Dub Gabriel’s 10+ years of musical exploration have him taken him from the
fringes of the downtown NYC scene to the halls of the The UN and Lincoln
Center. He continues to build on his legacy, producing, remixing, scoring
for TV and DJing throughout Europe, N. America, and recently Beijing.
Gabriel’s previous albums, Ascend (Baboon ’03), Bass Jihad (Azra Œ05),
achieved critical acclaim, with Billboard even drawing comparisons to Brian
Eno! ’06 found Gabriel in Berlin, immersing himself in that city’s wealth of
underground electronic music and laying the foundation of his 3rd effort,
Anarchy & Alchemy, an album that boasts a list of contributors including
Michael Stipe, Dr. Israel, Yo Majesty, Juakali, Oz Fritz (Tom Waits/Bill
Laswell), Scotty Hard (Wu-Tang), Mark Pistel (Meat Beat Manifesto), Sami
Yaffa (New York Dolls), Mee (Asian Dub Foundation/Smashing Pumpkins), and the SF Conservatory Graduate Orchestra! Exclaim Magazine raves, Some of the best dance music of this year! and Okay Player claims, Dub Gabriel creates music worthy of worship!

Dub Gabriel "Anarchy & Alchemy"

Dub Gabriel's Bass Heavy Bombs Chart