds
    03.  Psychotropic – Only For the Headstrong
    04.  Groove Collective – She’s So Heavy
    05.  Donna Summer – The Power of One
    06.  Code 718 – Equinox  
    07.  Luisto Quintero – Tumbao (Louie Vega Remix)

  • SESSION 177: A1 AFTRHRS 10.08.08

    Mixed by DJ Stewart

    01. Aural Exciter – Spooks in Space
    02. Love Supreme – Pork Chop Express
    03. Nick Cachona – Band Practice
    04. Chilly – For Your Love
    05. Pungtang – Sub Seducer
    06. Floppy Sounds Rmxs – Entertainment
    07. Kevin Yost – Bongo Madness 7
    08. Material – Bustin Out
    09. Cultural Vibe – Ma Foom Bey
    10. KC Flight – Lets Get Jazzy

  • SESSION 175: ZAKKA 10.06.08 HR.1

    Mixed by DJ Monchan

    01. Diana Ross – Love Hangover
    02. Discoconductor Reworks – Disco Rhythms
    03. Flow Dynamics – Live in the Mix
    04. Echo – Where’s Eddie?
    05. Azymuth – Jazz Carnival
    06. Disco Whiz – Now and Then
    07. Ryuichi Sakamoto – Heartbeat
    08. M.E – R+B Drunkie
    09. Sly and the Family Stone – Family Affair

  • SESSION 175: ZAKKA 10.06.08 HR.2

    Mixed by Takaya Nagase

    01. John Hassell – Courage
    02. King Suny Ade – Synchro System
    03. From Marz with Love – Remote Viewers
    04. Luisito Quintero feat. Francis Mbappe – Gbagada…(Louie Vega Mix)
    05. Joe Zawinul – Bimoya
    06. Mr. Raoul K – Himalaya
    07. Big Blue Ball – Shadow
    08. Donald Fagen – The Goodbye Look
    09. Dave Samuels – New Math
    10. Stanley Clarke – The Dancer
    11. Inner Circle – Everything is Great

  • SESSION 168: ZAKKA 09.22.08 HR.2

    Mixed by Eric Escobar

    01. Trus’me – War
    02. West India Company – O Je Suis Seul (Andy Weatheral Rmx)
    03. Carl Craig – At Les (Rus Gabriel Mix)
    04. Seal – Latest Craze (Joe Claussel Remix)
    05. Gorillas – Dare (DFA Remix)
    06. Strafe – Set it Off
    07. Kraftwerk – Home Computer
    08. Prince – Lets Go Crazy
    09. Donnie Harris – Odyssey

    Check out Eric’s last DLYSHN here: