By ~n2j3

[KDJ]Ok..You got a stool or somethin’?


[GP]Do you feel it important Kenny to sort of cover yourself up and to play records behind screens and..

[KDJ] Yeah yeah yeah , most definitely

[GP]Wear masks and stuff

[KDJ] Yeah yeah yeah…

[GP] Why’s that?

[KDJ] Well people pay too much attention to the damn DJ , you know , the talent is sitting on the turntables , you know. My attitude used to be that so yeah.. I’m not there to put on no little bit of dancing – indecipherable] I’m there to present some talents on the turntable, not , you know, the cat behind the turntable.

[GP] So you’re kinda reluctant celebrity DJ, you’re just a selecta

[KDJ] Maybe take celebrity out..and you pretty much got it right.. You know, I’m doing my thing if you’re looking for a hot DJ I’m probably the wrong person to call. There so many hot dj’s , there’s so much talent out there. I didn’t get into all of this to do all that. But it’s a blessing at the same time, you got the opportunity to share to much with so many people at one time. [Read More]