• SESSION 271: A1 AFTRHRS 07.08.09

    Mixed by Jeremie

    01.Jackson5-Body Language(Do The Love Dance)
    02.Mystic Merlin-Mr.Magician
    03.Halloween-Come See What It’s All About
    04.Midnight Star-Wet My Whistle
    05.World Premiere-Shake The Night
    06.Cherrelle-I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On
    07.George Clinton-Atomic Dog
    08.Thelma Houston-(I Guess)It Must Be Love
    09.Evelyn King-I’m In Love
    10.Gino Soccio-Dancer

  • SESSION 270: ZAKKA 07.06.09

    Mixed by Eric Escobar

    01.Michael Jackson-Human Nature
    02.Michael Jackson-I’ll Be There(Small Circle of Friends Remix)
    03.Jackson 5-Hum Along And Dance
    04.Coldcut-Walk a Mile In My Shoe
    06.Dennis ferrer-P 2 Da J
    07.Equinox-Code 718(Henrick Schwarz Remix)
    08.Bill Weathers-Who is He, What Is He to You(Henrick Schwarz Remix)
    09.Scott Woznika-Can I Hear The Drum?
    10.Timmy Regisford-African Jazz

  • SESSION 266: ZAKKA 06.29.09

    Mixed by Takaya Nagase

    01.Michael Jackson-Rock With You(Frankie’s Favorite Club Mix)
    02.Michael Jackson-One More Chance
    03.Michael Jackson-P.Y.T
    04.Michael Jackson-Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin”
    05.Michael Jackson-Blame It On the Boogie
    06.Jacksons-Hum Along and Dance
    07.Jacksons-Show You The Way To Go
    08.Michael Jackson-Butterflies
    09.Jermaine Jackson with Michael-Tell Me I’m Not Dreamin’
    10.Michael Jackson-I Can’t Help It (45″)

  • SESSION 264: A1 AFTRHRS 06.24.09

    Mixed by Daniel Auster

    01.World Premiere-Share The Night
    02.Orlando Johnson & Trance-Turn The Music On
    03.Serious Intention-You Don’t Know
    04.Ma Foom Bey-Cultural Vibe
    05.Gary’s Gang-Knock Me Out
    06.Northend feat. Michelle Wallace-Happydays
    07.Lonzine Wright-Stop The Taxi
    08.Magick Edit Allstars-Rollin’ X-press
    09.Ron Hardy-Peaches & Prunes
    10.Magick Edit Allstars-Space’n Dance

  • SESSION 260: ZAKKA 06.22.09

    Mixed by Ali Coleman

    01.Johanna St. Pierre-En Jaguar Beije (MKL Vocal)
    02.The Way Back
    03.DJ Romaine-Fat Her Sonic’s House
    04.Logicalgroove Ft. Leon Beal-Body & Soul
    05.Melba Moore-Been There Done That (Soundmen on Wax)
    06.Scott Wozniak-Breathe EP
    07.Monique Bingham-Don’t You Love Me
    08.Roger Sanchez-Lost
    09.Aquela Esquina
    10.Copy Right-Release Yourself


    Mixed by DJ Double U Tomek reBar

    02.Prince-Black Sweat
    03.Prince-Gonna Get You Hot
    05.Prince-The Work (Part 1)
    06.Prince-Wanna Be Your Lover (Yaz Higashiya Remix)
    09.Prince-I Wanna Be Your Lover

  • SESSION 254: A1 AFTRHRS 06.03.09


    01.Uleke-Mother’s Day
    02.JPQ-Baby, That’s the way I Feel
    03.PedroRuy-Blas-El Jaleo
    04.Sapphire-Searching on
    05.Azwon-Paradise Island
    06.Steve Marshall-Creative Happiness
    07.Together-Reprise(You Get What You Pay For)
    08.Blue Velvets-Summertime
    09.The Last Generation-Just A Chance In Life
    10.Jewel Bass-Let Your Love Rain Down On Me

  • SESSION 253: ZAKKA 06.01.09

    Mixed by DJ Monchan

    01.Tolbert-I’ve Got It
    02.Barry White-Don’t Make Me Wait Too long
    03.A Taste Of Honey-Boogie Oogie Oogie
    04.Real Good Time (Julien Love Edit)
    05.Leroy Hutson-Feel The Spirit
    06.Cosmic Force-Ghetto Down
    07.Deodato-Whistle Bump
    08.Liquid Liquid-Scraper Out
    09.Atlantic Conveyor-Nasty Things
    10.Give Some Love(Edits By Jaz)

  • SESSION 250: ZAKKA 05.18.09

    Mixed by DJ Matt M (ViralVinyl

    01.Billy Cobham-Stratus
    02.Casa Forte-Banda Black Rio
    03.Gil Scott Heron-Gun
    04.Locksmith-Far Beyond
    05.T.S Monk-Bon Bon Vie
    06.Scritti Politti-Don’t Work That Hard
    07.Prince-The Arms of Orion
    08.Matt M-That Beat (Demo)
    09.Madonna-Justify My Love(The Beast Within Mix)
    10.Mark E-Beat Down

  • SESSION 246: A1 AFTRHRS 05.13.09 HR2

    Mixed by Daniel Auster

    01.Vince Watson-Out of The Deep
    02.Vince Watson-Mystical Rhythm(Lush Mix)
    03.Joel Mull-Stepping
    07.Joel Mull-Sleeping
    08.Bolla featuring Jephte Guillaume-African Basement
    09.Joaquin Runs The Vodon Down-You Don’t Know What Love Is
    10.Fazed Idjuts-Dust of Life

  • SESSION 245: ZAKKA 05.11.09

    Mixed by DJ Moustachio (Academy Records)
    01.Queen Samantha-Take a Chance
    03.Sparque-Take Some Time
    04.Strafe-Set It Off (Remix)
    05.Liquid Liquid-Cavern
    06.Project Future-Ray-Gun-Omics
    07.Tj swann-And You Know That
    08.Carol Williams-Can’t Get Away From Your Love
    09.Dj Red Alert-Crazy Def Version
    10.Hi-Fidelity Three-B-boys Breakdance

  • SESSION 243: A1 AFTRHRS 05.06.09

    Mixed by Jeremie

    01.Patti Labelle-Joy To Have Love
    02.Double Exposure-Everyman
    03.One Way-Do Your Thang
    04.The Circle City Band-Magic
    05.France Joli-Te  Olvidare
    06.Michael Jackson-Baby Be Mine
    07.Kashif-Help Yourself  To My Love
    08.Patrice Rushen-Number one(Inst)
    09.Sandrasa-Guarde Minha Voz
    10.Charades-Goin’ Out Dancing

  • SESSION 237: A1 AFTRHRS 04.22.09 HR1

    Mixed by Daniel Auster

    01.Portable Patrol-Cop Bop
    02.Liquid Liquid-D.d.dig We Must (Remix)
    03.Erotic Drum Band-Touch Me Where It’s Hot
    04.La Belle Epoque-Miss Broadway
    05.K.I.D-Don’t stop
    06.Melba Moore-You Stepped Into My Life
    07.Central Line-Walking Into Sunshine
    08.Rockers Revenge-Walking On Sunshine
    09.The Whispers-It’s A Love Thing
    10.Shalamar-Take That To The Bank

  • SESSION 235: ZAKKA 04.20.09

    Mixed by DJ Monchan

    02.Moloko-Day For Night
    03.Barracuda&Mesak-Adult Games
    04.House of House-The Rough Half (Don’t  Stop)
    05.Codebreaker-R.I.M.L(DDR Labs Extended Mix)
    06.Kanye-Love Lock Down(Kamal Remix)
    07.Joey Negro and the Sunbrst Band-Man of War
    08.Mr. White-You Don’t Answer (When I called)
    09.The Embassy-Lurking with a Tensnake
    10.Neyo-Closer(Kamal Remix)

  • SESSION 232: ZAKKA 04.13.09 HR.1

    Mixed by Ali Coleman

    01.Zion-The Matrix Reloaded
    03.Levi5star-Melt Inside
    04.Woody Rappinhood(Tei Towa Remix)
    05.Do For Love
    06.DJ Romain-Bad From Tokyo
    07.Gary Gang-Keep On Dancing
    08.Ken-Lou-What A Sensation
    09.Manhattan Transfer-Twilight Zone
    11.I Love America

  • SESSION 225: A1 AFTRHRS 04.01.09

    Mixed by Daniel Auster

    01.Escape From NewYork-Fire In My Heart
    02.DJ Gilb’r-Espece Funk(Idjut boy’s&Laj remix)
    03.Magick Edit-Shade Of Who
    04.Mood II Swing-Do It Your Way
    05.Rick Wade-Pimp Factor
    06.Blaze-We All Must Live Together
    07.Moodymann-Music People
    08.Heaven & Earth-Prescription Every Night
    09.The Chicago Connection-Dancin’
    10.I Feel Dub

  • SESSION 222: HALCYON 03.27.09 HR.1

    Mixed by Ben Roder

    01. Cosmic Balearic Beats 2 – Stratus
    02. Keep Schtum
    03. Botox – The 16th Machine
    04. Dig It – Tequila
    05. Mike Marron – Dancin in the Dark
    06. White Lable
    07. Art of Noise – Beat Box
    08. George Krantz – Din Da Da
    09. Pilloski – Can’t There Be Love
    10. Jamie Jones – Strangers
    11. Rubber Room Rerubs – Hippie Dance
    12. Traks – Doobie Bros Cover
    13. Tamiko Jones – Can’t Live Without Your Love
    14. Keep a Burnin



    Mixed by DJ Double U Tomek

    Removed by request…

  • SESSION 216: ZAKKA 03.16.09

    Mixed by DJ UG

    01.Bob Marley-Is This Love
    02.Bob Marley-One Love
    o3.Bob Marley-Midnight Ravers
    04.Monty Alexander-Crazy Baldheads
    05.Eric Clapton-I Ain’t  Gonna Stand For It(Hiroshi Fuziwara mix)
    06.Raphael Saadiq-sky’s The Limit
    07.Azimuth-Seems Like This
    08.Isaac Hays-Moonlight Loving
    10.Rare Earth-Ma

  • SESSION 214: ZAKKA 03.09.09

    Mixed by Takaya Nagase

    01.Toby Tobias-Dave’s Sex Bites
    02.Unknown edit
    03.Gail Freeman-Mr.Right(Dub)
    04.House of House-The  Rough Half
    05.Trammps-Lights Went Out(Guittar Dub)
    06.Ron Hall & the Muthafunkaz-The Way You Love Me
    07.Praful-Underworld prt 1&2
    09.Grace Jones-Private Life
    10.Warriors-Blue Steel