Mixed by Woof

01. Peter Brown – For Your Love
02. Esther Phillips- Home Is Where The Hatred is
03. Isaac Hayes – Hung Up On My Baby
04. Craig Mack-Get Down (Q-Tip Remix)
05. Friend And Lover-Time On Your Side
06. Don Ray-My Desire
07. Fat Larry’s Band-Here Comes The Sun
08. George Duke-Shine On
09. David Smith & Sweet Fever- Gimme Little sign
10. Grand Master Flash & The furious Fire- The Message
11. Q-Tip- Breathe & Stop
12. Claudia Barry- Love For The Sake Of Love
13. Derrick Dimitry- Get It On Tonight
14. The Sylvers- Only One Can Win
15. J Dilla – Two Can Win
16. The Escorts- I Can’t Stand (To See You Cry)
17. Dennis Coffey-Never Can Say Good Bye
18. Vanity Fare- Early In The Morning
19. Percy Faith- Early In The Morning
20. Moses Theme
21. Crowns Of Glory-I’m So Grateful (Keep In Touch)
22. (Theme From) Midnight Express (Vocal)
23. Shadow-Village Destiny
24. Giorgio-Tears
25. Quinteto Violado- Marcha Nativa Dos Indios Quiriris
26. Jokes On The Side
27. Peter Brown-Dance With Me
28. Fat Larry’s Band-Everything Is Disco
29. Billy Paul-America
30. Shadow- Hot City
31. Billy Paul-People Power
32. The Floaters & Shu-Ga – Make It Hot
33. Brandi Wells – Watch Out
34. Milton Hamilton Crystalized – My Love Supreme