• SESSION 833 : BLESS UP 02.17.11

    Mixed by Liondub, Nihal, FaltyDL & Dev79

    FaltyDL (Planet Mu/Rush Hour/Ramp | NYC)
    FaltyDL is Drew Lustman outta New York City. He’s making garage ‘n stuff with his hands. Nostalgic tracks immersed in the old New York and Chicago sound yet creating a more subtle futuristic Big Apple version mashing together influences from Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Garage, Soul, Jungle and Electronica creating his own NYG. NYG. NYG.

    Dev79 (Seclusiasis/Slit Jockey | Philly)
    Philadelphia’s brazen Dev79, aka Gair Marking, has been bangin’ out the underground sounds for years. With an almost reckless abandon he attacks a barrage of genres (from UKG to Grime to Tropical to Dubstep to Rap and whatever else) to create his spin on the Street Bass style. He’s done recent remixes for +Verb, Guttstar, Kaiser, Raffertie, DZ, Starkey, BD1982, Gobs the Zombie, Mestizo, Dmn Days, Sduk and is soon to present a mixtape for up and coming r&b/reggae singer Sheba as well as working on a collab EP with Seattle’s Thrills (Sub Philo Music). Dev79 and Starkey are the masterminds behind the Seclusiasis empire and Street Bass Anthems series, as well as the Slit Jockey Records imprint with additional partner El Carnicero.

  • SESSION 755 : BLESS UP 12.16.10

    Mixed by Falty DLIncydeJordan Rothlein

    “Bless Up!”

    On the fifth day he created bass, then he took an Amen break. And so it was, that on Thursdays the high priests of low frequency would gather at the record store in Brooklyn to perform the ancient rites of the turntable… It is in this solemn spirit of praise to all that rumbles the jungle that the cult we call halcyon presents our latest, soon to be habitual ritual, Bless Up! – Thursdays from 6-9pm at halcyon the shop and archived on percussionlab.com Funky monks take note, Bless Up! is three hours of anything-but-silent devotion to the woofer ripping trinity of Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Dub Reggae. Our own pied pontiff, Liondub administers the wax sacraments alongside a rotating cast of cardinals representing NYC’s holiest DJ diocese. Visiting saints make miraculous appearances and as always, there’s no tithe at the door and plenty of alms for the poor, so you can save while being saved.

  • SESSION 605: BLESS UP 04.15.10

    Mixed by Falty DLDave Q & Incyde

    Falty DL

    Dub War
    Dub War is the US’s original dubstep party, pushing boundaries and bass bins in New York City 4 years running. The event is held monthly at L.O.V.E., and features visiting guests at the forefront of the sound from the UK and worldwide alongside residents Dave Q, Joe Nice, Juakali, and Incyde. Expect futuristic bass music and the freshest dubplates straight off the press. Spanning the spectrum of tempos and styles, Dub War challenges audiences to be open to strange and unexpected sounds which defy convention but always hit hard on a heavy sound system. The Dub War crew has recently mixed for Maryanne Hobbs’Experimental show on BBC Radio1, and have been featured in the New York Times and New York Magazine.