Mixed by Lifeline, Winter, Paul Zasky, Max Echo, Anthony Avatar, DJ mOma, Liondub
    Human Beat Box By Elanef

  • SESSION 614: BLESS UP 06.04.10

    Mixed by Human? & Liondub

    Dissolving boundaries through music, dance & life expression. Iterate quality, resonate with love & inspire movement.Although having been primarily known for his Jungle/Drum & Bass excursions, Human’s main skill is versatility, the ability to adapt to any situation, yet still deliver a trademark sound. Whether it be Jungle, Dubstep, Hiphop, Reggae or any sort of breakbeat & bass driven style, you know its Human selecting with mic in hand. With exclusives, up-front brand new selections & dug up rarities & classics, it’s a guaranteed special vibe in any dance Human rocks.A fixture in the NYC underground party scenes, Human is host & resident DJ/MC at Konkrete Jungle NYC, the worlds longest running Jungle/Drum & Bass weekly.

    Human has played at virtually every Jungle weekly ever in NYC (Camouflage, Direct Drive, Plan B, Testpress, Physics etc.), countless monthlies & one-offs, and has headlined & rocked numerous spots in Toronto, Montreal, Miami, Boston, Washington DC & everywhere in between. Human has taken on the role of DJ & hype man for Embedded Records artist Bisc1, and they have performed many times, including at NYC hotspots such as Knitting Factory, Studio B, Southpaw, Mercury Lounge & Bowery Poetry Club, as well as across the country and at festivals such as South By Southwest in Austin Texas, A3C in Atlanta, and Scribble Jam in Cincinatti.Most recently, Human’s emphasis has been on boundry dissolution and uniting the tribes on the dancefloor. Hosting & promoting a series of multi-genre eventscalled Fundamental & releasing a series of studio mixes called “Fuck Your Genre”, Humans now sound is a sort of “Neo-Jungle” melting pot of dancefloor friendly breakbeats and basslines, classically inspired future thought.

  • SESSION 591: VINYLMANIA 09.14.10

    Played by Charlie GrapponeDJ Monchan (Downtown 161&304)

    01. Patrice Rushen – Number One
    02. Incognito – Lodown
    03. Idris Muhammad – Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
    04. Afro Celt Sound System – Release (Nu Yorican Soul Mix)
    05. Fudge – If I Had A Band
    06. Paula Ralph – Ain’t No Runnin’ Away (Ricanstruction Vocal Mix)
    07. Fish Go Deep with Tracey K – The Cure and The Cause (Dennis Ferrer Remix)
    08. Jon Culter Feat. E-Man – It’s Yours (Jon’s Bside Breakdown)
    09. Torutured Soul – Enjoy It Now
    10. Salome De Bahia – Outro Lugar
    11. Goody Goody- #1 DeeJay (Instrumental)

    12. Montego Bay – Magic
    13. Outdance – Sweet Lips
    14. Matthias “Natty” Heilbrown Feat.monique Bingham – Go Getter
    15. Aroop Roy Feat.Sacha Williamson – The Lonely Years
    16. Black Lillies – Cargo
    17. Chairmen of The Board – Life & Death
    18. Clifton Dyson – Slow Your Body Down


    Mixed by DJ Notch @ Studio 11

    01. Outcat-The Ultimate Test
    02. Blackalicious-It’s Automatique
    03. Cafe Americaine-L’ Amour
    04. The Roots Act Too(Love of my life) ft.Common
    05. Jurassic 5-Freedom
    06. Thievery Corporation-Richest Man In Babylon
    07. Beef Wellington-From the One 2
    08. Outcat-Confirmed Raw
    09. Slum Village- Selfish
    10. Sofa Surfers-Sofa Rockers (Kruder&Dorfmeister remix)
  • SESSION 563: ZAKKA 08.24.10

    Mixed by Ali Coleman (Voice of Voice)

    01. Dj Omani – Blackjoy
    02. Kent Ar – The Ghetto
    03. Denis Ferrer – RedRoom
    04. Jouonn ft. Hosana – Littlebird
    05. Artan Telqiu – My Destiny (N.Diamontpoulos Remix)
    06. Marco Kazazza ft. Tracey – Turn It Up (Keith Blackstone Remix)
    07. Su Su Bobien – Pride (Davidson Ospina Anthem Remix)
    08. Para Los Rumberos – Titopuente
    09. Still Going – Untitled Love
    10. Cerrone – Give Me Love

  • SESSION 554: GOOD RECORDS 08.13.10

    Mixed by Doc Delay

  • SESSION 542: ZAKKA 08.03.10

    Mixed by Olé Koretsky (Jetlag)

    01. David Byrne – Fuzzy Freaky (Remix)
    02. David Bowie – Pallas Athena (Live)
    03. 808 State – San Francisco
    04. Electronic – Disappointed (808 State Mix)
    05. Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy, Hey Girl (Soulwax Remix)
    06. DJ Wool – The Dark Snuggler (Lars Moston Mix)
    07. Depeche Mode – Shake the Disease (Tiga Remix)
    08. Flowered Up – Weekender
    09. David Bowie – Abdulmajid
    10. Utah Saints – Lost Vagueness

  • SESSION 536: VINYLMANIA 07.27.10

    Played by DJ Monchan

    01. Kleeer – Tonight (Sa-Ra Remix Feat Me’shell Ndegeocello)
    02. Chrissie Hynde – Private Life (Red or Dread)
    03. Jazzanova – Mwela, Mwela (Here I Am)
    04. The Black Mighty Orchestra – Octopus
    05. Kem – Love Calls
    06. Attaboy – Busted Wagon
    07. Rufess – I feel U Feat.Khenya
    08. Email Lanne – Do Me Right
    09. Acrostico
    10. Henrik Schwarz – L’abeille
    11. G-Force – Sanctuary


    Mixed by Yaz Higashiya @ Studio 11

    01. John Robinson – The Replenish
    02. DJ Hasebe – Super Players ft. Sugar Soul & Ronny Jordan
    03. Jurassic 5 – The Game
    04. Marc Mac – King Music
    05. Black & Brown – Afro T (Jazzy Stuff)
    06. Jazztronik – Mestizo Eyes
    07. Ugly Duckling – Left Behind
    08. Madlib – Funky Blue Note
    09. DJ Makino – Blue in Green (Miles Davis tribute)
    10. Jamiroquai – Everyday
    11. RJD2 – To All Of You
    12. John Legend – I Can Change
    13. DJ Cam – 6 Sense
    14. Chimp Beams – Calm
    15. Four Tet – Park

  • SESSION 462: FUNKY SLICE 05.21.10

    Mixed by Mr.Deba (Lex Records)

    01. Nuyorican Soul – Nervous Acid
    02. Jeremy ellis – Lotus Bloom
    03. Courtney pine – Trying Times
    04. Twin hype – Do It To The Crowd
    05. 2 Without Hats – 3 on The Mic
    06. Unknown
    07. Cajmere – Unknown
    08. R.E. – A Man and His Flute
    09. Robert Owens – Far Away
    10. Kc – Flightt

  • SESSION 452 : BLESSUP VS DUBWAR : 11.19.09

    Once a month, liondub and halcyon are honored to welcome the dubwar crew to the blessup in store on thursdays. Once again liondub catches up to speed by posting this archived set which feature a serious assortment of bass weight from the dubwar founder dave q and hotflush co curator alex incyde. Liondub adds some dubstep selections to the fold. Heavy!

    Funky monks take note, Bless Up! is three hours of anything-but-silent devotion to the woofer ripping trinity of Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Dub Reggae. Hosted by Liondub and recorded live at halcyon in Brooklyn.

  • SESSION 446: FUNKY SLICE 05.10.10


    Mixed by DJ Moustachio (Academy Records) @ Sapphire Lounge

    Tracklist coming soon.

  • SESSION 403 : BLESS UP 09.10.09

    Breakbeat Science Legend DJ Dara and Sector Media maestro DJ Modul8 drop some serious D&B nastiness live at hacyon for their first appearance at Bless Up!  These two are keeping vinyl alive and can be found laying the finest in Jungle and Drum & Bass worldwide.  

    About Bless Up:  On the fifth day he created bass, then he took an Amen break. And so it was, that on Thursdays the high priests of low frequency would gather at the record store in Brooklyn to perform the ancient rites of the turntable… It is in this solemn spirit of praise to all that rumbles the jungle that the cult we call halcyon presents our latest, soon to be habitual ritual, Bless Up! – Thursdays from 6-9pm at halcyon the shop and archived on dailysession.com and halcyonline.com.  Funky monks take note, Bless Up! is three hours of anything-but-silent devotion to the woofer ripping trinity of Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Dub Reggae. Our own pied pontiff, Liondub administers the wax sacraments alongside a rotating cast of cardinals representing NYC’s holiest DJ diocese. Visiting saints make miraculous appearances and as always, there’s no tithe at the door and plenty of alms for the poor, so you can save while being saved.

    sorry no tracklisting available.


    Mixed by Yaz Higashiya @ SoleFood NYC 

    01. Pismo – Fitting in
    02. Mos Def – Another World ft. Talib Kweli (Ambivalence Remix) 
    03. Aota With Skyscraper – Rythmysticism
    04. Q-Tip – Higher
    05. Jurassic 5 – One Two
    06. Lyrics Born – Hello (remix)
    07. Gorillaz – 19-2000
    08. Speech – Yeah Yeah
    09. Q-Ill – Tokion Jazz
    10. Jamiroquai – Alright

  • SESSION 362: FUNKY SLICE 12.28.09

    Mixed by DJMonchan

    01. King Sunny Ade – Ja Fumi
    02. Massak – B.L.A
    03. Aphrodesia – Say What
    04. Akoya Afrobeat Feat.Cedric I’m Brooks – Jeje L’aiye
    05. Aphrodesia – Make Up Your Mind
    06. Groove Collective – Buddha Head
    07. Repercussions – Find Your Way
    08. Shazz – Carry On
    09. Jazzanova – Take You Back
    10. Sk Radicals – Troubled Times?


    Mixed by DJ Asahi @ SoleFood NYC 

    1. Herbert – Audience
    2. The Five Corner Quartet – Different Corner
    3. Quantic – Take Your Time Change Your Mind
    4. Madlib – Funky Blue Note
    5. Sulene F – Turn This Thing Around
    6. Build An Ark – You’ve Got To Have Freedom
    7. Hydroponic Sound System – Too Much Tenderness
    8. Smoove – As If
    9. Kenny Dope – Can U Handle It?
    10. Lefties Soul Connection – Organ Donor
    11. The Meters – Cissy Strut
    12. Doors – Light My Fire
    13. DJ Asahi Mash up (Lack of Afro & The New Master Sound) – Land of Nod

  • SESSION 332: FUNKY SLICE 11.09.09

    Mixed by DJ Moustachio (Academy Records)

    01.Life N Def – Money Beats
    02.Mc Tee/Mantronix – Fresh Is The Word
    03.Lil Jazzy and Cool Supreme – B Boys Style
    04.Cat Stevens – Was Dog A Doughnut
    05.Fresh 3 Mc’s – Fresh
    06.Gifted 4 – The Arrival
    07.T La Rock – Breakdown Dub
    08.DJ Watkins &Amp; Crew – Jealousy (Rap) Dub Version
    09.Dst – Rock The House In Japan (Version)
    10.T La Rock – Breaking Bells

  • SESSION 331: ZAKKA 11.03.09

    Mixed by DJ Monchan

    01.Kanye West – Addiction (DJ UG Edit)
    02.Martine Girault – Revival
    03.Vinia Mojica feat. Sounds by Geology – Sands of Time
    04.Morcheeba – Trigger Hippie
    05.Brennan Creen – No Matter
    06.Atlantic Conveyor – You Got Me
    07.Chico Mann – Power (Baby, You Got It)
    08.Architeq – Into The Cosmos
    09.Daniel Wong – Disco Delay
    10.Filipsson & Lindblad – Another Plan
    11.Beatconductor – Funky Boogie
    12.Daniel Steinberg – Bailando
    13.Brandy – Ritual
    14.James White & The Blacks – Hell On Earth

  • SESSION 309: ZAKKA 09.29.09

    Mixed by DJ Monchan

    01.Dolphin Boy – Don’t Stop
    02.Usher – Lullaby For Robert (Prince Thomas Diskomiks)
    03.Pollyester – The Indian
    04.Aura – Are You For Sale
    05.llija Rudman feat.Snow B – Wanting You
    06.Deee Lite – What Is Love?
    07.Galliano – Skunk Funk
    08.Buddha Brand – Dead Funky President

  • SESSION 305: ZAKKA 09.22.09

    Mixed by DJ Moustachio (Academy Records)

    01.Jay Dee – Fly
    02.Madlib – Breaks Of Meditate
    03.Main Source – Raise Up
    04.Nas – The World Is Yours (q-tip remix)
    05.Pete Rock – Soul Brother Beat #1
    06.Smif n Wessun – Hellucination
    07.Al Tariq – Think Not
    08.Basement Khemists – Vibrate
    09.Peanut Butter Wolf &Amp; Charizma – My World Premiere
    10.Dabrye – Hyped Up Plus Tax Remix